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  1. Helvete


    Well my laptop finally has given up and I may just fix it for fun but I do want a replacement and a tablet seems like an ideal fit for my needs. Who owns or can recommend some good options for smaller tablets which work good and have long battery life? All I want is something to surf the web and...
  2. Helvete

    Hostel receptionist

    I was asked earlier today if I wanted to work for accommodation where I am staying. I would be working very flexible hours around my current job for 15/week in exchange for a bed, breakfast, wifi and free laundry. This is a tempting deal for the amount I will save, but at the same time seems a...
  3. Helvete

    Chronic pains

    Anyone know what can be done about this shit? Get weird sensations in my fingers like their irritated nearly all the time combined with stabbing pains occasionally. The same happens in my right foot. I'm certain it's still remnants of this horrible virus I had that just hasn't got out of my...
  4. Helvete

    Losing your passport

    I'm staying in a dorm that sleeps four people. One bed is taken by a complete stranger and fellow traveler and the others are taken by my friends and I. The hotel requests that you hand in your passport to them. We befriended our room mate and went on a day trip with him, as he was...
  5. Helvete

    seriously fucking ill

    tuesday 20 past nine. feel like crap, constipation pains kept me up all night, zero sleep from monday 1030pm. other symptoms, from saturday morning onwards; cold shivers, literally drenched all my clothes and bedsheets - normal temperature recorded. super irritated hands and feet, sometimes...
  6. Helvete

    Face memory test

    Not sure if this has been done, maybe from a different site or something... http://personality-testing.info/tests/EBFMT/ You got 55 of 75 questions correct. The average score is 63.7. Your score is higher than 4.27% of other people who take this test. Scores below 40 may indicate...
  7. Helvete

    birthday over-hype

    So it'll be my birthday again soon and a fairly important one apparently; I'll be 21. It's also so close to Christmas I just fine the whole experience slightly suffocating. Having to spend hours with the family socialising together, having an enormous Christmas dinner and exchanging presents...
  8. Helvete

    Life patterns

    What are some themes or patterns that you notice always happen to you in your life? Good or bad it doesn't matter but it has to stick out to you as something you notice. It could be common in others that you notice too, or they notice within themselves or something that others point out to you...
  9. Helvete

    Chinese poker

    Chinese poker is a fascinating form of poker which I have recently come across and started playing with some friends who I regularly play poker with already. It has the same hand rankings as Texas Hold'em and many other variations but offers an inherently different dynamic to the game. The...
  10. Helvete

    How to define.

  11. Helvete

    Too soon

    Earlier on today I was socializing with some friends at the local poker night I play at and someone mentions this person who committed suicide recently in some place near our local area. Just a dry fact of recent events, I got the impression no one I was with knew him, even though I was still...
  12. Helvete

    a bus problem

    Question: how do you catch a bus when it's dark, in the middle of nowhere? (provided there's a bus stop)
  13. Helvete

    Which artists have you missed?

    Who have played somewhere that you'd have wanted to see, but didn't get the chance? Tame Impala - Anyone heard this Australian band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQH2Kq1QXaI They're playing in Oxford in 3 days time. Alas It's sold out, plus I'm working.
  14. Helvete


    IRL I often find my points/ideas/speech in general are misunderstood. I seem to struggle to word things concisely and poorly construct the background of what I have to say before properly making my point. For fear I guess that it won't make sense without this explanation; in reality, the...
  15. Helvete

    Which way do you exaggerate?

    Just wandering if there's a tendency to over or under exaggerate in introverts and extroverts.
  16. Helvete


    Found an interesting video about negative ions helping to re vitalize and heal the body. It's completely spun around selling his product but was wandering if there is any truth in what the guy's saying? Or is it just pseudo science bull. Also, is this guy INTP...
  17. Helvete

    A late curiosity

    Well hello all, this is my 420th post so I thought I'd finally formally present myself. I'm often known for being late; with the connotations associated with the number 420 it's not surprising. I have to add though that's not really why I'm often late, there's just not enough time to do things...
  18. Helvete

    Graphic Imagery

    Post the most graphic films you know of, from any genre. Give a brief summary and your thoughts on it. I'll start. A Hole in My Heart (Swedish: Ett hål i mitt hjärta) is a 2004 Swedish experimental drama film written and directed by Lukas Moodysson, starring Thorsten Flinck, Sanna Bråding...
  19. Helvete

    What you hear is wrong.

