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  1. groovytaxi98


    Hello Muir. ^^
  2. groovytaxi98

    Saying hi from Bali here

    do you really have Kratom growing in your backyard?
  3. groovytaxi98

    I made a personality survey

    65% Decision Making 50% Conventionality 48% Social Responsibility 46% Order 23% Extroversion 17% Distress Tolerance Hm... I would say this is all fairly accurate. Being an INFJ, I definitely can't say I prefer one judgement function over the other... they get equal consideration. As for...
  4. groovytaxi98

    I made a personality survey

    First Draft results: 77% Organized 59% Logical 36% Stable 32% Conventional 15% Antisocial 14% Extroverted
  5. groovytaxi98

    MMDI & Type Dynamics

    Did they change the test...? It seems you have to pay for the full results now. No idea how you got all those percentages and the functional preferences. O. o Anyways, I got INFJ, and then INTJ as my second closest type. That's pretty much the entirety of the results I was given. Unless I...
  6. groovytaxi98

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Test

    no one else...? Yay I'm the first Doctor! =D The Doctor A strong presence with myriad abilities, you organize efforts yet shun consensus, and strive to educate others for the benefit of your causes. Yeah? Well I'm the Lord of Time.
  7. groovytaxi98

    How Dark is your Personality?

    Oooh this one looks fun. >: D Infrequently vile You are infrequently vile – you mostly put others before yourself, though you may find occasions in which your dark side shines. Machiavellianism (Upper half) > Narcissism (Just below center) > Psychopathy (Just below...
  8. groovytaxi98

    I know you don't exist anymore, but damn your signature is hawt. : )

    I know you don't exist anymore, but damn your signature is hawt. : )
  9. groovytaxi98

    Psilocybin and Openness

    Hmm no idea, haven't started. :P Yes, it's probably easier to just join a sex cam hosting website and earn money from tips given by the viewers watching. Or if not live, you could just make videos and upload them to homemade porn sharing sites and get paid per view or something. It might also...
  10. groovytaxi98

    Psilocybin and Openness

    Sure, just dress up in some very feminine and naughty lingerie... just enough to disguise the fact that you are a male. It seems females with penises are quite the rage these days anyways.
  11. groovytaxi98

    Psilocybin and Openness

    Ughhhh I could be taking advantage of these delicious effects if I actually took the time to plan through the whole procedures for my Shrooms garden-closet. Though it wasn't my fault, I noticed one of the bags of rye I bought started molding even before I inoculated them, so the whole thing was...
  12. groovytaxi98

    Certain way to check if you are an INTP.

    that was disgusting.
  13. groovytaxi98

    Would you rather be an INTJ?

    I wish I were an INTP... or at least a better INFJ. :kodama1:
  14. groovytaxi98

    Two Opposing Personalities Within One Person

    I see my personality as something extremely fluid... I really have no identity I can think of, and stuff like gender I can't understand. Along with this, I have no attachment to a well structured sense of morality, which, when attacked by opposing sentiments, creates a sense of internal chaos in...
  15. groovytaxi98

    INTP's blank face phenomenon

    INFJ with limited facial expressions here! =D From others' comments my face does appear blank but mysterious, and difficult to decipher. Sometimes my friends think I'm bored when I'm actually enjoying myself alot.
  16. groovytaxi98

    What are you currently playing?

    No idea. I do wanna play something though. Possibly some MMOs I can waste alot of time on... maybe TERA or ESO.
  17. groovytaxi98

    This isn't facefuckbook, this is real life.

    lol if intelligence is how much you know, then I'm certainly not as high as your list places my type. I am quite intellectually lazy and don't care for learning about every single thing I come across. Sometimes I am quite slow to solve the simplest of problems. However, the only thing I can say...
  18. groovytaxi98

    How to be an asshole?

    I can only be an asshole to an entire social group all at once, rather than just a single person. I enjoy creating polarity in social situations, as the drama just keeps my hunger at bay. :D okay not really... I've only done it once and I don't exactly find it was worth it in the long run. ._ .
  19. groovytaxi98

    What is your preferred genre?

    Oh I'm back here again. Might as well answer the thread title this time around. : ) Hm... give me a mood? What am I feeling? If I wanna feed my Ni through imaginative ventures into foreign universes in my mind... - Pretty much exclusively ambient music... which can range from IDM to...
  20. groovytaxi98

    Nomadic INTP Looking For A Forum To Call Home

    I usually ask questions without question marks when I'm being critical of others, since I find that it makes the tone appear more harsh. Or at least that's how I hope it comes across. :P For example, one of my most commonly used phrases: "What the Hell is wrong with you." implies that there is...
  21. groovytaxi98

    Abstaining from masturbation...

    lol it took me four years to orgasm successfully... I think I was scared of climaxing or something, cause the thought of anything but urine shooting through there sounded pain inducing. But the first time I did, It felt otherworldly... I then masturbated at least 50 times until the end of the...
  22. groovytaxi98

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    Hmmm.... -Creepy staring which some people find...creepy. -Zone out on conversations, but still get the general gist of the message so as to be able to come up with a fully believable reply to everything said. -Sometimes I retreat inside my body and numb myself to my surroundings, remaining as...
  23. groovytaxi98

    What is your preferred genre?

    nope. Don't trust this guy one bit. Rock/metal? Seriously. ._ . and also why is there no electronica whatsoever, when it is one of the most musically variable genres there is. It's more interesting if we apply human characteristics to music rather apply music to human characteristics. Saying a...
  24. groovytaxi98

    I like sad ambient music ... Do you?

    Not an intp, more like a depersonalized infj, but ambient of all kinds I can always enjoy when I'm in the right mood to explore an alternate universe in my mind. Ambient requires a lot of imagination on my part for me to fully appreciate its delicious and lifelike atmospheres... as for SAD...
  25. groovytaxi98

    Goofy song

    this is pretty much what all my music sounds like, so I can't really see any flaws. wow I actually really like the ending... reminds me of something Infected Mushroom would do. @2:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRufAykZPnE ^The extent of what comments I can give, considering my limited...
  26. groovytaxi98

    The Math Thread

    I pretty much universally hate everything math, unless its basic level algebra or geometry. :P But I do enjoy doing math tricks... for example, I love proving that one number is a completely different number... of course this seems cool until it is realized that it's all just converting bases...
  27. groovytaxi98

    Function most appreciated by you

    Functions that always piss me off somehow: Te, Fi. Functions which are okay when used the right way at the right time: Se, Si Functions that are seemingly innocent and fun to use, but still hurt me in some way: Ti, Fe Best functions: Ni, Ne... but primarily Ne. It's so adorable and cute, and...
  28. groovytaxi98

    most complex/difficult books you have read

    Pretty much everything is difficult to read for me. I can't translate words into meaning very well and I get impatient. I'm more of a passive reader... If I read over a topic enough times then all the information ends up being understood almost automatically without any effort on my part. But...
  29. groovytaxi98

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    Hm hm hm. I'd dance to it. Actually I'd probably dance too much and end up tired :/ Too upbeat. 6/10. This is so nerve-racking. What do INTPs listen to?! I don't wanna disappoint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ZyEGTIsvE
  30. groovytaxi98

    Why did you pick your name?

    I couldn't really find a name to suit me, and so I just chose this out of random. "Groovy Taxi" does happen to be the vehicle that PJ drives in F-Zero GX. When I first unlocked the guy I was quite happy, as the mission required to do so was hard as hell, so I guess the name reminds me of my...
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