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  1. Rook


    welcome ancient being to the pixelated wastes of a world gone mad
  2. Rook

    40 k lore

    Yeah, i've seen that series, a masterpiece and sadly not to be continued iirc. the tension, the mystery and the graphical art is superb.
  3. Rook

    Any good chair recommendations here?

    Mine looks like this. I added a cushion for lumbar support. Can't give you a price check, but its relatively affordable i'd say. In terms of durability, it might survive a nuke and become a museum exhibit in the far off future.
  4. Rook

    Thanks! Glad to see you're still kicking arse and taking names as well.

    Thanks! Glad to see you're still kicking arse and taking names as well.
  5. Rook

    The Problem with Progressives

    herd mentality. we are all very advanced animals. imho every human has its own distinct ideology. that is why i am wary of things such as mbti and political theory. thousands of years we have warred. war never changes, no, it is only the emblems upon the banners and the chants upon the tongues...
  6. Rook

    40 k lore

    Interesting perspective, i've never met a fan in the flesh, well, not since being into it at least, so I have little to contribute from a sociological perspective. maybe in the cities here? But yeah the examples you name sound like a bunch of unimaginative hicks. I don't care much for...
  7. Rook

    40 k lore

  8. Rook


  9. Rook

    40 k lore

    this is a biggie
  10. Rook

    lol tbh I listen to their music and thats it. everything you are telling me is new, im usually...

    lol tbh I listen to their music and thats it. everything you are telling me is new, im usually not that interested in the lives of strangers. But seeing as you are asking me, I'll do some digging online and give you a local perspective when I get the chance
  11. Rook

    How does someone survive middle-high school?

    ^^^^^ basically all you need to know
  12. Rook


    welcome miro , may you have fun!
  13. Rook


    welcome! may you have a splendid time here. what philosophical fields appeal to you the most? what manner of anime do you enjoy watching? what colour would you wish the sky to be if not blu?
  14. Rook

    How does someone survive middle-high school?

    make sure ur the last one standing
  15. Rook

    Race Me!

    Desilikor: Perfectly normal humans, except they can somehow psychically view the entire history of a painting, from the first stroke of brush. Natural Artists, Critics... decent detectives if circumstances are optimal. Blankun: Simply put, this thing is a crawling mass of assorted rodents that...
  16. Rook

    Honing ideas

    Muteki may you eat many space octopi of exploratory thought in this realm. Your interest in epiphanies, awakenings as you also called them, intrigues me and I would love nothing more than for you to expand upon 'em.. I aint a student of it or such, I have just been on a rollercoaster of...
  17. Rook

    Enter pursued by exit entered by enter yes yes here we go

    ........................ ............ .................. melkor lives ....
  18. Rook

    Ranting and Raving

    Looking at things from.... the real viewpoint makes it easy to disregard the mass hallucinations that most experience as their "daily routine" or culture or what have you. When you meet an emperor, know that he squats over the excremental bowl just as foully as any peasant. How does a wasp...
  19. Rook

    recommend a philosophical work/book for other members

    Second this. Not aware of newer one.
  20. Rook

    what is existence?

    One can only touch upon wisdom after having viewed the world through a trillion eyes.
  21. Rook

    What are you currently playing?

    Borderlands 1 . Pillars of eternity. Tf2
  22. Rook

    recommend a philosophical work/book for other members

    Started to read origin of the species. Planning to start again. Darwin writes in a practical and forthright manner . He questions constantly
  23. Rook

    40 k lore

  24. Rook

    Last movie you watched

    A scanner darkly . Think its 2007. Robert downey rj matrix reeves woody harrelson . Interesting stuff.
  25. Rook

    What do you embody?

    Pythagorean occultism reducing the infinite to a stanza
  26. Rook

    Is it better to just keep my mouth shut?

    I advise silence when among people very unlike you, but when among open minded humans, always speak your mind. Silence is very useful to assess a situation objectively before becoming emotionally involved.
  27. Rook

    Enter pursued by exit entered by enter yes yes here we go

    Hohoho a rich irony in the year 2020, where big brother and its throbbing member has reared from this evolutionary morass more cohesive than ever. Many rooks can feast upon a carcass yet only one smoke signal is needed to summon the archers.
  28. Rook

    40 k lore

    Any body else here a fan of warhammer 40 000?
  29. Rook

    How the fuck do I deal with existential crisis? Is it Autism? "Reality" is exhausting

    I did not read your wall of text, or any of this thread. How does going hiking in the forests or mountains for a couple of days, smoking some, sound? Sometimes existential angst is easily solved by existing.
  30. Rook

    unprovable beliefs

    Ultimately, all belief is unprovable. That is the prime ingredient for belief. I believe I am human, many indicators say i am human yet is still possible for me not to be human. Due to the current unknowability of ultimate truth, realities in which i am not human can not be discounted.
  31. Rook

    Enter pursued by exit entered by enter yes yes here we go

    I'm getting into a better mindset about existence, and with you Cog, how goes it?
  32. Rook

    My intro

    Cool beans doctor
  33. Rook

    Enter pursued by exit entered by enter yes yes here we go

    hello i am alien friend sent me hiz account so being here is new ask me
  34. Rook

    Hailing from TypeC

    @Maou when will we all become cannibals tho?
  35. Rook

    hi all

    You seek answers to what?
  36. Rook


    ever catch a fish?
  37. Rook

    My intro

    dell uz moar boot oar salve
  38. Rook

    The Random Thoughts Thread

  39. Rook

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    complex is man. the answer is simple: expect no consistency.
  40. Rook

    Collective instinct of the human animal

    Very possible. Body language in group changes. Subcon picks up change, instinctual reaction leads to group cohesion, escalation. Not at all clued up on human pheromones, might or might not be a valid inclusion here. Depends on group, core beliefs etc.... angry mob of religion not the same as...
  41. Rook

    I’m here - you’re all safe now

    A great name, a great name. Welcome.
  42. Rook

    Drag Kings?

  43. Rook

    What would you die for?

    ten years of pure bliss give me that and ill br=low my brians outzies
  44. Rook

    There are fishermen here?

    more information required.
  45. Rook

    Nacronomics: how to run a cartel

    Bootleggers. If dildoes were outlawed, you get a untaxed commodity where the system is pure: Input and output. Risk increases. In a world where everything is legal, and laws are lax, KFC owners will send their thugs to burn down the McDonalds and crucify the manager. Cartels represent trade in...
  46. Rook

    I write like:

    "Anne Rice (born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien; October 4, 1941) is a best-selling American author of metaphysical gothic fiction, Christian literature and erotica from New Orleans, Louisiana. " Well then.
  47. Rook

    On why we work and the nature of reality

    Ape bashes rock. Sparks. Nuke a continent. Creativity. Passion. I work for..... money? Cause I got stuck in an emotional and philosophical dunghole? Organism needs food. Yet, i do not work for food. I work for instinct. I have a boss out of instinct. I will go farming in America out of...
  48. Rook

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    kangaroo zombie slasher opera.
  49. Rook

    Vagabonds, who are your closest friends?

    None. XD Proximity is a bitch.
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