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  1. Jennywocky

    ST: Discovery

    Season 1 ultimately was a disappointment, which is a shame. There has been lots of bitching from everyone and various factions -- the purists vs the explorers/realists, etc. Setting all that aside, typically I just care about the writing (whether the story makes sense, whether it is worth...
  2. Jennywocky

    What is your role in your zombie apocalypse survival group?

    Usually these tests are crap, but I liked this one... 20 questions, with a good (and extensive) variety of answers for each. I wish it had a little more output at the end, but the test made me think...
  3. Jennywocky

    Darth Maul: Apprentice

    For being a cosplay/fan-constructed film with what I would expect not to be a high budget, I found it pretty impressive. Sad that it's actually a lot better than "The Phantom Menace" and actually has real drama. What the hell was Lucas thinking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djo_91jN3Pk
  4. Jennywocky

    The Shannara Chronicles

    I want badly to like this TV show, but I just don't know... I knew things were bad when MTV picked it up, and from the first 40 minutes of the pilot episode it's branded as an MTV show. The color palette is accentuated/shifted like a rock video, the clothing and language is like some weird...
  5. Jennywocky

    Pathfinder Unchained

    Well, look at that -- a product coming out this week that redoes Barbs, Rogues, Monks, and Summoners. I got an e-mail from our local PFS chapter stating that at this point only PU Summoners are legal, if you didn't already have a 2+ level Summoner in play; and you can build a Core *or* PU Barb...
  6. Jennywocky

    Tales of Fantastical Daring and Whimsy

    Figured if anyone had any interesting or amusing gaming experiences and felt like sharing them, this thread could be the "pub" of ridiculously bawdry tales.
  7. Jennywocky

    Other RPGS

    Well, I went to the hobby shop today and they have a huge expanded wall of used product (even back to 1st Ed D&D and similar time-period things). I managed to buy the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook for 2/3 of the original cover price. Did anyone ever play shadowrun before? I still...
  8. Jennywocky

    See ya, Spock... and Thanks for All the Fish.

    I'll miss this guy. And not just Trek -- I always used to watch him on "In Search Of" as a kid. ... it's like an NT icon has passed on. EDIT: Apparently his last Tweet... from Sunday:
  9. Jennywocky

    Ask a one-legged AB-blood-typed Greek midget demisexual bionic Pagan transgendered replicant

    There are so many other threads that have been started, but none have as unique a perspective on life as mine -- obviously, I've done it all. Is there anything you'd like to know? To answer my first question: Yes, I started as A+, but once I got Turned and became a walker of the night...
  10. Jennywocky

    Thanks much!

    I am too lazy to thank everyone personally, so I'm just gonna tell everyone "thanks," for wishing me happy birthday on my Wall two weeks ago.... Life's been really crazy, but I appreciated the well-wishes. Now I just have to win Powerball, and my world's horizons will open up exponentially.
  11. Jennywocky

    ... such sweet sorrow

    I never ever do this anywhere, but I suppose there is a first time for anyone to act like an immature juvenile forum newbie and leave in a huff. (Actually, I can't even do that if I tried, this is going to be far more measured. Sigh. I just can't really lash out at people that effectively...
  12. Jennywocky

    Other commentary upon the debate: Should religions be able to run private schools in the US, where

    Just an amazing thread, honestly, in terms of topic. I'm torn over the whole thing. As a parent, I very much respect autonomy and allowing families to make decisions for themselves about how their children should be raised. At the same time, I have been horribly impacted personally due to...
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