    My taste in music is the best. Nobody has better taste than me because no one has experienced exactly what I have felt and listen to; therefore my taste is the best taste. I don't care what artists you throw at me, it'll never amount to a better library to the one I'v accumulated. I can...
  20. Helvete

    Problems with fatigue

    I cba anymore. I seem to lack the energy for anything active unless I'm intoxicated or full of caffeine. I'm usually slow and laid back about what I do anyway but not normally due to feeling like I just don't have the energy to move any quicker, but recently I almost constantly feel more tired...
  21. Helvete


    What are you biggest wins? Biggest losses? Do you find it worth doing, or is it just for fun? Could it be a viable career path?
  22. Helvete

    Big Bad Wolves

    Anyone seen this? I just watched it last night. It's a Israeli horror/comedy. Comedy as in things don't always go to plan rather than the film trying to be a comedy; whilst at the same time maintaining dark brutality. It's about a police vigilante acting outside his boundaries trying to prove...
  23. Helvete

    ENFJ and sociopathy

    I know a guy who could be ENFJ or a sociopath or both (or neither). Where the confusion comes in is that to type him through MBTI, he fits most easily to ENFJ. He also has a few distinctive sociopathic traits but is his ENFJ 'personality' just a façade due to his sociopathic tendencies or is...
  24. Helvete

    Talking to yourself

    I was reading the weird eccentric stuff intp's do thread a while back and I remember seeing talking to yourself mentioned quite a lot. (I cba to post the link sorry!) So I was thinking about how I talk to myself and why I do it. This lead to wondering about same questions for other people who...
  25. Helvete

    Rick & Morty

    This has to top any other cartoon I'v seen. Anyone one else watched this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBbVZOo2zp0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP7haK0eZ_0
  26. Helvete

    Repeat, bore, repeat

    So I'm listening to a playlist of 50 songs. I'v just noticed I'v reached the second song in the playlist for the third time. I noticed it on the second time too, but decided I couldn't be bothered to change it. Now it's bothering me. So, can anyone suggest any music that they're 99% sure that I...
  27. Helvete

    The hungover club

    A place to wallow in your misery induced from the indulgences of the night before. Maybe even talk about anything interesting that happened (if you can remember!) There's a drunken club so I thought this was needed, y'know complete the cycle 'n all. I feel like shit. I remember waking...
  28. Helvete

    Cancer treatments - Dogs

    So you have a few options; Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, have it surgically removed and vaccinations. What if money is an issue, what then? What about natural cures, diets? Do they work? Thoughts on this - http://dog.rescueme.org/cancer
  29. Helvete


    Does anyone else think out a sentence to write, then subconsciously paraphrase it as you type it to the point where it doesn't make sense any more. Or missing words to give it a different meaning. EDIT: I just did this in this post
  30. Helvete

    Ancient Technology

    I'm just going to leave this here. ;) :cthulhu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcD1h9DYitg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsrTvvwi0UE
  31. Helvete

    Inner Rock God

    Mines MIA, never heard of her... lol Who's yours?:smoker: http://games.usvsth3m.com/who-is-your-inner-rock-god/
  32. Helvete

    Lonely and hungry, in need of dinner

    Been left all on my lonesome tonight with no food ready to eat. Any food ideas before I just make beans on toast or something else equally boring?
  33. Helvete

    Which Star Wars character are you?

    http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/Ukldm8Pi5Ub/Star+Wars+Character I got R2-D2 :D
  34. Helvete

    Post Tenebras Lux (Light After Dark)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtsrUeBEKHk Has anyone seen this? Interested to know your opinions about it. It's by far the most honest and visually artistic film I'v seen. The scenes are seemingly random but the way they interlink emotionally and with similar themes and ideas is...
  35. Helvete

    Canis lupus familiaris

    I have a Labrador, Staffordshire bull terrier cross who's 9 years old now. She's always acted like a big kid, full of energy and always wanting to play, or eat, until very recently. Now she stays in bed all day (which isn't too unusual when we're out). But whenever I try to take her for a...
  36. Helvete

    Ask Helvete

    I'm pretty new here, so I thought I'd make this thread as a chance to ask me whatever you feel like asking :p So you can get to know me (If you want to) and vice versa :)
  37. Helvete

    Lazy INTP bum

    Evening all, I'm from the UK. I'm 19, been in and out of work after coming out of school and college with absolutely nothing worth noting (I ended up dropping out from a music course) I've been working in a kitchen training to be a chef most recently. Which I'v thoroughly enjoyed so far...
  38. Helvete


    I'm interested to know how many of you play poker (any variant), how long you've played it for and your playing style? I think it would be interesting to see if INTP's in general would adopt similar playing styles and strategies and if they would theoretically differ significantly from other...
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