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  1. Magus


    I've always enjoyed learning about a really diverse range of things, science a lot, culture, history, languages, trying to understand whatever is happening e.g. economic crash, climate change w/e. Typical pattern is to be engrossed for 1-2 months, learn enough to be an armchair expert, form...
  2. Magus

    Witty Retorts to Common Remarks

    "You're so arrogant!" "Arrogant... Moi?" Generally the best comebacks are very contextual, so there are limits to what you might be able to pre-prepare. On a related note, does anyone else ever find themselves going through past conversations in their head, working out the best retorts or...
  3. Magus

    INTP shit you did as a child

    Was given a microscope kit for by 13th birthday which was pretty awesome. I used it to look at pond water, bugs, leaves, bits of meat and vegetables. I used to cut myself (with clean scalpels of course) to take blood samples to then look at. I could just make out the cells. When I was a little...
  4. Magus

    Is it possible to become more intelligent?

    Intelligence is a tricky concept to pin down. In terms of 'natural ability' I don't think it is possible to improve yourself -- your genes are your genes, but there are a multitude of factors which will affect how traits are expressed, e.g. early child learning opportunities, good nutrition etc...
  5. Magus

    Are you ever accused of lying

    Not often accused of lying, but I am now; a lot of things I've said before are actually coming back to bite me. I'm a very good liar, I've just been very sloppy in following up. I think a better term for what I tend to do would be 'expectation managing' rather than outright deception, as I very...
  6. Magus

    Mental Health

    Um honestly it would be impossible to say. I think possibly a bit of both, all I can seem to pin my finger down on is that it is generally accompanied by some sort of mood swing, so thats why I started looking at bipolar types and mood disorders generally. These both describe me very well. As...
  7. Magus

    You've been turned into an android. How do you tune yourself?

    An excellent beard or moustache would be nice.
  8. Magus

    Do you enjoy arguing/debating/sharing?

    INTP. Enjoy debating/arguing. I find formal debating (the public speaking sense) to be a very dishonest way of weighing between the value of different ideas. I've competed at university level and honestly it has more in common with theatre than it does any sort of intellectual pursuit...
  9. Magus

    Has anyone here successfully developed Fe?

    Apologies if this seems a little off topic but my understanding of type theory is that very few people actually learn how to successfully fully integrate their inferior function (and if they do its usually around 30s-40s). Does anyone know more about this? :confused:
  10. Magus

    The option of an Intp dominant society: How bad do we want it?

    And probably short lived, but it would be glorious. Like the Solvay Congress on the RMS Titanic. :)
  11. Magus

    Mental Health

    My hypomania is quite similar to yours, my thought process kind of jumps between things and is a bit haphazard, I don't sleep much (staying up for 3 nights at a time, with only a few hours sleep), and I tend to have a short attention span. Its kind of like a feeling of progress, I have to be on...
  12. Magus

    Total War!

    I only own Rome and Napoleon, both of which I found to be really great. Gameplay tends to get a bit repetitive sadly (you get used to the same unit combinations/tactics/maps) but oh well. I mostly stuck to pitched battles over the campaign (short attention span I guess). Rome 2 looks fantastic...
  13. Magus

    Mental Health

    What do you mean? I don't know your situation, but perhaps being aware of yourself would put you in a better position to manage your life, surely this is a good thing?
  14. Magus

    Who are You?

    Haven't decided yet. :smoker:
  15. Magus

    What do you value?

    Consistency. Idealisation but only when accompanied with humility.
  16. Magus

    Mental Health

    How's your mental health INTPf? I guess it's a personal question but I'm curious. INTPs by our nature are more attracted towards isolated lifestyles and I was wondering if this among other things like being preoccupied with trying to live in a way which is logically consistant and thus...
  17. Magus

    You strike it semi-rich and want to retire somewhere with a low cost of living.

