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  1. Niclmaki

    Moral Values

    “...for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” - Hamlet, Shakespeare As to the deconstructing of religious morality, I tend to agree. There does not exist an objective morality. We’re all freestylin’ it out here. However, a general convention of morality and values...
  2. Niclmaki

    Not exactly sure what that means, but I googled “chaotic neutral” and was amused by what I saw.

    Not exactly sure what that means, but I googled “chaotic neutral” and was amused by what I saw.
  3. Niclmaki

    A rant about wanting to be different

    That’s exactly how these “personality tests” I did in school worked. The other one was True Colours or something like that. I got all kinds of concerned looks and reminding that I ought not to follow the profession and career that I was heading in because it didn’t match what this test said...
  4. Niclmaki

    Star Trek Picard

    I enjoy it enough to keep watching it. A few non-spoilery complaints though. There’s one episode so far that was 75% a “wtf is this”. Other 25% was solid. It’s also a little bit difficult to care about anyone not in Picard’s immediate circle. There’s a character that would have been better if...
  5. Niclmaki

    INTP Memes

  6. Niclmaki

    Do you have an internal monologue?

    Most of my thoughts are incomplete gibberish that is only partially understood initially. It is enough for me to act on it. (Make a move in chess, type a text, respond to someone I’m conversing with) But if I really want to ruminate, I have to ‘trace’ out the thought in words. This is fairly...
  7. Niclmaki

    I feel like I don't fit in anywhere

    Hmmm interesting. I also have the feeling of not truly belonging to any groups or fitting in. However, I have no problems being social or doing things with friends. I also have a few very close friends. I’m not entirely sure what my issue is. I’ve just gotten around to seeing feelings as a...
  8. Niclmaki

    Excuses for bullying.

    Hmmm I never thought about that, but I think you’re onto something. My friends from school that were “onlys” were fairly awkward to be around. It was never so far off that they were ostracized. But you are right, one ought to outgrow those childish ways of relating anyways. There is some...
  9. Niclmaki

    Excuses for bullying.

    He just turned 5. He’s an only child who gets a LOT of 1 on 1 adult attention. So, he may have some learning of how to get along with peers. If their intention is for him to learn, I don’t think it should be done through suffering if possible. It was never a problem until now, he’s never had to...
  10. Niclmaki


    Haha. I am amused at how often this topic pops up. In my dealings with women, they’re actually not much different than men. If you want some super generalized insights, they’d be almost useless for how generalized they are. Different people are different. You’ll have a lot more success in...
  11. Niclmaki

    Excuses for bullying.

    I was only bullied once in elementary and once in highschool. I fought back both times and the bullying stopped there. My cousin’s lil one is currently being bullied in elementary school. She told the teachers and they basically said, “oh, we’re not gonna do anything about it”. (Seriously, they...
  12. Niclmaki

    Racism is innate

    This is what I’d call “dangerous knowledge”. It is not racist, but society will fight back against it because true racism still exists, and this kind of knowledge is very likely perpetuate it. Most people would draw improper conclusions from such studies and cause more harm. As a judgement call...
  13. Niclmaki

    wordclouds 2

    @Serac also suck it INTPs. ENTP in my word cloud is slightly bigger.
  14. Niclmaki

    wordclouds 2

    @Serac it is the tribe I belong to. Well, my mother’s side, my father is Ojibway! As for the hairstyle, no not really, I’d rather not look like a biker gang member. Nor commit to the upkeep of maintaining such a hairdo.
  15. Niclmaki

    wordclouds 2

    Heh, “Lobes” is just a funny word. I should add that word to my collection of words that I like. Sadly, I don’t think any would be in my word cloud. I am going to share them here though, since I keep the list in a note on my phone. And I doubt I’d get to in any other thread. Words I like...
  16. Niclmaki

