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  1. The Random Thoughts Thread

    What? There was absolutely nothing paranoid about it. I was just picking up on a meaningful coincidence/synchronous event and pointing out the synchronicity of it. Just taking note of an instance of what I keep saying regarding the flow of spirit through natural occurrences. It was an...
  2. Who not to listen to

    I wasn't referring to you, but I don't ask for your opinion for the sake of disagreeing with you. I think you're perceptive and when you mention something that strikes me as interesting, although possibly also confusing, I want to know more about it. I don't set out looking for an argument. That...
  3. Who not to listen to

    I'm not sure how serious the OP is. Just read what people have to say, and if they say anything that strikes you as having value, let it sink in, and if they consistently say something valuable, then seek out more of what they have to say. There aren't many people that I seek out the opinions...
  4. The Random Thoughts Thread

    If I give it meaning, then it has meaning. I'm fairly good at determining if a coincidence has greater significance i.e. if it wasn't truly a coincidence, but occurred due to a synched up flow of the different parts involved in the process. The coincidence I pointed out regarding the backwards...
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread

    o_O Or... I could keep looking for patterns.
  6. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Haha shh! You're not supposed to let everyone know! Interesting timing considering my last post was about Zarathustra. You're not seeing the bigger picture in the sense that everything is connected. What that means is that by altruism helping that which is outside itself, it helps itself...
  7. What do you think substance is?

    In Zoroastrianism, there's this idea: https://www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/42-publications/quest-magazine/1231-zoroastrianism-history-beliefs-and-practices Relevant for understanding the historical underpinnings of the division.
  8. 3 idiots walk into a quantum mechanics

    Win what exactly? You pass on your ideas, you win. You make a positive impact on the world, you win.
  9. 3 idiots walk into a quantum mechanics

    Actually, I don't think this is quite true. Even children are probably often aware of this stuff. Education makes us stupid in a variety of ways. It's just some people have realised its stupidity more than others. I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these...
  10. 3 idiots walk into a quantum mechanics

    Oh, and just because science hasn't done it, that doesn't mean that it hasn't been done, e.g. through various spiritual traditions. Maybe not done in an overly rigourised sense, but enough that you can learn a whole lot if you do some digging into the literature that's available. Pop approaches...
  11. What songs are you listening to? /III/

  12. 3 idiots walk into a quantum mechanics

    I don't know much about the law of attraction, but it's probably one of those things that are an oversimplification but nonetheless highly informative regarding how the world operates on a more spiritual level. There are all kinds of truths that science does not speak about which one who has...
  13. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes I know you're talking about the real world, you ISFJ you! I think there's ideas going around regarding evolutionary psychology and the likes that state that altruism in a group-based species promotes survival of the group, and so the altruism genes get passed on as a result. If there were...
  14. The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    Well, I believe that a good act does have goodness as a property, and that good effects necessarily result from it. I also believe that an act that has the benefit of the many as a motive is quite likely to be a good one. I also believe that it is important first and foremost to have the love...
  15. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Selflessness is a self-reinforcing strategy (by this I mean it achieves the intended effect) in the sense that if employing it does really benefit the world, then the person who is acting as such has achieved their goals. Selfishness is a self-reinforcing strategy insofar as it benefits the...
  16. The Random Thoughts Thread

    But we do have a choice in the matter. Does one wish to stick to this self-centred strategy, or seek to manifest in oneself the selfless strategy? The selfless strategy may or may not be good for the person who employs it in the long run (e.g. there may be karma), but that is not a...
  17. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Going back to the Prisoner dilemma, What happens when 2 nice people are involved? They both serve 1 year. 2 mean people? They both serve 5 years. 1 nice and 1 mean person? The nice person serves 10 years, the mean person serves no time. So there you can see the reasons for and against being...
  18. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Niceness breaks in the long run? On the contrary, the meek shall inherit the earth.
  19. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, yeah. I mean... some people are actually nice.
  20. Pod'Lair

    In Pod'lair, you only have to have faith in one thing... the beauty and amazing nature with which we've been designed, by Natural Law
  21. If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    Hmm... societies of millions of workers serving an elite... Sure, why not.
  22. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Game theory defines rationality in a sense of selfishness, but there are other ways to define it. For example, let's take a look at the prisoner's dilemma: Person A and Person B are being interrogated. If A rats out B, but B doesn't rat out A, A serves no time, and B serves 10 years. If A rats...
  23. The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    So... Decisions can only be based on what is experienced/known - the subjective. The impetus to action is a quality which cannot be objectified. Goodness is within us, not without us. -or- Anything which can be factored into a decision could be relevant. Subjects are connected in reality...
  24. Typology obsessiveness

    Need it to be true? I don't need it to be true any more than I would need the laws of motion to be true if I were a physicist. Because I've put so much effort into understanding typology, and I've seen it manifesting all over the place, it would be a bit strange if it turned out to not be true...
  25. On The Connexion Between the Inutition MBTI dichtomty and Machine Learning Algorihtms