    I would buy a rural property in either Tasmania (an island south of Australia) or New Zealand on a river or lake. I'd build a 2 bedroom wooden cabin somewhere quiet on the property. I'd keep some chickens, a few pigs and have a pet dog. I'd try and grow some of my own food veggie patch all that...
  18. Magus

    Human head transplant is now possible

    Would private health care insurers treat death as a pre-existing condition? Seems pretty cool, if a little freaky.
  19. Magus

    Stereotypes of Australia?

  20. Magus

    Energy Crisis and Pessimissim

    No but in this case the decrease in supply is a given... Although there is still oil left in the Earth, this oil isn't as useful as it is more costly (in terms of energy) to extract. We have the prospect of ever increasing demand and decreasing returns on investment. Its not so much the end of...
  21. Magus

    What are your most common social masks?

    Speaking generally for social events, I find I can be quite sociable/funny/interesting when meeting new people (especially in small conversations, say of 2-4 people) for some time. Its staying there and sustaining it for more than 10 minutes which presents me problems as I just lost interest in...
  22. Magus

    Energy Crisis and Pessimissim

    Well rather than energy crisis, its more of a depletion of energy reserves, the energy crisis if it happens will happen later. Its not like the power is about to go out, rather the cost of energy will become gradually expensive until it is prohibitively so. Proxy, global demand for oil and...
  23. Magus

    Energy Crisis and Pessimissim

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5bVbfWuq-Q This is McKay's TED talk if anyone wants to brush up on climate/energy stuff. :elephant:
  24. Magus

    Energy Crisis and Pessimissim

    It seems obvious that globally we are about to, or are already in the midst of, an energy crisis. There is no way that the material standard of living in the West is sustainable. The developing world won't be allowed to industrialise along the Western/Chinese model of fossil fuels as developed...
  25. Magus

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Sometimes, not usually. I'm not great at picking when others are using sarcasm though.
  26. Magus

    The Entrepreneur Thread

    That sounds really neat George and obviously has massive commercial scope in just about every medium density area. Any chance we could get a picture of an additional floor being built up/past projects? How did you get into property development? I'm assuming its your own company which manages...
  27. Magus

    The Entrepreneur Thread

    Learning comp sci as a hobby, and some coding, just for funsies. My idea I'm playing around with so far is like an Academic exchange website/service. Academics are not very worldly people but some of them have fascinating ideas. The most technologically capable already have a large web...
  28. Magus

    Your college experience

    Really dislike university. Got the chance to move interstate, which was nice initially, freedom all that jazz but I've managed to sorely mess up my transcript. Considering dropping out of law school properly in a few weeks. Might re-enroll for distance education, perhaps not. Everyone's...
  29. Magus


    The issue is becoming more important than ever though. Destructive capabilities are becoming more and more powerful, but more and more accessible (bioweapons, nuclear bombs are like 70 years old now) whereas human beings are as irrational as ever, perhaps even more dangerously so as many of us...
  30. Magus

    Why Do So Many People Hate Ayn Rand?

    I don't pretend to be a fan of hers in particular or knowledgeable about her ideas but I'd hazard a bet that 90% of the people who either vocally criticize her or idolize her know next to nothing about her philosophy. Perhaps that goes without saying in this day and age though. I have Atlas...
  31. Magus

    What bird are you?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbrTOcUnjNY This one. Not sure if fake, seems almost too odd to be true.
  32. Magus

    Self-loathing INTPs

    Perhaps it has a lot to do with INTPs persistent talent for nearly heroic under performance relative to their peers. I don't mean to say this as a boast, but I did fantastically well at school when I even half-heartedly applied myself to the set curriculum. Our school was ranked as one of the...
  33. Magus

    Do any of you feel adopted?

    It was a nagging suspicion throughout my childhood. I've always felt apart from my family to some extent. I now know this my feelings had much more to do with being an angsty INTP teen. At this point I'm quite distant from my parents (despite still being dependent on them). What Rachel said...
  34. Magus

    How much do you enjoy reading fiction?

    I've always preferred non-fiction. I still intend to get around to reading the Western cannon at some point or another. If I had a preference it would be for science fiction, but historical is alright too. I've never been able to get into fantasy. That said, the idea of reading fiction in the...
  35. Magus

    How to start learning what you want to know?

