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  1. Cogitant

    intp born or constructed

    In short: A leopard doesn't change their spots so easily. Although life experience might magnify or diminish innate traits, and shadow traits might become more observable, the inborn type, essentially does not change. + TiC, if subscribing to Jung's typological system, one ought to recognize...
  2. Cogitant

    Work and me. What's my best option?

    I have more long-term counselling arranged now. So that's great. And it's not CBT. The counsellor whom I've started seeing specializes in 'Walking Therapy', which is a great idea, since it gets me outside of the house. The sessions are outdoor based. Although I see the benefits of jumping in...
  3. Cogitant

    Socionics Vs. MBTI, what's the difference?

    Thanks for the link. It is useful to me and made some connections. Relates to other things. I like research for the sake of research to be honest. The history and branching of systems interests me, I feel the need to know every aspect and facet of a concept rather than shortcut (my 'NiTe'...
  4. Cogitant

    Art of deduction

    FYI, and I'm sure it will be of benefit, here is the PDF of C.G Jung's Personality Types (1946 version). Perhaps that might shed light on the theory behind the models. https://monoskop.org/images/8/8d/Jung_Gustav_Carl_Psychological_Types_1946.Pdf
  5. Cogitant

    Socionics Vs. MBTI, what's the difference?

    Indeed. It has inspired a full investigation, in fact, which necessitated obtaining a hard copy of the original musings of Jung: 'Psychological Types' (1923), which I finished reading last night as a matter of fact. I'm now looking into reading up on Jung's own sources, and delving deeper into...
  6. Cogitant

    Honest Question INTJ/INTP

    INTP with INTJ brother here. +I know exactly where you're coming from. Although I'm not especially emotional myself, I can't deal too well with other people's emotions; they make me confused and nervous. -So I tend to avoid overly emotional people. Brother really doesn't seem to get affected...
  7. Cogitant

    You are now the main character in an action movie

    I'd be a private investigator; an unlikely protagonist... Hunting for clues, slipping between shadows in the 3am streets... Researching into occult and esoteric but somehow connected areas... Creating perfect trap scenarios to stealthily extract information. Thinking so hard that clairvoyance...
  8. Cogitant


    Yup, 4 types are rather limited^^ -White here too. White is as accurate a reading as I can get from this test (1/4). Most aspects fit.
  9. Cogitant

    Avatar Experiment

    What's this about avatars 0.o -Simply, I changed mine because Polaris (@Ursa Minor) drew my attention to a constellation which bears a double significance for me. As you know by now, I'm raven-mad, and also enjoy considering space objects. Corvus is right next to the constellation of 'Virgo'...
  10. Cogitant

    Cognition Conundrum aka Why am I a walking paradox.?

    I have nothing against you, I don't even know you ;) +I couldn't care less if some shrink or other decided you were a three-headed purple plesiosaur from the planet Zarquan. +I'll admit that I have issues with social anxiety. -I'm working on it, though. Regardless, welcome to the forum...
  11. Cogitant

    Can this be art?

    Just to slough c.20th/c.21st biases... Here's an 1828 dictionary entry regarding the notably polysemic word, 'art': Art 'ART, The second person, indicative mode, present tense, of the substantive veb am. 'ART, noun [Latin ars, artis.] 1. The disposition or modification of things by human...
  12. Cogitant

    Cognition Conundrum aka Why am I a walking paradox.?

    Chill, drop the ego. http://i4.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article8446804.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/Illuminati.jpgB@1 7.5bn people in the world, we're all special snowflakes. No need for the 97836756 labels. -BTW, fwiw, I know precisely what it is like to be misunderstood, misinterpreted and just...
  13. Cogitant

    If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

  14. Cogitant

    How do I type people without shoving a quiz in their face?

    The good old nature/nurture debate. You know it's variable on an individual basis ;) In general, women are statistically less likely to be xNTx. -Suggesting that some of these women arrived at that conclusion due to trauma further reduces that statistic... +TiC that people react to trauma in...
  15. Cogitant

    How do I type people without shoving a quiz in their face?

    Nope, not at all. Pretty certain of my type (INTP), and the types of my family and friends now. I'm also pretty certain of who I am and what factors contributed to my being me (I can go back several generations there). Objectiveness is my #1 talent, which is useful for analysis. +Also, I...
  16. Cogitant

    Cured my depression

    The depression I have experienced isn't sadness, it's apathy. This apathy is not directly connected to my social anxiety disorder, although both are linked to my genetically imbalanced serotonin levels (dad has these issues too) My experience of depression is lethargy, numbness and universal...
  17. Cogitant

    Am I really an INTP? I need help determining my type.

