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  1. Cogitant

    Brilliant (math website)

    Brilliant. Because it is. Cerebral sharpening site. Full of mathemagical conundrums and brain teasers. -Been using the app on my android for a couple of years now too. Most decent app on my phone, apart from a couple of physics + astronomy ones. Site is here: https://brilliant.org/ Try it ;)
  2. Cogitant

    MBTI animals

    Not a serious post, just wanted to know your thoughts on animals representing MBTI. -Some folks on the net have attempted to give types animal 'totems'. +I can see their reasoning behind some, but some others have not been thought through/researched carefully enough imho. For example, I...
  3. Cogitant

    My friend, mistyping and our relationship

    I spent most of the weekend with my friend. We've been pretty deep. In honesty, I'm such a loner and she's so busy that we hadn't seen each other in the flesh for months. Turns out she is definitely, doubtlessly an INFJ. The descriptions of INFJ fit her to a 'T', the others we tried never...
  4. Cogitant

    John's Personality Test

    Just came across this one. Thought I'd share because it's different :cthulhu: The pie-chart evolves as you answer... It attempts to calculate the probability of a person being any 1/16 types. The test is here: https://jupiter-34.appspot.com/ Report given in this format: 68%INTP 9%ENTP...
  5. Cogitant

    Work and me. What's my best option?

    I suppose others have been open about their issues on this site, so I might as well explain mine. Right now, I'm out of work and relying on a sick-note with a time limit. The bills are mounting, debt is mounting meanwhile, and it is obvious that I need to do something about this situation...
  6. Cogitant

    Socionics Vs. MBTI, what's the difference?

    Socionics Vs. MBTI So, I took this test here: http://www.sociotype.com/tests/ And discovered that I'm apparently type ILI-2Ni. On the surface, socionomics seems to be a variant of MBTI, but scratching the surface it gets a little weirder. -What's with the Ni? In MBTI terms, 'INTP' is all...
  7. Cogitant

    A programming problem

    For those who enjoy graphical modelling, it has been asked of me to come up with some ideas for my brother's latest software project. What he needs is to design a detailed, dynamic program which can accurately track motion and translate precise visual data into an ipad/phone format (quadcore or...
  8. Cogitant

    MBTI cartoons

    Just this for now, should be more to come. #1 INTP male http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t310/excogitant/Aced_zpse5f8lt28.jpg -This is my own original cartoon art, you can use it for whatever, toilet paper for all I care.
  9. Cogitant

    INTP- Similarities, struggles and variations on a theme

    Insights. Myers-Briggs predict from statistics that 4% of the population, that's around 301×10^6 people right now per world population clock, theoretically fall under the personality type INTP. While we certainly aren't clones, we agree that there are enough perceived similarities between us to...
  10. Cogitant

    Sharing my favourite strange and inspiring short story

    I hope you will enjoy this. I find it rather clever. First read it at age 15 or so, always been my favourite. THE SIX FINGERS OF TIME By R. A. LAFFERTY He began by breaking things that morning. He broke the glass of water on his night stand. He knocked it crazily against the...
  11. Cogitant

    'Visual DNA' test

    Some visual spin-off of the big 5 or so. Try it: http://you.visualdna.com/quiz/whoami#/feedback?utm_source=WAI-button-VDNA I found it accurate for me and enjoyed the description: You're the Stargazer (A laid-back dreamer) You lie back, look up to the skies and dream...
  12. Cogitant


    I'll confess, I am a female nerd. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, so spend most of my life on my PC, either online or writing. I used to play World of Warcraft, and was in a competitive guild for years, but these days, I prefer to write and investigate into topics of interest. I'm...
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