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  1. Joe13414

    Extreme ideas

    Doesnt anybody think about really going through with huge plans, like living at the fullest or building a huge thing up and actually using it? Like I just thought, wouldnt it be cool to just ditch everything besides cash and live like the movies, now i know it would suck kinda, but youd have car...
  2. Joe13414

    Capote is mighty gay

    I read this book by Truman Capote for my class, In Cold Blood, so after we all watched Capote and answered a class question on opinion and everybody thought I was emo or sociopathic, the question was, "How was Capote's relationship with Perry Smith?" I said; "I think its bull cuz Perry wants...
  3. Joe13414

    The 3 ticks. (advice)

    Im in highschool as a senior and I got these 3 ticks: the first is the girl that is actually my suggested, and assigned partner for my college medical classes, I saw her as a dating option but the more I got to know her the more she kinda pushed away but started asking for things, notes...
  4. Joe13414

    Choose (for fun)

    CHOOSE. I choose Cheap and tasty
  5. Joe13414

    Mental & Physical Illness question

    I was just curious, I have nothing against anyone of any form. Does anyone have a diagnosed mental or physical illness of any form and how does it effect you? (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, etc...) I was never diagnosed of one, but all my 4 best friends have ADD. Any deceitful comments will be...
  6. Joe13414

    Type problems

    I am questioning if I am an INTP, I've been taking tests and reading articles to see if I fit being an INTP, I can relate to most of it, just not being as smart or unemotional, I get emotional over larger things like bigger personal problems, and I am generally angry most of the time. I am an...
  7. Joe13414


    I thought I'd make a thread on emotions (and honestly find out things for a psychological study), everyone has emotional problems, I found out the girl I thought I just maybe 'loved' never even cared, she just talked to me out of sympathy and liked my gifts to her, and she lied about almost...
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