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  1. Unleashing INTP creativity

    To unleash my creativity : I need enough freedom to be able to set my own rules. I also need new inputs. I can study a new system. But brainstorming with the right people is better. It brings a lot of new ideas that lead to new possibilities and my ideas are challenges so I don’t run in...
  2. Dream Analysis?

    I'd say because it is your reality. It's also the source of your creativity.
  3. So I'm an INTP

    Hello, Isn’t that the cause of the problem you’re trying to solve? You over analyse and feel you need to be better. I know I do ;) I feel proud when I am useful and people underline it, uncomfortable but proud. Regarding social anxiety, I don’t like being around many people I...
  4. Dream Analysis?

    Woaw, I can’t even tell you what I was daydreaming a moment ago. So to be able to remember 10 dreams a night seems impossible to me. Have you trained yourself? I’ve read it is possible by trying to remember your dreams when you wake up. You can also write them down.
  5. Emotionally Sensitive INTPs?

    Hi, I think using a T function forces you to restrain your emotions while using an F function makes you dive in them. I sometime feel like Ti makes me forget myself. I don’t choose what I want to do. Instead I "compute" what I should be doing. So I think that being an INTP means you naturally...
  6. Applications of Intuition

    I can’t really force my intuition since it always comes naturally and maybe long after I need it. Direct questions often lead to no answers from my intuition. And I don’t think Ne ever gave me any direct answers. Girl : Hi, “Vroumvroum” Si: Greet the girl. (Fe: and smile) Me : Hi,… Ti...
  7. What type do you think smiles the most?

    I think ISFJs smile a lot and laugh too hard. But I can’t see anything bad about smiling. And I smile whenever I feel happy or exited or when I think about something stupid. I can’t help it.
  8. Social anxiety disorder: my weird story

    I can relate to the difficulty of going in a university where you don’t know anybody. It took me about two years to make some good friends. I wouldn’t even come home on holidays because my parents were at wars. After this, I was sweating a lot in most social situation where strangers were...
  9. Congratulations me.

    It sounds like a reasonable goal. I wish you an appetite for pizza.
  10. INTP Critique

    As Intp, we won’t be satisfied by the right answer. We need the right explanation too. We don’t want to be right. We want others not to be illogical. You give me the feeling that you base your text on the fact that you know better than her. However, other types have their way too...
  11. so attempting to enter the dating world....

    INTP have the great ability to summarize. Please use it :) You’re extremely hard with yourself. Give yourself a break. Nobody is perfect. Maybe she felt bad you couldn’t enjoy the party. Maybe she don’t care that you’re not a people person. Maybe she wants to be your friend. Maybe she...
  12. New Thread!

    A thought for all the energy expended by 2727 viewers to try to figure out what they could possibly answer to this thread.
  13. Congratulations me.

    Ok, I fall for it. Happy birthday. What should we wish you for the year to come?
  14. Types who you find influential?

    ENTJ. They impose freaking logic into this world and it works. They seem unstoppable. It’s a type that I admire and they can make me do stuff. Of course they can be real asses but who cares? Also, I’ve met few mature NF who have healing power. After sometime with them, I felt like I had...
  15. Broken INTP?

    I can't say for sure but if i were to say "I'm broken" it could likely bear two meanings: - I don't find a place where I belong. I don't succeed where others do therefore I must be broken. (Inefficient) - I miss something deep inside. I'm broken. (Incomplete)
  16. INTP and procrastination

    Procrastination is not so bad as long as you manage to do what you have to do in the last minute. And it’s funnier than working every day. But you describe a paralysis state where you fear to fail and to be incompetent. This is far worse than common procrastination where you want to keep...
  17. Do you (INTP) find other INTPs to be weird?

    Yes, and the closer you get the weirder they are. Even old mature one. Younger ones (20+) were either innocent or really cold. But they became totally childish when in group of close xntp friends. I guess that when we don’t have to follow any rules or try to hide ourselves from others, we...
  18. Airtight INTx pitfall

    I’d say it’s a typical intj / intp conversation Intj use intuition. Ni shows them what others cannot see. But Ni is not Ti. How is an intj supposed to explain the logical path he used to get to his conclusion when he hasn’t followed any? (He thinks) he already knows the answer and try...
  19. The Ideal / Real You -Test

    ideal type – ENTP, real type – INTP I need more NE.
  20. INTPs,what makes us special or weird?

    I used to feel one step behind others. I’ve wasted a great amount of my potential and of my life. I haven’t had much fun compared to others. And, since I’m the one different I had assumed that I was responsible. I guess it’s easy to make a drama out of it. Especially as you join here...
  21. INTP self-improvement: developing theories and axioms

    When you start thinking about it, you’ve already lost the battle. How many time have I made plans to solve my problems :rolleyes:. Plans that I haven’t followed. Since my wardrobe is the least of my problems, I will talk about procrastination and its roots. My theory is that I’m afraid. I...
  22. Intimacy.

