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  1. Unsolicited advice... is this why we do it?

    Hyper responsibility (OCD) Just found out about this. Currently trying to figure it all out and connect all the dots with a few other things. ^Urge to help others/solve their problems/avoid pain/suffering. Problems with social boundaries. Feel guilt for not helping. Feel responsible for. Etc...
  2. How do you feel about consciously developing your F?

    I used to think when I was younger, feelings just get in the way of decision making or solving problems. That view has a changed a little bit since. I'm curious how everyone else approaches this, well it's more than a topic really.
  3. Why don't many INTPs want to lead exactly?

    How about you? I do have my against "reasons", ultimately though, they are just problematic thinking patterns and fears which I can overcome and dissolve in the future, thereby not actually being a real limitation. I'm just curious why you guys aren't more interested in leading positions...
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