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  1. Alias

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Haven't played in a while, but I get how it works. I beat my older brother in a game a while back when he had the obvious advantage. I'm great at the personal acting part of things. Reading others, and making sure I can't be read.
  2. Alias

    Enneagram's relationship to Mbti

    I can never manage to fit into certain types anymore, be it Enneagram or MBTI. I used to think I was INTP, but the appeal wore off as I dealt with my emotions. I think I might be Enneagram 3, but then I read another description and it said that 3s were numb to their emotions, which couldn't be...
  3. Alias

    Pokémon Go

    Best pun I've heard in a while. I play just a little if I have nothing to do. I joined Valor because my friends wanted to, and not being on the same team is impractical for gyms. Mystic would've been my other choice. I don't think it's too mind-control-esque unless you're being an idiot...
  4. Alias

    1st World Problems

    I think this will knock out quite a few complaints. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bwvlbJ0h35A
  5. Alias

    Advanced Global Personality Test

    The "low stability" description works, I've known that for a while now. I'm working on it, but I know it. I guess I put a little too disorganized, because it generalized me and thought I was more impulsive than I really am "Moderately high" seems to work for extroversion, except for the whole...
  6. Alias

    Enneagram Help.

    Well, I'm not much of an expert for your case, but Enneagram has always been weird for me. I used to think 5w4, but now I'm between 3w4 and 4w3. There's just not enough easily accessible information out there to look into the specifics of Enneagram. In your case, I guess you're still 5w4. It's a...
  7. Alias

    INTP's and ESTJ's?

    Really I've met very few ESTJs. Not much I can say, other than to avoid avoiding them. Avoid someone if they're a bad person, not a 'bad' type.
  8. Alias

    What's your favorite aspect about yourself?

    I guess my ambition and insight. I dare to dream about things, and that's where ideas come from. I'm also introspective and great at assessing things. A lot of the time I'm right about things, which sometimes make me think I can tell the future. I don't like sticking my best qualities to one...
  9. Alias

    Robots having their own rights

    So you're saying since we've become so integrated with robots, it would be a stupid move for them to get rid of us. That's consolation. Programming our AIs with a love for humanity couldn't hurt, though. I'm still concerned that if we make these robots too skilled, they could negate any need for...
  10. Alias

    hello! + introduction

    Alright, you like cats. That checks out, so you passed our security test. Jokes aside, welcome to the forum! Which video games do you like (theoretically)? And how can I play games in theory? That would save me loads of time.
  11. Alias

    The macho alpha voice competition thread

    We need a recording of Architect. I considered him at first (before hearing anyone), dunno why, but Pmj's been giving him a run for his money.
  12. Alias

    Robots having their own rights

    I'm wary of this kind of things. I don't want robots to phase us out, it's horrifying. Especially robots that replace creativity. Music, art, writing, etc. are essential. I only approve of robots with human rights if we manage to put a human's soul/consciousness/brain into a robot, like GLaDOS...
  13. Alias

    What's your opinion of Jennifer Lawrence?

    This quote is golden.
  14. Alias


    Grade, Frank, Rob Dyke, etc. I'd take forever to list my subscriptions. I'm a fan of Jacksfilms, have been for years. Also a bunch of TF2 guys, obviously.
  15. Alias

    Shorter Typology

    I got the most for Professional, then Designer, then Charmer. I answered weirdly and I broke the test over a few days, so my answers were probably a fair bit skewed. Honestly, the types could be written a lot better. "The Professional" sounds work oriented and tough, but the actual type is a...
  16. Alias

    What personality types would you rather be in a relationship with?

    I put the XNFJs. Most of the ones I've met are great, and I'd like someone who understands my feelings and fosters deep personal discussion. Other than that, not sure. Not really a fan of SJs, at least not romantically.
  17. Alias

    Which type(s) do you deviate towards, are you interested in, and/or understand best?

    I took a few more tests to dive into other possibilities, and the results were funny. On one I got INFP, but that test couldn't differentiate Fe from Fi. The other one would say YOU MAY BE if you were very close on certain parts, and I got uncertain for everything except N. I guess I managed to...
  18. Alias

    Which type(s) do you deviate towards, are you interested in, and/or understand best?

    Lately I've reconciled with myself, and I've completely stopped thinking in terms of myself as a set type. It gets restricting. I have an ENFJ friend, and I don't really get fake vibes or anything. I think that could go with why people who don't like her feel like that. ENFJs may be social...
  19. Alias

    Which type(s) do you deviate towards, are you interested in, and/or understand best?

    A lot of my friends are Intuitives. I have one ISTP friend, and I think he's the only sensor in my little group of friends. I lean toward ENFJs. They're usually pretty cool, and I enjoy having an intuitive with enough differences to keep me interested. I'm cool with NTJs, because I've grown up...
  20. Alias

    What moral weight is there when inspired by another's suffering?

    I think we could be taking about different types of inspiration. From what I think, onesteptwostep means the attitude that "Other people have it worse than you, so lighten up." We might be interpreting inspiration as creative inspiration, like art inspired by individual suffering or the...
  21. Alias

    I made a character design for an INTP character. Opinions?

    Personally, I prefer the screen instead of the daft punk. Both are cool. Maybe certain temperaments or categories could have different heads.
  22. Alias

    Ask an ESFP

    Question: Are you going to give yourself a profile pic? Also, welcome to the forum. I decided to post now because I couldn't come up with a good question until now.
  23. Alias

    Do you think my art represents the mbti types well enough?

