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  1. Prose debate (split from "The Single Flaw with Hard Determinism)

    Mate, you need better pros. Your words are virtually incomprehensible because you don't know how to fucking write well.
  2. Proof Induction is Impossible

    Let O1, O2,...., On be observations 1 through n Let Ci be Conclusion i Suppose (O1, O2, .... , On |- Ci ) where Ci is a conclusion derived from some set of observations. By the laws of logic, we can now use Ci as an observation We know that observations cannot be inconsistent with each other...
  3. Why are you blind to beauty?

    From my experience, most people are completely and utterly blind to beauty. I do not mean the beauty in meaning (I'm talking to you, Feelers), or the beauty in a perfect mathematical theorem (I'm talking to you, Thinkers). I do not mean the beauty in subjective experiences like joy, happiness...
  4. Daenerys Targaryen, Why Fire and Blood?

    Danny decides to burn Kings Landing to the ground. It’s irritating and wholly unsatisfying, but not because it doesn't make any sense at all. It is unsatisfying because it doesn't show us anything we do not already know. The joy of good TV like Game of Thrones is not that it is unpredictable...
  5. Strong Fe

    Anyone here have a well developed Fe but totally non existent Si? What do you think the cause of such a situation might be?
  6. INTP stuff

    Ok so a few months ago I got depressed and wrote on this forum (thanks everyone for your support, if you remember me). Stuff happened and I decided I wanted to make more friends. Two months later I have made many friends. The problem I am having is with the females I have become friends with...
  7. Alternative to Natural Selection

    Can anyone think of any other process that might bring about diversity of life? Not on earth; but on other planets?
  8. Write a story

    Ok some of you may know I'm going through a bit of depression. But no matter! I hatched an idea that might create a few opportunities. Lets write a story. All of us INTPs and who ever else is around. Lets make a collection of short stories and see if we can make a bit of money out of it?
  9. Shall I stay alive

    Shall I stay alive or commit suicide? I have a big injury, but I haven't decided if I should patch up.
  10. Animated sound absorption.

    I was wandering if anyone was familiar with research on sound camouflage where sound absorption coefficients differ across the surface of a material. In particular, a non static, animated, sound absorption differential.. The idea is to mimic the eco of sound through a forest; but in a small...
  11. Category Theory or Model Theory

    Us INTP's are perfectionists of thought. We are constantly in pursuit of "better" strategies; finding ways to make "thinking and learning" faster and more efficient. One way we achieve this is through the creation of very abstract mental categories. My question is: will learning either of...
  12. Octave, Matlab or c++

    Should I use Octave, Matlab or a good numerical linear algebra library in c++ to run my machine learning algorithms? Does anyone have any experience with implementing learning algorithms?
  13. Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

    What do you think about MOOC? Do you think earning certificates will improve your employability? Here are a few: Coursera edX Saylor Foundation MIT OpenCourseware Khan Academy
  14. In need of INTP rigor: Why am I feeling euphoric?

    Last night I had a few drinks and went into town. The whole night I was feeling really happy; and for no obvious reason. I woke up this morning and I'm still feeling happy? Could it be the alcohol? Has anyone else had this experience? Please share.
  15. Doctor Who

    Why does everyone hate Clara? I think she's the best companion the new Doctors have had so far.
  16. SJ's more: racist, homophobic?

    Is there actually a connection between dom introverted sensors and prejudice? Or am I just imagining things? I'm a gay guy wandering if I can use this to help decide if its safe to associate with a particular individuals.
  17. Gay INTP

    Are there any other gay INTP's in this forum? When did you first discover you were not like everyone else?
  18. INTP inferior function

    Does anyone know how to engage the INTP Fe function? I have tried engaging this function, but every time I do, I find myself collecting and analysing social information. What exactly does it mean to engage your Fe?
  19. New to forum: Abstract Reasoning

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am currently studying mathematics. I want to know if I am wasting my time. I am attempting to discover a general set of abstractions that can be combined together to generate a larger set of abstractions. The idea is that these abstractions can be used to...
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