    Racism is innate

    There’s learned hatred / bigotry (usually from observing older family members - or mentor figures in general). Personal experience and over generalization. Eg. One man was mean to me once, therefore all men are bad. Peer pressure from a group you belong to. You can’t help but start to agree...
  17. Niclmaki

    What game are you playing

    WoW Classic and TFT.
  18. Niclmaki

    Diablo 4

    It is going to come too late. Path of Exile 2 will gobble up any recurrent players it would have gotten. Path of Exile is everything D3 should have been. It has so much iteration and development already put into it, I have a hard time seeing how D4 can compete. Blizzard made the same mistake...
  19. Niclmaki

    Major senses

    So, I am currently ill and have a cold. I found myself utter quite an odd sentence so I had to question it and bring it here. I said, “I hate being sick, my sense of smell is nearly totally gone, and that’s my favourite sense.” So that made me wonder; disregarding actual usefulness, how would...
  20. Niclmaki

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator Text analyzer

    Wasn’t there a thread for this a few months back?
  21. Niclmaki

    How do you arrive at you morality?

    Whatever benefits me the most. In the short term or long term depending on my mood.
  22. Niclmaki

    Deep, Intellectual Conversation

    It is peacock shaped, obviously.
  23. Niclmaki

    Deep, Intellectual Conversation

  24. Niclmaki

    Deep, Intellectual Conversation

  25. Niclmaki

    What are you currently eating?

    I’m actually ahead of the curve slightly on you with this one, I keep a bag of floss picks around instead of the vanilla toothpicks. Trying to force the lil seeds out usually results in myself hurting my gums though. Apparently it’s better to just do NOTHING and let them dislodge themselves in...
  26. Niclmaki

    What are you currently eating?

    You can strain them? Have you ever had stawberry seeds stuck between your teeth? Unpleasant af.
  27. Niclmaki

    What is WRONG with you guys?

    Well, for a more serious answer, if I did see problems with myself I’d have already either decided it was a non-problem or fixed it if I decided it was a problem. If you were to ask literally anyone but me, you’d get dozens of different answers of what is or isn’t a problem with me. Too much...
  28. Niclmaki

    What is WRONG with you guys?

    What are you talking about? I’m perfect.
  29. Niclmaki

    What are you currently eating?

    I am a fan of berries, but the lil seeds always anger me afterwords. I’m not Asian, but native american. Probably a lot more similar than one would expect though. In my youth I drunk milk like it was water because I was told it was good for you and it tasted good. No ill effects til I was...
  30. Niclmaki

    INTP and lying

    I’ll lie casually if it makes a social situations go smoother. It takes a special kind of care for what you lie about though. I sometimes lie out of ignorance as well. Usually when I have to give an answer with incomplete information. I’ll own up to it if I do, but you also have to know which...
  31. Niclmaki

    What are you currently eating?

    My regular snack lately has been a fruits and nuts mix. I quite enjoy it. I drink a lot of tea as well so when I eat meals, they are usually on the smaller side. Eg, supper earlier was just two cobs of corn. @Pizzabeak I am also lactose intolerant. Lactase(sp?) pills can help, but only to a...
  32. Niclmaki

    How INTPs socialize?

    Hey this is where I realized I kinda leaned more towards ENTP than INTP (Ne > Ti specifically). Social interaction is mostly fluff, if I feel like causing chaos (which I usually do) I consciously give INCORRECT answers to things like, “how are you doing?” I’ll say, “I’m hungry” or “I’m not...
  33. Niclmaki

    Is men starring at goats acceptable

    No, this kills the goat.
  34. Niclmaki

    My low processing speeed index

    There is a sort of sliding scale you have to manage too. How long do you gather info before processing? It is almost guaranteed that you will have to act/judge/decide before gathering ALL the info. How far do you take it? Accuracy > Timeliness? Or Timeliness > Accuracy? Personally, I lean...
  35. Niclmaki

    Why IQ does not matter as much as people think....

