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  1. onesteptwostep

    Amuse me for a second, I am going to conjure a conspiracy theory..

    It has to do with American politics and how Europe, or actually how the Vatican, uses pro-life to divide America. So hear me out: for a lot of Republican voters, one major issue they vote for is abortion. If anyone has studied the history of abortion and how it relates to Protestants in the US...
  2. onesteptwostep

    Dumb and dumbers from Youtube.

    I miss the dumb pointless youtube videos that defined the 2000s. Let's go back to that. Rules: 1) Videos must be under 3 minutes 2) Only 1 video per day 3) You are allowed to comment on someone's video, but if you do, you must post a video yourself
  3. onesteptwostep

    I have a theory concerning COVID and personalities.

    I think because of this pandemic, we'll have an uptick in personalities being more introverted, and that the population in general will see a rise in more introverted people. People aren't able to gather as much as they've used to, so extroversion isn't as being exercised as much. It's a simple...
  4. onesteptwostep

    How is your country faring with Corona?

    Not to flex or anything, but South Korea is, well, as most people know from the news, doing quite well. No extreme lockdown of any sort, and we've been able to minimize our deaths to around only 450~, with currently 26,000 cases confirmed. Around 24,000 recovered, so only around 2,000 have the...
  5. onesteptwostep

    Atheism [thread split Does communism suck ?]

    Atheism is just the lack of belief in a traditional deity. But atheism can set up idols for ourselves, to which we can put up false hope upon. I don't mean it as a personal thing. For me, understanding atheism is the easiest form of thought, because it requires no thought at all.
  6. onesteptwostep

    A supercomputer did some stuff on COVID samples and new theory stuff came and stuff

  7. onesteptwostep

    Where does the meaning or make up of the word jacking off come from?

    Like I know it means masturbating, but jacking off? Like trying to jack a switch to go to sleep? In Korean the word had a different eyptomological root so I was wondering where the US one comes from. Help me, dark side of the internet? Lol
  8. onesteptwostep

    On the cultural heritage of Christmas

    https://blogs.ancientfaith.com/glory2godforallthings/2019/12/24/have-a-dickens-of-a-christmas/ Came across an article I thought people might appreciate. Merry Christmas!
  9. onesteptwostep

    How's the weather lately for everyone?

    The weather's been erratic lately for me and my body's having a hard time adapting.. my perception is cloudy most of the time with all the lethargy attached to it. Everyone else enjoying whatever season you're in? It's spring here.
  10. onesteptwostep

    Avengers ENDGAME

    Who is HYPED. Watching it on Wednesday. Skipping class to see it ^_^ Will tell you guys how it went, without spoilers of course. Bring me Thanos~!
  11. onesteptwostep

    Is pornography moral?

    Just want to armchair about a topic. Is pornography moral? We could go at this from both religious and non-religious views. To start, we'll define our terms: pornography is a recording of any sexual activity between two humans, whether it be for sexual pleasure, a quenching of lust, or sexual...
  12. onesteptwostep

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    https://intersectionalityscore.com/ It "scores" how privileged you are by scaling your sexuality, gender, language and religion. I got a 6 lol And I'm apparently 93% more privileged than others.
  13. onesteptwostep

    Is there such thing as perfect morality?

    So I think it's common census that we as a peoples have grown to be more moral with the passing of time. Take slavery for example, or something like universal suffrage. However, it's unsure whether or not we are actually going into a more morally progressive state than we were just a moment ago...
  14. onesteptwostep

    Generally, does love find you or do you have to find it or work for it?

    Welp. So basically I think this girl I met at a certain camp has a bf- albert I never really took the time to get to know her more since I had to leave the camp prematurely- but I did get her number and a promise to "see each other" about a month later because she's taking a 'short trip' with...
  15. onesteptwostep

    What is a story?

    What is a story? What makes it so captivating and gripping for people, such as through oral speech or through books or film, and how is it advantageous to us as a species, and/or is there a certain teleology that is within stories and storytelling that we head towards? Is there supposedly a...
  16. onesteptwostep

    Let's psychoanalyze our mothers

    Why does a mother take care of her child?
  17. onesteptwostep

    So.. a friend of mine is doing an MLM

    I'm not sure what to feel. Basically the whole process went like this: a friend of mine who was with me in the military has been working at an MLM called Nu Skin in Korea for about a couple of years and doesn't seem to understand the nuance of what an MLM is, that it uses constant fresh recruits...
  18. onesteptwostep

    5G and its impact on life and economy

    What have you guys heard about 5G? Korea's going to be rolling out their driverless taxis in 2021. There's the whole spat with the US vs China too, like who'll get their 5G networks up the fastest... what do you guys know about it so far?
  19. onesteptwostep

    What are you guys watching on Youtube lately?

