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  1. deathvirtuoso

    Why you don't read as much as you used to?

    I got lazy, depressed, and unmotivated.
  2. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    I can see why you're an active member now. :rolleyes::rolleyes: Edit: active because I always see you around.
  3. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Nooo. Please check your inbox before you make your final judgment. Give me a chance.
  4. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Cure??? I much rather be 8 (ok maybe not. I remember having a lot of "contained anger") I'd be more successful :D but 8 is still in my tri-type lol can't decide if I'm 584 or 548, tho I'm guessing it's the latter? Idk, try getting depression. What the hell. That's a ridiculous past time. I...
  5. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    I have another question! What happens when my account is deleted? It's just gone? are there no ways to activate it again?
  6. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Re: Dear admin, Damn, can we have u as mod instead? Greatly appreciated. Edit: typo
  7. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Lol I created that to improve my Chinese to a native level. I don't really care about that since there's nothing that private. BUT I STILL FEEL ATTACKED. WHY R U DOIN THIS TO ME LADY. WHY. FUCKKKK I was preparing to do a deactivate spree, but kept fearing that I'll regret it. I even got a new...
  8. deathvirtuoso

    homosexuality is becoming a trend

    Do you think so? I'm still conflicted tbh. I talked to a friend about this, and shs strongly agrees. I think it can be attributed to the "tumblr trend" thingy, but idk. I'm not really a social media person. Edit: thought i should add the last 2 sentences
  9. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    I just feel invaded very easily. And i want some damn privacy. There are actually some other reasons, but still. Like you, i want to "reinvent myself" therefore i have to get rid of some people in my life, and keep only what matters. Cant do that when a scum is around. Fine, i'll change it...
  10. deathvirtuoso

    Advanced Global Personality Test

    What the hell...126 questions.
  11. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Okay, i created this thread 2 months ago. But one of the major reasons why i need to change is because my username is sort of linked to my "real life". and there is this person i really need to get rid of. I'd file a harrassment report if i had enough evidence. The thing is XX searches ANY...
  12. deathvirtuoso

    Was Leo Tolstoy an INTP?

    I guess some people arent able to think out of the box or from a different perspective. A therapist helps with that. I doubt any of us needs one. Mine is pretty useless. Barely got any benefits. But she's pretty :D i like to lead her into thinking she's leading me into thinking a certain way...
  13. deathvirtuoso

    something japanese fiction by male authors have in common

    From my personal experience, the male lead is always enamoured by a very beautiful yet mysterious girl. (Esp. haruki murakami lmao)
  14. deathvirtuoso

    Why did you pick your name?

    I couldnt think of anything better at that point of time, AND I FUCKING THOUGHT THAT I COULD CHANGE IT ANYTIME I WANT! I regret it so much :((( but the damage to my soul is already done.
  15. deathvirtuoso

    UCLA loneliness scale.

    31 extreme loneliness
  16. deathvirtuoso

    [INTP]How would you describe yourself ?

    immature intense esoteric dark disturbing contradicting esoteric mediocre ...something like that, if i'm objective enough
  17. deathvirtuoso

    Have you been an INTP all your life?

    I'm talking about even before you knew MBTI...if you were to analyze your past. I was an ENTP for around 2 years, and that was the happiest moment of my life lol.
  18. deathvirtuoso

    Do you guys ever stop thinking?

    LOL my psychologist said the same thing
  19. deathvirtuoso

    Process oriented vs result oriented

    Ah, I've read all your points well. I pose this question, because I can't quite define results myself as well. It seems like there aren't concrete results to me. Nothing seems to be the end to me. Maybe not even death. So, I can't tell if I'm results or process oriented. @Brontosaurie Nope...
  20. deathvirtuoso

    I write like:

    As of now, the Sherlock series is the only fiction I can tolerate. I want to say that you're lucky, but I doubt luck has anything to do with it. Man, I wish I could get your result without any form of manipulation.
  21. deathvirtuoso

    Share your Enneagram.

    How are your avatars always so good? I shall not be a thief this time.
  22. deathvirtuoso

    Process oriented vs result oriented

    I just have to ask this question again. I asked this around a month ago, but failed to get any direct reply. Firstly, are you process oriented or result oriented? And is it related to our types/ functions? Yep, excuse my stupidity. I'm extremely sleep-deprived, because I spent hours typing...
  23. deathvirtuoso

    Get rid of PaulMaster

    What's going on? I'm one hell of a clueless motherfucker. Damn, I'd love some pizza now though. Anyway, a sense of belonging doesn't seem to be something achievable (for me, at least). I don't even feel like I belong to myself. Too detached, and I'm not convinced I like that feeling.
  24. deathvirtuoso

    Process oriented vs result oriented & INFP vs ISFP

    I want to thank everyone for their input. I spent the day typing him (nearly 2k words), and have come to the conclusion that he's INFP 4w3.
  25. deathvirtuoso

    Process oriented vs result oriented & INFP vs ISFP

    man, i was just thinking he's infp last night.
  26. deathvirtuoso

    Slow starting tips

    Mhm that was my life story. As much as I hate structure/routine, I think we still need a little of it. Maybe you should take some pills to help you sleep every night until it gradually becomes some sort of a routine. My antidepressants help with my sleep, so my sleep is pretty regular now. As...
  27. deathvirtuoso

    This girl thinks she's INTJ but I'm seeing INTP. Thoughts?