    Not all INFJs want to save humanity/the animals, just as not all INTPs are obsessed with physics (most of us are though. Just mentioning 'quantum entanglement' will get most of us here excited). Anyway, Enigma128. You know yourself better than anyone here could ;) -All we can judge you from is...
  18. Cogitant

    Am I really an INTP? I need help determining my type.

    I thought INFJ when I read the post earlier, was too busy to reply though, I got a secret project that I'm busy with ;) Why I think INFJ - Thinking folk aren't so noticeably emotionally sensitive that others comment... -I get the opposite reaction from people, so much so that I have to fake...
  19. Cogitant

    Brilliant (math website)

    Brilliant. Because it is. Cerebral sharpening site. Full of mathemagical conundrums and brain teasers. -Been using the app on my android for a couple of years now too. Most decent app on my phone, apart from a couple of physics + astronomy ones. Site is here: https://brilliant.org/ Try it ;)
  20. Cogitant

    Build a 1 hour mix.

    Ok, going with the goth mood. It hurts my face to smile anyhow ;) Total time: 59:06 Aptly 13 songs. Individual tracks listed here: Full, continuous playlist here:
  21. Cogitant

    INTP types on Talanov's Socionics Test

    ^This ;) I had the same result before from a test in fact. I've had both ILI and LII as results from socionics tests. -As a consequence, I've done some research into socionics, and also subjected myself for analysis... -Worked out that I am actually LII and, specifically, LII-Ne...
  22. Cogitant

    MBTI animals

    Not a serious post, just wanted to know your thoughts on animals representing MBTI. -Some folks on the net have attempted to give types animal 'totems'. +I can see their reasoning behind some, but some others have not been thought through/researched carefully enough imho. For example, I...
  23. Cogitant

    Just Another INTP Intro

    Howdy, welcome to the farm. Hope you enjoy your stay ;) https://media.giphy.com/media/qauHvDOz4CGYw/giphy.gif
  24. Cogitant

    Weird Genres

    Almost forgot... Here's some pretty demented noise:
  25. Cogitant

    My friend, mistyping and our relationship

    Since I don't know you personally, I cannot give a complete behavioural analysis. I have seen you describe yourself as ISTP in many places, and I assume that you are objective enough to type yourself accurately, perhaps having tried on a type or two before settling on that :rolleyes: (+ISTP...
  26. Cogitant

    My friend, mistyping and our relationship

    1) Perhaps it's relevant to someone here 2) I posted it after staying awake all night 3) I'm probably just pointlessly rambling because of point #2 4) I couldn't delete it ;)
  27. Cogitant

    My friend, mistyping and our relationship

    I spent most of the weekend with my friend. We've been pretty deep. In honesty, I'm such a loner and she's so busy that we hadn't seen each other in the flesh for months. Turns out she is definitely, doubtlessly an INFJ. The descriptions of INFJ fit her to a 'T', the others we tried never...
  28. Cogitant

    I failed

    Glad to hear it. Good luck with the questions in your next exam.
  29. Cogitant

    Weird Genres

    Some eclectic weirdness from my playlists: -The tip of a gigantic iceberg.
  30. Cogitant

    High Existence

    Not my cup of tea. Tastes like xNFx.
  31. Cogitant


    Howdy. I made an account in the INTJ forum for that very same purpose ;)
  32. Cogitant

    Favorite TV Show(s)?

    TV mostly clashes with my personality. However, I do enjoy watching things that are utterly ridiculous. Simply because they make me giggle. Ancient aliens appeals for the lol factor at times, as do the other docu-series about the unexplained and UFOs. Propeller TV (Chinese TV) has a Song...
  33. Cogitant

    I failed

    That's a blow, sorry to read that. Everyone is wired differently, not every INTP is the same. If/when you retake, you could do amazingly well. Sometimes it takes longer to digest and assimilate knowledge on a deeper level for INTPs. We don't just learn facts and equations like others, we need...
  34. Cogitant

    What are your interests?

