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  1. deathvirtuoso

    homosexuality is becoming a trend

    Do you think so? I'm still conflicted tbh. I talked to a friend about this, and shs strongly agrees. I think it can be attributed to the "tumblr trend" thingy, but idk. I'm not really a social media person. Edit: thought i should add the last 2 sentences
  2. deathvirtuoso

    something japanese fiction by male authors have in common

    From my personal experience, the male lead is always enamoured by a very beautiful yet mysterious girl. (Esp. haruki murakami lmao)
  3. deathvirtuoso

    Have you been an INTP all your life?

    I'm talking about even before you knew MBTI...if you were to analyze your past. I was an ENTP for around 2 years, and that was the happiest moment of my life lol.
  4. deathvirtuoso

    Process oriented vs result oriented

    I just have to ask this question again. I asked this around a month ago, but failed to get any direct reply. Firstly, are you process oriented or result oriented? And is it related to our types/ functions? Yep, excuse my stupidity. I'm extremely sleep-deprived, because I spent hours typing...
  5. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    If so, how do I change mine?
  6. deathvirtuoso

    Sneaker problem. Pls help!

    So, I bought two pairs of converse a few months ago. When I tried them in the store, they were fitting. Whenever I wear the low cut one out, it fits me pretty well. Just right. However, if I walk any longer than a few hours, it hurts so fucking bad. My toes are literally squashed. My toes cannot...
  7. deathvirtuoso


    Number 1 reason why you should try save my sorry ass: I have a nice booty. My nickname even has the word 'booty' in it. Okay, I hope that's a compelling enough reason. I need help with sorting my life out. I know it's long, and I'm thankful if you've read it. Actually, you can just read the...
  8. deathvirtuoso

    What is considered a good writing style? (Fiction)

    Do you think writing style is important? I place great importance on writing style, but find it nearly impossible to find a book (an author, actually) with great writing style. What do you consider a good writing style? On a scale of 1-10, how important do you find it? Can you list some books...
  9. deathvirtuoso

    Haruki Murakami

    Anyone else thinks he's devastatingly overrated? Have you read any of his works yet? If so, among those that you've read, which are your favorite(s) and least favorite(s)? What type do you think he is? I've read After Dark, 1Q84, Norwegian Wood, The Strange Library, and South of the Border...
  10. deathvirtuoso

    INTP or ISTP

    Someone started a similar thread days ago...OuO sorry. There's someone I'm trying to figure out. The problem is that he doesn't hide things about himself, but he reveals nothing as well. -He's quite sporty. Does basketball, dance, tricking, skateboarding, snowboarding, and various...
  11. deathvirtuoso

    Which type(s) do you deviate towards, are you interested in, and/or understand best?

    A trend I noticed in myself is that not only does the type matter, but the gender as well. For example, I am interested in male ENFJs and ISFPs. Both types are usually represented by females. I am interested in female ISTPs (but one self-proclaimed female ISTP put me off real bad I'm praying...
  12. deathvirtuoso

    Process oriented vs result oriented & INFP vs ISFP

    There are several questions. Are you more result oriented or process oriented? Are INTPs in general more result or process oriented? If an IxFP prefers result over process, does he deviate towards INFP or ISFP? Or does that particular statement not matter. There is someone whom I can't decide...
  13. deathvirtuoso

    [advice needed] antidepressants killing my brain

    I'm not sure what's happening to me. I've had depression for a long time, but (in the past) I usually skipped my meds. Recently though, I've been eating my meds regularly and my emotions have been less volatile. However, I find myself pretty much brain dead all the time. I've stopped going to...
  14. deathvirtuoso

    [advice needed] screwed up INTP trying to get into U

    ok hi guys I'm using this on mobile, and it's my first time actually posting something, though I've lurked around for nearly 2 years, so forgive any mistakes made. Btw, I'm kind of new here, and I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post D: LONG POST AHEAD. I AM SO SORRY. I need some...
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