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  1. Magus

    Mental Health

    How's your mental health INTPf? I guess it's a personal question but I'm curious. INTPs by our nature are more attracted towards isolated lifestyles and I was wondering if this among other things like being preoccupied with trying to live in a way which is logically consistant and thus...
  2. Magus

    Energy Crisis and Pessimissim

    It seems obvious that globally we are about to, or are already in the midst of, an energy crisis. There is no way that the material standard of living in the West is sustainable. The developing world won't be allowed to industrialise along the Western/Chinese model of fossil fuels as developed...
  3. Magus

    Things INTPs can do just to relax

    Hey everyone, the title says it all. What do you do to relax/unwind? Specifically I'm talking about pausing the Ti for a second and just letting go of the endless analysis and paranoia. Sometimes I work myself into a loop of just endless and directionless thought (for example worrying about...
  4. Magus

    INTPs as Salespeople

    I know I can't be the first person to have noticed this, but INTPs two extraverted functions Ne and Fe stack quite very well and strongly complement Ti/Si's calculated analysis. Even though they are not naturally dominant functions, an INTP who sufficiently develops both their Ne and...
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