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  1. Alias

    Honoring Alan Rickman

    Some of you may not have heard, but Alan Rickman died of cancer at age 69 today. Along with David Bowie, we've lost yet another legend. I decided to put this thread together to honor him. Rickman's legendary performances as Hans Gruber and Professor Severus Snape leave a lasting imprint on the...
  2. Alias

    New Orleans and Jazz

    Recently, I went on vacation to New Orleans. I'm a fan of jazz, so the trip was great. This thread will document my trip, the culture, and the music. You can't go a day in New Orleans without hearing When the Saints Come Marching In. I went to a jazz club, the Preservation Hall. It was small...
  3. Alias

    The Inferior, other things, and my sort of OktoberFEst

    It has been quite a while since I've ever made a thread myself. So here we are. Let me first establish that I'm semi-skeptical about functions perfectly correlating with MBTI. However, I find Dominant and Inferior functions to make a ton of sense, as opposed to the shakier Auxiliary and...
  4. Alias

    I Never Had an Introduction

    After being here for months I realized that I never introduced myself with a thread. I've been here since before February 2015, and I actually had an account here before. My username was Hat-Wearing MAN, but I lost the password and here I am, as Alias. I have no idea what sort of purpose this...
  5. Alias

    Alias Is Back!

    Hey, everyone. I used to frequent this forum, and I'm going to again. After a one or two month hiatus due to just being busy (and a Perceiver), I'm coming back home. During the time that I left I read Please Understand Me II, so I know much more about typology and stuff. I think I put this...
  6. Alias

    Profile Picture Not Working

    Do any of you know how to get my profile pic to show? It doesn't appear when I post things, and I've re-entered it multiple times. Sorry if making an entire thread about this takes up space, I just want this to be noticeable.
  7. Alias

    The Possibility of Function Inversion

    If each type exactly abides by its respective functions, then certain people can switch around certain functions. Theoretically, let's say that pre-Reich Hitler was likely an ENFP. He was interested in arts, peaceful, and probably well-off. That means art-school stage Fuhrer used Ne, Fi, Te, and...
  8. Alias

    The Post-Apocalyptic Survival of MBTI Types

    http://oddlydevelopedtypes.com/survival_quiz The writer from Oddly Developed Types made a storyline for each type and how they would fare in and after an apocalypse. The majority of Idealists become beings of pure good, Rationals leave/destroy the planet, Guardians hide underground, and the...
  9. Alias

    Type Jack Douglass

    This guy is one of my favorite YouTubers. He does a series where he makes fun of horrible grammar on YouTube. From the 'Draw My Life', he may be INTP, but I am in no way sure of his type at all. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SAHDywxvxuw https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NnAOuEPZ1ng...
  10. Alias

    INTP male with ENTJ female

    Hey guys. So I really like this girl in my workplace. She's smart, kind, the list goes on. To set things straight, I am not creeping her out or stalking her. I have built a good rapport as a genius to her. I'm near/with her often, due to the scheduling of things. There is a high possibility of...
  11. Alias

    Weird Al: Possible INTP?

    Weird Al has always been a favorite musician of mine. He's universally recognized as ENTP, which makes a lot of sense due to his comedy style. However, due to a recent interview, he's seeming a bit more INTP. In one part he says that he's still awkward in social situations and leans heavily on...
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