    Just wondering what we all venture into on the YouWeb. When I'm stuck on understanding a certain historical figure or want to learn more about a philosopher, a channel that I go on is StJohnsTimeline then/or Then & Now. I enjoy watching war related videos too, like Reply History and...
  20. onesteptwostep

    Interesting questions to ask to a Christian

    No, not mundane questions like does God exist or not, but something like: If you had to choose between saving your child or the very last Bible on face of the earth, which would you choose? I ask this to people to fervently hold the sola scriptura dogma and enjoy the reactions I get from them...
  21. onesteptwostep

    What do you think substance is?

    What do you think matter is? Do you think they're things that actually exist and take up actual physical space, or do you think matter is something that's only a in a sense our perception of 'things' that 'are' and not physically existing? What proofs of substance do you think can work? Here...
  22. onesteptwostep

    Does overpopulation affect our purpose in life?

    Many of us on this forum prescribe or at least parrot Sartre on the purpose of life, that we make one of our own and just go with it. Now this existentialism is admirable in the sense that it's basically you verse the world and you finding a place in it, but beyond it, what would that mean in...
  23. onesteptwostep

    4 types based on data imposed on 5 dimenions of the OCEAN psychometric

    What do you guys think about this? Where would intps or the mbti types fall into, of the 4 types listed? Average, self-centered, role model, or resevered? I'll try and find more data about this research when I can. Also, we're probably reserved... Mostly anyway.
  24. onesteptwostep

    Realism, does Plato's Forms exist?

    For those who are unfamiliar with Plato's Theory of Forms, Plato basically thought that there was a realm somewhere where the perfect idea or thing of an idea that existed somewhere. What I mean by that is this: let's say there was a chair. What makes a chair a chair? We're here reading the...
  25. onesteptwostep

    Does the sense of the range of colors undermine beauty?

    In the animal kingdom we are only able to visualise colors from a certain color spectrum, but for dogs and even reindeers, their color spectrum could be smaller or eveb bigger (apparently reindeers can see ultraviolet rays). What I'm trying to get at is that since colors are not universal for...
  26. onesteptwostep

    If you could have any pet, what pet would you like?

    I totally want this guy: Turritopsis dohrnii. Who wouldn't want something that's immortal? I guess all you had to do is feed it planktoon or something once in a while. Literally a no effort pet :D Anyone else know weird shit they might want as a pet? Or just any pet would be fine.
  27. onesteptwostep

    What do you think is the essence of nationality?

    What do you think nationality is, in terms of its essence? I mean this could differ for many people, as the essence can be boiled down into many things.. What do you think it is? A shared history? A shared biology? (speaking technically, e.g. DNA) A shared goal/principle? (the American...
  28. onesteptwostep

    Humans are the only species that get together on ideas and..

    strive to live with other people with the same agenda/motives/lifestyles. I find that interesting. Like take a pack of wolves or a horde(?) of monkeys. They seem a lot more inclined to stay together because of kinship and not because of ideals/ideas. I mean some of us do life on a baseline...
  29. onesteptwostep

    What do you think more defines humanity: our will or our ability to rationalize?

    What do you think sets us apart from other animals more? Our wills- a desire for dominance, power, grit and glory, or our ability to rationalize- to plan ahead, strategize, contemplate and scrutinize? What is more us, will or wit?
  30. onesteptwostep

    How would you define pride?

    I was reading some Augustine and he defines pride as "the assumption of self-sufficiency". This struck me a bit because I always had imagined that pride was a positive, as in a thriving and existing emotion, rather than an neutral assumption. Pride I had always thought was something that was...
  31. onesteptwostep

    Has anyone read Sapiens?

