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  1. Methodician

    Smart Watches!

    I knew it was coming soon but got a little shocked when I walked into Best Buy the other day and realized we were already in the second, perhaps 3rd generation of full-blown smart watches! Samsung has my eye at the moment. Their Gear and Gear 2 have a camera, speaker, microphone, and...
  2. Methodician

    Am I too serious?

    I feel like I take everything soooo seriously. I would have thought a forum of INTP's would have left me a little more at ease about this but you guys aren't like me. Is there something wrong with me? Should I not be taking every little thing in life so seriously? I mean I know how to joke...
  3. Methodician

    Best dietary/lifestyle path to functional life extension?

    I'm passionately interested in optimized nutrition and lifestyle factors to promote health, energy, focus, happiness, and perhaps most importantly extend maximal life span. When I posted this thread with specific questions what I got instead of answers was mostly a big debate about different...
  4. Methodician

    INTx... Am I a P or J?

    @Architect and others have occasionally suggested I may be an INTJ. I've always identified as an INTP... What are some of the key differences? What are some tell-tale signs of being one or the other of these? What should I read or understand to help reach a conclusion? What are some questions...
  5. Methodician

    Caloric vs protein restriction

    Not sure what subforum to put this in... Anyone know some good research that might elucidate the difference between and relationship between caloric restriction and protein restriction as a means to achieve greater health to an older age? We all are probably aware that caloric restriction...
  6. Methodician

    Health and Nutrition

    Can we have a subforum related to health, longevity, nutrition, and maybe god forbid exercise? Or maybe health can be wrapped up into an existing subforum?
  7. Methodician

    Dangers of intellectualism and this site...

    I've become more active over the past few days on this site and a few others and, while my mind is on fire and I feel very productive, I've hardly gotten anything done. I'm constantly checking forums for updates and researching things and reading up on various links provided and... well I'm...
  8. Methodician


    I enjoy discussing transhumanism so much I've searched for a forum dedicated to it. They exist but I'm not impressed. So, I started this thread.
  9. Methodician

    Are you self employed?

    Who here is either self-employed, a business owner, an investor, a private contractor of some sort, or in whatever sense earns a decent living without the constraints of a day job? If so, what do you do? How's that working for you? Do you ever miss the stability of a day job? Do you...
  10. Methodician

    Can we have a search box?

    Nevermind it's just kind of hidden. But still, it looks like we can't search site wide. I'd like to be able to generally search.
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