    Coursera and MIT Open Courseware are your friends. Even if you are a massive autodidact, then some structure in your self learning will still help. I went nowhere for a bit because I would just read bits of economics/whatever here and there, without it adding up to a comprehensive...
  36. Magus

    What makes you confident you are INTP?

    I'm close to being a caricature of the INTP descriptions written by people such as AJ Drenth and Paul James.
  37. Magus

    Things INTPs can do just to relax

    Actually I can relate to the repetitive things; I sometimes obsessively list the things in my life in different categories (e.g. clothes), deciding what I can get rid of, or clean my room many times over/organise books. Good to know I'm not the only one.
  38. Magus

    Way to go, Intp

    Don't know to be honest. Possibly shot off into deep space would be nice. Dressed as Buzz Lightyear. :segen:
  39. Magus


    Not to be all edgy and stuff but generally tragedies like 9/11 definitely do not affect me as much as they might a 'normal' person. I think INTPs as much as we might wish we didn't have emotions we would be lying to ourselves if we thought that they didn't play a huge role in our lives and...
  40. Magus


    Dostoevsky is a bit of a treat, I finally got around to finishing Crime and Punishment recently, was pretty good if I don't say so myself :P I couldn't stomach The Possessed though, that will have to be for next time. Welcome from Australia! :king-twitter:
  41. Magus

    Joint? Single? I don't know?

    I shouldn't be one to be giving university advice given my history at uni and indecision.... but... If I could re-do the last 2 years I would have picked a single degree in a given field and only picked subjects that centrally relate to that skill base. I like finance so I would have been doing...
  42. Magus

    Anticipation VS Adaptation

    This, definitely. I anticipate things to high levels of anxiety. When I actually do said thing its never as bad as I thought but if I become too apprehensive I may pull out altogether (which is when there is a problem). Adapting is usually quite easy. The challenge here however is to tell...
  43. Magus

    INTP Laziness

    Tend to agree with Architect, perhaps it is nit picking but we are more 'unproductive' or 'sidetracked' than we are lazy given the truest sense of the word, although I'm sure INTPs can be lazy as all hell as can other types. Case in point, I'm busy studying everything I'm not being tested on at...
  44. Magus

    My ultimate question about life

    I don't subscribe to any religion or belief in an 'afterlife' at this point but I don't think you can explicitly rule out the possibility. There being no great reason to believe in one is not in itself proof it isn't there. The reason we fear death is rather easily explained. We were first...
  45. Magus

    Do you need a dog?

    Aww sorry for your loss. My family's border-collie died last year, just after I moved out. She was 12. I'm not sure if its an INTP thing. Lots of people seem to enjoy life more with pets. It might be a company thing for us though. As much as I'd like to believe I don't need to be around other...
  46. Magus


    Eh why not? I live mostly in Canberra (Australia), nearish the CBD. Around me its a mix of medium density (up to 10 floors max) apartment blocks on the main roads but its mostly single dwelling/duplex type houses. Continental climate, warmish summers, coldish winters. Its winter now; probably...
  47. Magus

    Male sexuality: Double standards & social shame

    I would have thought high levels of introversion would make one not want to pursue careers in areas so 'customer service' based. Also general extreme lack of technicality/room for intellectual analysis of ANY sort. Seems more of a role for an extraverted feeling type or sensors who enjoy the...
  48. Magus

    Computer Preferences? (Hardware & Software)

    Justice in the universe :) Are INTPs common in architecture? (I guess our label is the architect) but is it true?
  49. Magus

    How to deal with life?

    This defiantly isn't true. There has never been a better time to be a 'thinker' in society as now. Knowledge is so readily available and intellect has never been so highly sought after. People and companies pay big money for smarts. 'Outward success' is defiantly possible for INTPs the question...
  50. Magus

    Imperial vs Metric

    Haha um well I guess the former does follow necessarily from the latter. I quoted the paragraph off a webpage; it reminded me of my math teacher in high school who riled against the base 10 system, I always found it funny. I thought it was half relevant in a discussion of measuring systems :P
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