    There are really few people in my life with whom I’ve reach a real level of intimacy. I will be distant and somehow cold with almost everyone even with well known friends or my parents Exceptionally, I will meet someone who will like me, not judge me and try to understand me. In this...
  23. Recreational drug use/experimentation

    Ok they are not. I really don't know the subject. I only have smoked a little but never alone. And I had morphine once in a medical purpose. I’ve felt like I was flying above the hospital. I was so light and my parents were speaking really slowly.
  24. Competitiveness

    I cannot fail. I won’t study at all during the years. Not under any circumstances. But when examinations are close, I hardly can stop working knowing I wouldn’t succeed. I’ve always been like that. No deadline = no work. Deadline = no sleep. However, it only works with logical things...
  25. TV

    Don’t forget Malcom in the middle. Have you ever played a game where you have to recognize songs of old cartoons? It may sound lame but it’s actually a lot of fun to play with friends of the same age. Particularly when you find a forgotten song related to early childhood.
  26. Insults

    Woaw you surely take things seriously. Last post was from the 2nd-February-2011. My first sentences were ironic. It was my mistake to assume it was implied. And for that I apologize. Then I became serious and ask if INTP often insults people. (Because I’ve almost never insulted...
  27. Engineering,Physics major or Architecture?

    Here, engineering would be the best choice. They ask you to resolve problems and you can manage your time. We have extremely few homework and lectures aren’t mandatory. We’re asked to know the theory with fewer details than physicians (understanding it is almost enough). And examinations are...
  28. TV

    Ok now I understand. I wish you good chores procrastination.
  29. TV

    IF the episode of Scrubs is a good one? Do you by any mean imply that an episode of Scrubs might not be good? (I won’t consider the 8th or 9th seasons as a part of Scrubs)
  30. Who's the boss around here

    Nothing like that. Merely some brain storming about a common projects. I have to say that there have been several opposite positions. We also have argued a lot to realize we were saying the same thing. But ultimately we’ve reach common conclusions. Calling into question is very dangerous and...
  31. Recreational drug use/experimentation

    More than a third has tried Hallucinogens, seriously? I’ve never even seen any. You junkies.
  32. INTP Habits ...

    Yes that’s it. At some point I will eventually lose something important (or forget that my keys are still in my car). Grab two dust-bin liners and clean like creasy.
  33. Who's the boss around here

    And even more, I’ve been in situations where I was talking to INTP IRL. It was like our ideas were merging. The three of us were literally absorbing the creativity of others and our thought logically converged to some level. With proper training, it might be possible to make one huge parallel...
  34. Do you save your band-aids?

    No I haven’t. What have I won? What do you think about maggot therapy?
  35. How do...

    The Pareto stuff doesn’t work for me. I’d say I study the 80% that are useful 20% of the time… The idea is to grasp enough of the big picture and combine it with heavy laziness. Shortcuts are found, innovation is born and the problem is solved. INTP style !!! Bazinga.
  36. Do you save your band-aids?

    Nop. Why? You're hungry?
  37. Is this guy INTP representative?

    When I see this house you know. I think I don’t give a fuck. Actually I don’t even see the house. And why on earth is he talking about INTJ? I call INTP anyway. I’ve got a video of me explaining stuff the same way as he does. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE...
  38. Insults

    I think the way you tell us how not to be insulting very condescending. Do you imply that we’re stupid? I demand reparation!!!! Seriously, does an INTP insult people a lot? I’m new here. Is it more like condescending or mean or been too frank kind of insults? You silly feelers.
  39. I Can't Seem To Live Within the System

    Hello I just can’t go to sleep. I’ll do useless and even boring things not to go to bed. Been exhausted by work or swimming seems to be the only real solution for me. Getting out of my bed is equally difficult. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I could help you to live with the system...
  40. Favourite Game soundtrack?

    Secret of Mana Agreed !!! YouTube - Secret Of Mana : le commencement YouTube - Secret of Mana Music: Dark Lich Theme
  41. Shy or Outgoing.

    With friends and for work I am not really shy. In front of a large group I am shy. Before a cute girl I cannot make the first step.
  42. I hate that, but I think I am over reacting am I?

    An intp friend of mine cannot stand any kind of physical contact. He will have a strong reaction even to the slightest stimulation. And this is a lot of fun. My advice is simple: Don’t tell guys like me. There are teasers out here you know.
  43. How do you know you're INTP?

    I’m so unaware of my surrounding and myself. I’m a dreamer. My theoretical problem solving is one of my stronger abilities. I had doubts about P and even few about F. But I’ve always intuitively knew that I am an intuitive. I've often read that N and S make the biggest difference...
  44. Where is da answer?

    I like my dreams. I certainly won’t accept to give up on them. This would be very sad. Also, I don’t think the society has a strong weigh on this. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had those dreams. When I was an innocent kid playing with legos I was dreaming about being a robot like...
  45. Why did you pick your name?

    I had no idea. And by experience, I know it could have taken me an entire afternoon to pick a name. This one was so stupid it made me laugh. So here I am : VroumVroum the magnificent.
  46. Where is da answer?

    So I’m an intp or at least I really feel comfortable with the whole idea. I’m almost 25. I’m starting my first job in maintenance organization. I’m not sure I’ve chosen the right work though. Well, after a year of doing nothing I had to pick something anyway. It’s nice to know there’re...
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