    Wow, that was some unexpected drama. But anyway, I could barely get past half of it. I got very giddy by the way she kept moving about. It seems as though she's trying too hard to label herself as an NT. If anything, I agree with zerkalo. Idk, but she annoyed me lmao. I don't think she's an NT...
  28. deathvirtuoso

    What are you all reading?

    I'm trying to read Lolita and The Great Gatsby, but it's so excruciatingly difficult. I just can't read more than 3 pages. I can't concentrate. Not sure if it's the book that's dull or my mind that's incapable.
  29. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Thanks for all the responses. Well, I guess I'll stick with this. Man, I should have thought things through before impulsively choosing a username.
  30. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    If so, how do I change mine?
  31. deathvirtuoso

    Thoughts on veganism?

    Well, okay, I'll correct myself. I doubt there is any standard of behavior that should be enforced. However, it's undeniable that many things, which shouldn't be enforced, are enforced. I think this will belong to another topic.
  32. deathvirtuoso

    Thoughts on veganism?

    If you wanna go vegan, that's your problem. Don't try to enforce it on me like it's a religion. Wait, in fact, you should even try to enforce your religion on others. Man, I can't stand it when people act like they are above others just because they adopt minimalism, being vegan etc. Edit...
  33. deathvirtuoso

    Sneaker problem. Pls help!

    So, I bought two pairs of converse a few months ago. When I tried them in the store, they were fitting. Whenever I wear the low cut one out, it fits me pretty well. Just right. However, if I walk any longer than a few hours, it hurts so fucking bad. My toes are literally squashed. My toes cannot...
  34. deathvirtuoso

    INTPf Lord of the Flies

    Nice, you're quite polite.
  35. deathvirtuoso

    What personality types would you rather be in a relationship with?

    ISFP Curiosity. (I'm curious about them.) ISFJ Intellectual curiosity. (I'm curious about them, but not super keen about dating them.)
  36. deathvirtuoso

    Which personality types do you click well with?

    There's no one I can genuinely connect with. So, none! You should put an option for that, no?
  37. deathvirtuoso

    do you care about politics?

    I used to take interest when I was 11/12, and often ended up arguing with my parents over it. I'm kind of losing interest already... I'll probably get back to it when I turn legal lol
  38. deathvirtuoso

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Man, I'm not a fan of English songs in general (except for a few). I usually listen to whatever language I'm trying to master.
  39. deathvirtuoso

    INTPf Lord of the Flies

    I initially thought no killing would occur, because we're wise enough. But come to think of it, it's possible some would kill for the hell of it.
  40. deathvirtuoso

    INTPf Lord of the Flies

    Looks like I thought too highly of y'all. I'll do the writing. But you'll have to keep me alive.
  41. deathvirtuoso

    INTP high school dropout in need of advice

    Dude, I just dropped out of high school too. I'll try to use any advice here that is feasible. But in my country, you can take GED, but it's not really accepted here. You need a minimum of 12 years of formal education yeah (even if you're an international student, which I'm not). I haven't even...
  42. deathvirtuoso

    INTPf Lord of the Flies

    I doubt any of us will kill each other, though we may get into fights/heated arguments. Also, I think I'll end up sticking close to you. Who's your favorite character?
  43. deathvirtuoso

    Are you healthy, happy?

    I can't even remember the last time I genuinely laughed. I don't even know if that has ever happened. I'm not healthy, and I'm fucking unhappy. Sorry, I'm not in the mood to give any answers with depth. But I think it's very obvious that happiness is subjective, and we can all try to achieve it...
  44. deathvirtuoso

    INTPs and Nostalgia...

    Your experience with nolstagia seems pretty "normal". Congratulations btw :D I'm not sure about the rest. But as for me, I refrain from thinking too much about the past. I barely think about it. I'm usually thinking about ideas and other things, but not the past. To avoid thinking about the...
  45. deathvirtuoso


    Number 1 reason why you should try save my sorry ass: I have a nice booty. My nickname even has the word 'booty' in it. Okay, I hope that's a compelling enough reason. I need help with sorting my life out. I know it's long, and I'm thankful if you've read it. Actually, you can just read the...
  46. deathvirtuoso

    What do you guys do to pass time?

    I usually always have something I'm interested in, so I'll read up on it. Or there are a few sites I'll read up on like this site LOL.
  47. deathvirtuoso

    What is considered a good writing style? (Fiction)

    Do you think writing style is important? I place great importance on writing style, but find it nearly impossible to find a book (an author, actually) with great writing style. What do you consider a good writing style? On a scale of 1-10, how important do you find it? Can you list some books...
  48. deathvirtuoso

    Haruki Murakami

    Hell yes, I've always thought he was the less annoying version of coelho. I read Coelho's Adultery when I was 14 and felt like shooting myself. It's so boring to read his books. If you read one or two, it's fine. But if you read anymore, you'll soon realize this dude has no originality. I...
  49. deathvirtuoso

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I suddenly feel like a dog, as in always going after knowledge/information like a dog. I find the thought itself insulting, but I like dogs. I don't really like cats, though I resemble a cat more than a dog. I feel extremely incapable in terms of relationships in general... My life is fucked.
  50. deathvirtuoso

    Psychopath test. Here we go, dosy do

    I'm more amused by the fact that she even bothered to ask.
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