    Yeah so I don't know if that's my Ni or Ti or both or what (I'm INFJ).
  26. microsoft paint

  27. Morality in a Material Universe

    What do you mean by saying what is "correct"? Isn't it correct to do what is good? I get that in terms of Jungian functions, Thinking is associated with what is correct, and Feeling is associated with what is good, but when it comes down to a sense of goodness that transcends the cognitive...
  28. On The Connexion Between the Inutition MBTI dichtomty and Machine Learning Algorihtms

    There's an interesting debate to this, because there's reason to think that both intuition and thinking are similar in nature to introversion, but while Pod'lair puts both introversion and intuition as yin qualities, it says that thinking has a yang quality, so that feeling goes with...
  29. On The Connexion Between the Inutition MBTI dichtomty and Machine Learning Algorihtms

    The term "first principles" makes me think of Ti but anyway... What I do with Jungian typology is generally to just look at what each of the 8 functions mean/what each of the dichotomies mean and just and gain as much insight into things from that ground level. - As opposed to when people make...
  30. On The Connexion Between the Inutition MBTI dichtomty and Machine Learning Algorihtms

    Is the patterns vs details dichotomy relevant here?
  31. My Philosophy of Life

    The magic has been taken out of life, so we take both the life and the magic and put them into a machine, but then the life and the magic will be taken out of the machine and we will all be machines and that really grinds my gears.
  32. Why INTp suck at school

    Above average explanation, I relate fairly well to it, B+
  33. Neuropsychological Testing.

    Well, yeah.
  34. Neuropsychological Testing.

    I might not have recognised precisely what sort of communication difficulties were being referred to, but do you acknowledge that extroverted judgement functions are the primary ones involved in generating speech?
  35. Neuropsychological Testing.

    Introverted rational types (IxxP) often have problems with communication, since articulation is associated with extroverted judgement which is their inferior.
  36. The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    Ok, so it's not that you think Utilitarianism is entirely wrong per se, it's that you think it's not morality. So, we can discuss its merits as a system of justice, but not as an explanation of morality. Indeed, you mentioned that morality is an occult quality, so that nothing much can be said...
  37. My Philosophy of Life

    And the cycle continues, The ebb and flow of life, As matter collides, coalesces, And breaks apart once more, Only to be, that which once was, Never to see, that which now is, And the riddle's solution, is it.
  38. The Mirror: Unity and Multiplicity

    I have some thoughts on the relation between unity and multiplicity and the cognitive functions which I want to record here in case I lose track of it. It's incomplete so far, just notes: So, in my above post I basically showed 2 paradoxes which happen to be representative of the relation...
  39. The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    Apologies if I'm not understanding you, because your rejection of Utilitarianism sounds to me to be an advocating of instant gratification, but you explicitly claimed not to be advocating that, but anyway... We can understand the situation you described by transforming the situation to one of...
  40. My Philosophy of Life

    When you started your journey, You wanted to catch all the pokemons. But when you catch all the pokemons, Then what will you do?
  41. My Philosophy of Life

    If life is meaningless and empty then it's perfectly fine to do absolutely anything but there's no point.
  42. The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    Here's a thought, I don't know if there's anything to it, but what if... What if, if we're being totally honest about it, like judging in line what is absolutely true, that the things which make us feel the best in the moment are precisely those things which are the best for the greater good...
  43. Mergings and psychosis

    I've probably changed a great deal over the past few years, so it changes me in a sense, but I lose most of what was going through my head when the episode ends. Life returns to "normal" which is rather boring. And then another episode kicks in and it all comes back to me. I've tried to find a...
  44. A Brief Sketch of My Philosophy of Philosophy

    By the way, having said what I said, I do think you're most likely correct that philosophy is in a horrendous state and that its division into sub-disciplines is highly related to this. I took some philosophy at university and I found that the lectures and the articles were rather horrendous. I...
  45. Difference between INTJ and INTP?

    Can you please expand on this? What's the relation between Ni and "should"?
  46. Difference between INTJ and INTP?

    I'll just add a bit to this: Both Ni and Si can be focused on both the past and the future. The difference between them is patterns versus details. So since we know the details of the past, but for the most part only have a general idea of the future, Si gets associated with the past, and Ni...
  47. What songs are you listening to? /III/

  48. A Brief Sketch of My Philosophy of Philosophy

    I think that if we can agree on something like, "what are the universal laws behind what one ought to do?" then it's worth pursuing that question, without needing to know what the full foundation of philosophy is (if I'm understanding you correctly) - i.e. we do not need to know the full extent...
  49. A Brief Sketch of My Philosophy of Philosophy

    As I see it, the division of philosophy into sub-disciplines is at least partly warranted. I believe that there are a certain set of fundamental ideals, such as the True, the Good, the Beautiful, and others. Philosophy at its core would outline what these ideals are and what sort of questions...
  50. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm getting advice on important spiritual matters but not following it. I don't know what I've lost out on so far but I have something on the to-do list now that I have to do when I feel that the time is right for it, but I fear I'll neglect it like I do so many other things. I don't know if...
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