    What are your thoughts on the book? A lot of the students on campus seem to reading this book lately, so I was wondering if anyone on this forum has as well. Did you like it? Knowing that a lot of us already know a lot of materials related to evolutionary psychology, religion and philosophy, did...
  32. onesteptwostep

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer's letter against facism, excerpt

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German theologian and pastor who went back into Nazi Germany during WW2 because he couldn't bear the thought of leaving his countrymen during the moral and political chaos during that calamity. He was actively against the Nazi party and eventually he was captured and...
  33. onesteptwostep

    Seasons greetings

    What's everyone's plans for the holidays? I'm going to Japan to see my parents. I'm also thinking of trying to see this girl I know from high school, will update you guys on that. And yes Japanese people are really into KFC during Christmas, it's a capitalist tradition thing- but I'll...
  34. onesteptwostep

    New way of tackling teleology, ontology?

    How about instead of having a single individual theorize/fantasize/philosophize/lecture someone on the purpose of life, we have a collective answer to the question? I think this is a new way of trying to set a course for humanity, instead of trying to just haphazardly guess where we're going...
  35. onesteptwostep

    Shake Shack is pretentious as hell

    The food, the hipster Apple bullshit music they play, the subpar meat and milk shake, the Shake Shack ad they play INSIDE the store, and the pretentious postmodern interior design, their mediocre fries (which is shit compared to innout). Yeah, I'm probably not coming here again. Waste of 20...
  36. onesteptwostep

    Weird reoccurring dream

    So there's this dream I have where there are these books about horror stories, and supposedly in the dream I'm not supposed to look into them for some reason. There's like 32 volumes of them, and in the dream I'm ordering them from 1 to 32. I have different versions of the books it looks like...
  37. onesteptwostep

    Recommend me some albums.

    I haven't changed songs on my phone in like a year I think. I mostly listen to these albums: some Strokes stuff, Sam Smith's In the Lonely Hour, Macklemore, Balmorhea, some Coldplay, some Death Cab and some Nujabes. Anything would be fine, though I think I might enjoy mainstream stuff. I...
  38. onesteptwostep

    How's the weather lately for you guys?

    I think I'm getting old. Feel stiff all over.. It was really cold in the beginning of October but I think things have gone down. I feel like this coming winter is going to do some heavy damage. The summer was really nice this year, which is why I think I'm not getting used to the damp weather...
  39. onesteptwostep

    The best way to kill a mosquito

  40. onesteptwostep

    Yay or Nay? Clothing with texts on them.

    Yay or Nay? Clothing with texts on them. What's appropriate and what's not? Or are they just bad in general?
  41. onesteptwostep

    Let's talk about postmodernity.

    What is post-modernity to you? Who do you think were the characters whom gave birth to the era? When do you think of happened and what were the defining moments? --- I'll start. To me 'post-modernity' is the current metaphysical, epistomological understanding of the world. What 'modernity'...
  42. onesteptwostep

    If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    Not biologically, but socially speaking. Ants work together and are able to construct structures with huge organization. I don't think any other animals are capable of doing this. Why are most animals solitary? Birds on the other hand are able to travel in large numbers, but they aren't able to...
  43. onesteptwostep

    In this topic we speak in song lyrics.

    Hello, it's me. I've been
  44. onesteptwostep

    Game of Thrones

    Who's watching? Episode 4 was pretty good. I really want to see the White Walkers come out and start owning..
  45. onesteptwostep

    Looking for new music, instrumental if possible

    I listen to instrumental, but I feel like I need new music to listen to because they're the only ones I've been listening to on the train for the last year or so. Something along the the muses of Rachel's, Balmorhea, and Explosions in the Sky. Any suggestions?
  46. onesteptwostep

    My latest 16personalities test result..

    16personalities.com : ISFP-A. My formal MBTI test turned out to be INTJ. What gives? lol Compared to my results on this page, my INTP introversion seems to have stayed the same while my F and S were upped a little. My assertiveness is still the same however. Are there other INTPs who seem to...
  47. onesteptwostep

    How many dimensions does sound or a photon have?

    Do we see sound in the 3rd dimension, the 2nd dimension or in just 1 dimension? If sound is a vibration of air, and if air is made up of molecules, and if molecules are made up of atoms and quarks in empty space and so forth, how many dimensions do sounds have? What dimension do they occupy...
  48. onesteptwostep

    What is the greatest good?

    Stemming off from the 'there is no good or bad' thread, let's do a bit more philosophy. For the sake of this topic, we're going to assume that 'good' exists. What I mean by this is that when we see altruism, such as a man giving a homeless person alms, there's the physical action of...
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