    Where's the INFP? I'm a bit lost, is she in the same thread as INTP and INFJ?
  24. Alias

    Do you think my art represents the mbti types well enough?

    She said they each get one formal outfit and one casual outfit. I agree that the formal INTP looks off, but the other sketches look better. EDIT: Where's the INFP? I'm having trouble finding that sketch.
  25. Alias

    Do you think my art represents the mbti types well enough?

    They're great. I was skeptical of the first INTP drawing, but the recent sketches were much better.
  26. Alias

    mbti art project doodles

    Great job! This is really fun to think about. How will you decide what appears on whose screen? Will certain types share symbols like INFJ and ISFJ?
  27. Alias

    finished the 1st robot of my mbti art project

    Are the robots going to have 'genders'? Or are they technically not gendered at all?
  28. Alias

    finished the 1st robot of my mbti art project

    Looks great! My advice is to maybe give him a more casual or laid back look. The clothes seem too INTJ. Still, great job.
  29. Alias

    The Goals Thread

    I've been doing the same with German. Been doing a lesson on Mango daily, but the past three days I've been really busy. So today I'll do several lessons. I want to catch up on exercising daily. I've still been going for a run or two every week, but I want to go for more. Not trying to lose...
  30. Alias


    I can relate to an extent, ruminator. I have enough friends, but I can't find one friend to really identify with and be super close with. Try to plan something, invite a few friends, and remember that it's impossible for you to be completely lonely. Happy Birthday!
  31. Alias

    INTPs - what are the types of your 5 best friends?

    Just a few days ago I was reading, so my ENTP friend sneaked up to me, and shouted in my ear. A few moments later I realized what he had said and the joke he was trying to go for, but nevertheless I was confused.
  32. Alias

    Your Most Hated Movies

    Not gonna hate, but do you apply this to be books, too?
  33. Alias

    The Sorting Hat

    *raises hand, then other hand, then other applicable appendages.*
  34. Alias

    Year 2169

    Immortality. While I respect the notion of having children, I would like to live as long as possible and learn everything I can until I die/choose to die. Total immortality scares me though.
  35. Alias

    The Sorting Hat

    I'd like it when JK releases more about the American and foreign houses/schools. That would be cool. I'm kind of confused why she doesn't have a Spanish speaking school yet.
  36. Alias

    istp as a medical doctor

    I don't think anything is quite a bad goal for any type. Differen types will have different experiences and skills. The best question to ask is "Do I really want to do this? Will I enjoy the job and the impact it makes on others?" Don't be discouraged because of four letters. They say ISTPs are...
  37. Alias

    The Sorting Hat

    We can use Pottermore to really determine house and wand. Rowling put the tests back up.
  38. Alias

    INTPs - what are the types of your 5 best friends?

    I have like a group of 7 (including me) that hang out closely together. 2 are my brothers, so I'll just list off friends regardless of that group. ENFP dude, he's been close for a few years. An ENFJ I know, she's cool, but I wish we were closer (physically and metaphorically). She's the most...
  39. Alias

    Last movie you watched

    I want to see Hardcore Henry. It looks interesting.
  40. Alias


    Sorry I've been busy everyone. Haven't posted much. Have this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UveXP9lu4o
  41. Alias

    What's up party people?

    Welcome! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay. woo partie!
  42. Alias

    The reason why INTP fail in social settings?

    A quote I like is "Cool doesn't come from other people; it comes from you." That means it's personal to you. You don't have to be liked by everyone to be a chill person. Just float along and don't be a dick, and then you'll be cool.
  43. Alias

    Team fortress 2 Fan club

    Welcome to the club and forum! I main Spy, and Scout and Medic are close. I'm pretty good at Demoman, too.
  44. Alias

    Basing an RPG on the MBTI

    That could be solved if there were a system so that you could balance out your functions as you level, making yourself more well-rounded. Kind of like real life.
  45. Alias

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    There's probably an alternate universe in which Dan Aykroyd is Danny Aykroyd and Danny DeVito is Dan Devito. Weird.
  46. Alias

    INTP doctors or dentists?

    Welcome to the forum! I, for one, could never be a dentist. I can't stand teeth-things (mine are naturally sensitive), and I'm afraid I'd mess up or something. It's not an INTP thing, though, it varies more on personal experience. I still take good care of my teeth, I just couldn't do that or...
  47. Alias

    What gives you the incentive/willpower/strength to keep going and stay "alive"?

    Learning, experiencing as much of history as possible, self-improvement, the like. My main purpose is to make the world as much of a better place as I can, through the vast and powerful branches of decision-making. The fact that each decision has its own set of consequences and alternatives is...
  48. Alias

    INTP Backpacker

    I have a friend who's going to Chile in about two weeks. When you learn one Romance Language, it's easier to understand the others, so Spanish and French should go hand in hand a little. I use an online program called Mango Languages for German. I'm assuming it's similar to Pimsleur.com. I...
  49. Alias

    INTP Backpacker

    Welcome! As an INTP, I'd have to say I love traveling. Been to Argentina countless times. Buenos Aires is such an appealing city, with its architecture, culture and history. I recently fell in love with New Orleans. The voodoo shops are interesting, the jazz is excellent, quite a few people...
  50. Alias

    Failed psychological experiment here.

    Goos pieces! Try various styles and tunes with covers first to get some experience, and then see how you do with original composition. Don't be afraid of mistakes. Instead of regretting mistakes, enjoy the improvement you get as a result.
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