    Too many to list. I am evolving into human Google.
  35. Cogitant

    John's Personality Test

    Just came across this one. Thought I'd share because it's different :cthulhu: The pie-chart evolves as you answer... It attempts to calculate the probability of a person being any 1/16 types. The test is here: https://jupiter-34.appspot.com/ Report given in this format: 68%INTP 9%ENTP...
  36. Cogitant

    Unconventional Poetry Writing Methods

    I just picked a book from my shelf, opened at a random page, first word I saw was the word 'ancient', so here goes: Unknowable, distant, gone before... The fates have long since cut the threads... Of Roman, Celt and Goth alike... Mere echoes of the long time dead...
  37. Cogitant

    Let's talk about art!

    Thanks for that. I have been considering creating a portfolio. My involvement with architecture goes back a long way as a matter of fact. I studied it with the original intention of becoming an architect, but didn't complete RIBA 2 for various reasons. Also, my last long-term relationship...
  38. Cogitant

    Let's talk about art!

    So jelly of you ;) Sure, I'd like to talk (all day) about architecture. I might have to poke you at some time too regarding affordable software. So much to discuss. We ought to create a separate thread dedicated solely to all aspects of architecture, where essays might be...
  39. Cogitant

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    9/10. Really like that song. Haven't heard it in a while. I'm in that musical mood often ;) I guess until embedding is fixed, will have to make do with this format:
  40. Cogitant

    What is your IQ?

    LOL I don't have an IQ of 231!!!! I was trying to be cryptic but evidently failed with my intention :x If you look down the table I linked (I edited it to make it more clear in original post now), in far right column 1/X, you find that 1/231 people are likely to have the same IQ as me according...
  41. Cogitant

    What is your IQ?

    -If you're looking at IQ through the lens of your ego then yes. I’ve avoided adding to this thread up until now, but I’ll have my say. 'IQ' is largely irrelevant IMO. +People will judge you based on an arbitrary number. +There are expectations which are attached to that number...
  42. Cogitant

    Work and me. What's my best option?

    I'm going there next on Wednesday anyway. I am in this Work related activity group. It's a government scheme to help support people who have illnesses or disabilities get back to work. They help you help yourself. It's not a bad thing it's just humiliating. Feeling more positive about it now at...
  43. Cogitant

    What do you think make you INTP?

    Understood. And I see your perspective too, MBTI = confirmation bias/Barnum effect? (I don't like to argue either, I'm interested in how others think vs me though, and, to be brutally honest, I just <3 writing walls of text). :)
  44. Cogitant

    What do you think make you INTP?

    OK, basically you have a lion and a tiger. What my point is that they are different species and always were even before Linneus created a system to categorise them. MBTI is a method of grouping people according to their preferences. There are many ways of doing this. Enneagram is another tool...
  45. Cogitant

    What do you think make you INTP?

    Carl Linneus pretty much invented the binominal nomenclature system. It explains how Panthera Tigris and Pantera Leo differ. This difference preceded the categorization, just as the difference between people's personalities preceded MBTI categorization. People can be grouped according to...
  46. Cogitant

    Work and me. What's my best option?

    Sorry for the offload ^ I'm in a lot better position than a lot of people, I'm just too pessimistic for my own good at times. Managed to get out and go for a walk today. -I really needed it. Put a lot of things into perspective, and had some ideas. I'll figure it out. It always figures out...
  47. Cogitant

    What do you think make you INTP?

    Think it was my dad too. A mixture of genetics and conditioning / behavioural reinforcement during upbringing likely resulted in this outcome.
  48. Cogitant

    Let's talk about art!

    I appreciate intentionally symbolic art and clever art... Art which is attached to thought and philosophy. Alan Davie. I met this guy in 2006. He's dead now. Philosopher-artist and inspired by cubism, surrealism and the beat movement, his art was based on Jung's notion of the collective...
  49. Cogitant

    Schizoid INTPs and immortality

    Well according to this test: http://illnessquiz.com/schizoid-personality-disorder-test/ "You have 100% chances of schizoid personality disorder." Also FYI I don't fear death, but I'm pretty morbid. I see decay everywhere and am poignantly aware of human mortality. I do believe in...
  50. Cogitant

    INTP and INTJ thinking styles

    I can very much relate to that. I used to be a healer for a competitive guild in WoW. Brother/most are critical of me for wasting my life like that ;D I work in lumps too. I managed 10k words in one session for example, then played Stronghold Legends for a week or so (until I finished all the...
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