    Fun fact; in gradeschool / early highschool I was considered gifted. With an IQ if 130-140. When I took the test again in my early 20s, I got about 105-110. Does this mean I got stupider? I think it would be even lower today. It assumes your intellect constantly improves with age (or something...
  36. Niclmaki

    most dangerous technology to humans if left unregulated

    In terms of what I think would be an issue soonest... I’d put my money on HUMAN bio-engineering. 99.99% chance only the rich and governments will have access. How would plebs ever compete with humans+? Sure, there will be moral arguments against unnecessary engineering, but profits, and...
  37. Niclmaki

    Why are you blind to beauty?

    If I am understanding you correctly... It is possible to see everything as beautiful, looking carefully enough. For example, look at expert photographers. They can make a simple pile of rocks or a puddle of water beautiful. It is my belief that anyone else COULD see it too, if they simply...
  38. Niclmaki

    Why would aliens be aware of us?

    I was assuming insatiable curiosity. Just as a thought experiment to imagine what the BEST chances of being noticed were. My conclusion is that, even in the best case scenario, it is unlikely we’d be noteworthy.
  39. Niclmaki

    what is the mathematics of the universe

    0 = 0 The sum of all things is zero. But you can have one hell of a time modifying both sides of that equals sign.
  40. Niclmaki

    Why would aliens be aware of us?

    I doubt we would be very interesting considering how big space is, and how many stars/planets there are. Even if an alien civilization was insatiably curious it would be a very very very very very long time before they got to us, even if we were exceptional. I imagine they’d be sending out...
  41. Niclmaki

    Pokémon Yellow

    I played pokemon yellow in grade 5, but it was my cousins gameboy. It was alright. I got my own a year later and played pokemon blue, then silver on it. I think I sunk 80+ hours into pokemon silver. Was the best. Some years later, I got Emerald and a DSi. It had lost its lustre though and I...
  42. Niclmaki

    My low processing speeed index

    If I am pondering about anything with any degree of concentration, I am essentially visually blind. I can see nothing in front of me at all. It’s as if my whole field of vision becomes peripheral. This can even happen while I’m actively reading something, which is odd. Very one-track mind I...
  43. Niclmaki

    My low processing speeed index

    I got only got 5 on that face recognition thinger. Although, they were all white guys. I don’t really see many where / how I live. I claim an unfair disadvantage!
  44. Niclmaki

    My low processing speeed index

    Psssh, why look and analyze, THEN make a plan of attack? When all else fails, follow the instructions. :) P.S. Do not do this. I would rate my intuitiveness for figuring things out without understanding them exceptional. And I still have issues 33-%ish of the time.
  45. Niclmaki

    Are You Smarter Than A Fruit Roll-Up?

    Fruit roll-ups are 100% fruit roll-ups and godamn they know it. They have no fault in being themselves completely. I, a human, cannot hope to match that behaviour of being a complete me completely. The fruit roll-up wins.
  46. Niclmaki

    INTJ here

    I tried being an asshole once. I found it surprisingly agreeable, and that frightened me. So, I decided not to continue being an asshole. I’ll still bring out the verbal swords if someone initiates some sparring unnecessarily, however. Welcome to the forum, Mr.Guardia.
  47. Niclmaki


    I absolutely hate lil worms. Like maggots and other itty bitty larve. Makes my skin crawl. I would say it is like 99.95% of the way to being a phobia, because I can still act rationally lol I can stand most other things though. Like spiders, beetles, moths, snakes w/e. They’re fine.
  48. Niclmaki

    How's the weather lately for everyone?

    Rain, cloudy, almost sunny, rain, cloudy, almost sunny, rain. That’s spring tho. I am dreading summer, I hate being hot.
  49. Niclmaki

    You know what? I'm just going to say it.

    Idk, i think he realized he might have been in error about something and it’s blowing his mind?
  50. Niclmaki

    Favorite poem?

    Oh, I forgot this one too.
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