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  1. Rixus

    You are now the main character in an action movie

    What would happen? Perhaps your identity has somehow been swapped with an international secret agent and you must complete his/her mission. Perhaps a loved one has been abducted and you must rescue them without involving the authorities. Perhaps you inadvertently came into possession of...
  2. Rixus

    Black Holes In Motion

    I just though of this, and it's bothering me. Two super massive black holes were just discovered orbiting each other. This is something I've wondered before, but I still don't have an explanation. How can they move? Beyond the event horizon, time dilation is so extreme that time has stopped. By...
  3. Rixus

    Saddest Video Game Character Death

    What's your vote for the saddest every in a video game story line. My vote goes to Aeris of Final Fantast VII.
  4. Rixus

    How would you dispose of / hide a body?

    In a completely hypothetical situation where you were required to do this, what would you do? I'm sure everyone has thought about it, but I'd guess that no method I have thought up, however intricate, would result in anything less than a very lengthy prison sentence.
  5. Rixus

    What's your driving like?

    I was quite late starting driving - It was less than two years ago I got my licence. I was always afraid to start, because I daydream so much I was afraid I'd zone out and end up in an accident. But it doesn't work that way. I still have clean no claims on my insurance. I noticed I actually...
  6. Rixus

    Weird things normal people do

    We have all been called weird or strange by so called normal people. But sometimes I look at normal people and think that their behaviour is just plain bonkers, and I can't be the only one. So what things do you see normal people doing that make you think, "I'm glad I'm not normal - because...
  7. Rixus

    What's Your AQ?

    No, not IQ or EQ. Your AQ or Autism Quotient. I've lost count of how many times I've heard the word Asbergers thrown around (which doesn't actually exist anymore - it would be ASD 1, but that's irrelevant). I know a lot of people have had the suggestion given to them at some point so here is...
  8. Rixus

    Solve the grandfather paradox.

    What's your favourite solution? I realise that the Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible, but let's say it is. For one reason or another you find yourself transported back in time. Imagine you're not a very nice person. And you really want to know what happens...
  9. Rixus

    "Communication" & Work

    I've been in the same job for about 10 years. Just a moment ago, I had my annual appraisal and it's always the same. You know the job inside out and are brainy AF, but there's always, "I'd like you to improve on communication/telephone manner." Apparently, my boss occasionally gets complaints...
  10. Rixus

    What's your alignment?

    Where do we all stand on the Lawful/Chaotic Good/Evil chart? And why do you think this? https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170317/fa0a80b736e6fc0d528dd3f7a7ad0b1b.jpg
  11. Rixus

    Imaginary creature running along side

    When you were a child sitting in the back of your parents car, did you imagine a strange humanoid creature that ran alongside your car? Specifically as a co-runner that had to follow rules such as which lines to run on, leap from street lights to street lights, or balance upon the crash...
  12. Rixus

    Is an emotional response necessary to illicit empathy?

    Earlier today, I had a long and drawn out debate with an INFP on this subject. The ISTJ present, when asked for his opinion, replied, "that's the kind of question you'd get at on a final university exam. You can't just answer that." Although, half an hour of thought later he came to the...
  13. Rixus

    What do you like most and least about your type?

    And the most amusing. Most - For me, as INTP, I most like the fact that I can learn almost anything and see it a simple concept were others are still struggling to make sense of it. Least - I would say the inability to form connections with people. But then I realised it doesn't really bother...
  14. Rixus


    We've all seen the internet meme about Einsteins desk on the day of his death, right? It does bare a striking resemblance to my desk on any given day. Right now I have around 11 piles of papers, magazines and books surrounding me. Including some stuff that has been there for several months and...
  15. Rixus

    I just thought I was really weird.

    Hello. Not completely sure what to say here - if I'd ever figured out how to introduce myself I'd probably do a lot better at social events. I've pretty much just always been the daydreaming outcast who those closest to me have frequently referred to as the smarted person they know, and most...
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