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  1. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What are you currently playing?

    One Hour One Life
  2. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Racism is innate

    1. Racism is overrated. 2. A smart objective person shouldn't be racist. As an INTP, I couldnt care less about society.
  3. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What are the effects of coffee on higher intellectual processes?

    I used to be a heavy drinker of coffee earlier (4+ cups). However I was also extremely depressed then. I do not know if the coffee contributed to it. Now, I rarely drink coffee, but its more like a treat; say a rainy day at a coffee shop by the beach. I do love the taste of coffee. But I...
  4. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Are suntans permament?

    Hey i vacationed in some remote islands for like 10 days. I spent like 10+ hours per day on the beach enjoying swimming in clear waters. However, now that ive got back, im like 4shades darker.. (i never used any sunscreen. I guess i shouldve..) This is the first time ive got sun tan. My...
  5. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What to do on a 3 day boat travel/ cruise? (solo)

    Hey, im going on a 3 day (60 hour) boat trip to the Andaman&Nicobar islands in India. It is a government ship and ive taken the bunk class ticket (around 70$). So there will no tv or anything (im hoping there will be a mobile charger slot). Also this is my first trip to anywhere by sea. So...
  6. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Ageing, Intelligence & US Presidency

    This seems to be a common argument. But why then dont "corporates" hire these 70+ year old people for CEOs etc, instead the average age for being the leader for a company is WAY lower. Dont tell me that companies are not able to understand these intangibles such as "experience" in selecting...
  7. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Ageing, Intelligence & US Presidency

    I was recently debating about how older (70+) people are expected to be senile/racist, less intelligent/coherent. I was trying to point out how both front runners for the US election are above 70 yo. In my opinion, it is delusional to think that a 70 year old person would still have the mental...
  8. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Will a dog change my sedentary lifestyle?

    @Serac, idk im probably not just gonna use it for just "pleasure". I currently have no human i can talk to, im too disappointed with humans; i hope at least an animal will be somewhat realiable. Basically having to fill all my free time with games & movies/anime so i can forget about my...
  9. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Will a dog change my sedentary lifestyle?

    Currently, my whole life other than sleeping is spent in front of a computer- whether it is work or play. Ive been considering getting a grown dog (not a puppy) for a long time as a companion. Im just confused that if i get a dog, will it: a. lead to me changing my lifestyle, or b. me...
  10. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What 'hurts' you?

    Weekends. And Evenings. I hate time which is not distracted by work.. Basically, i feel hurt cos other people have a life (which they like) to go back to...
  11. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Distract myself while i rot away

    I try to run from a bear when i have a fractured leg. I feel i cant do it; my leg is too broken for me to run. I can see the river which i need to cross to get my gun, but it is too much- the pain too great. Few men can outrun a bear under normal circumstances. And i have a fractured leg...
  12. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    How far would you go for one thing?

    (GENERIC POST) If there was only one precious thing in your life, only one thing you have ever truly wanted since the time you can remember, how much would you sacrifice to get it? How far would you go?
  13. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Should i deactivate Facebook?

    Tbh, the one real argument for why i shouldnt deactivate is that it helps me maintain a sense of sanity. Facebook reminds me what society is, what people are. Without facebook there is the potential of me falling totally out of touch with reality. I might forget what is the social norm, what...
  14. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Should i deactivate Facebook?

    -First, ill have to say that i dont use Facebook at all. Like once in 2-3 weeks i open it up just to check a thing or two. I havent posted anything in ~3 years. But for some reason, Facebook seems to decide how my life should be. It makes no sense, but every time i dream about something in the...
  15. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Something memorable from your/others' wedding

    My closest friend is getting married this weekend. I really dont know what to do.. It just feels kinda awkward, as in i dont really know what to expect. I have no idea how to make it fun, how to enjoy it, etc Tell me something memorable which happened in a wedding, which i could try doing...
  16. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Hobby to replace gaming addiction

    Ive been playing games way too much (5-6hrs pd) for atleast 5 years, i want to replace it with something which gives higher long term satisfaction. Im thinking of using the extra free time to learn to code. But still it lacks the instant reward feeling. And as i dont exercise at all, ive decided...
  17. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Programmer Mentor List

    @Haim, also how much should i cheat while learning projects? i could either google "how to download all data from a vBulleting forum" and just try to tweak it to get my result. Or, i could try to google "how to crawl a website", then understand the list of tools are available, then understand...
  18. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Programmer Mentor List

    i just need to know how to download the whole dump into a spreadsheet type output. If i can do that, i can use the tools necessary to clean the data and get the necessary info probably :)
  19. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Programmer Mentor List

    Of course people arent going to ask how to use an if function, literally anything can be learnt from books and the web, but that doesnt mean a mentor/teacher isnt needed. Any trade/profession imo needs a mentor/guide
  20. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Programmer Mentor List

    I just thought this site could use a list of people who are programmers and are willing to mentor people who want to learn a bit of coding As for me, im learning a proper programming language for the first time (my past experience is just a bit of VBA editing for work before). Im...
  21. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Will i ever do something cool in my life?

    Do you know what happens if i dont plan things? Internet happens I just sit and play League, or play eu4, or watch dumb youtube videos, or i plan on a strategy to win at league, or i just sit and plan. I have big lists of lifestyle ideas and business ideas which i know will be fun/ will make...
  22. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Will i ever do something cool in my life?

    Yea i know, it is kinda trolly post but w.e But all my life i think of so many cool things i can do, i should do, but i never end up doing. It is not that i hate the mundane, on the contrary i dont care about looking special for the sake of others. But any time i want to do something actually...
  23. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What makes MBTI not complete bullshit?

    I have no idea about how MBTI or psychology actually works, but MBTI allows people to find like-minded people easier. Simply compare the members on this forum with you friends on your FB account and tell me who you can relate with more easily and have a real conversation about general topics...
  24. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Does optimism lead to overconfidence?

    As the title reads. Sometimes i feel overconfident and superior to my colleagues even though im not better than them in any way. I tend to compare my best with their worst, mentally. I feel my complete optimism about every part of life leads to this overconfidence. What are your thoughts...
  25. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    League of legends

    @starfishtea, did you use your account or your friend's account? If you used your account, just know that the people who were rude to you are 100% surely the bottom-bronze level players. They are probably players who got probably banned and are too bad to play against actual experienced...
  26. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    League of legends

    Ye, im in gold now but I dont have time to play till next season, so stopped playing What do you main, i love Voli, awesome to stomp low elos. I just watch LCS now and then, playing to climb requires consistent practice which i dont have cos of exams :O
  27. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Should I start smoking cigarettes

    If you are looking for a hobby, try gaming Computer games, mobile games, anything Yes i have wasted my career potential cos of them, but i enjoy what i do, and i will continue to enjoy it, and i would be able to continue doing it for the next 50-60 years if i want to. Also, if i somehow...
  28. YOLOisonlyprinciple


    My name is Reek, im very loyal
  29. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    best RPG?

    I played Skyrim a lot until i lost my save, and then it wasnt the same again cos i had to use cheats to get the same items and skills. Although not an RPG. I love EU4 now especially with all the DLCs
  30. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Thought: Reproduction/Cloning and free will cannot co-exist

    1. So, if i am a free willed person, then my body moves the way i tell it to. My arm cannot have a seperate goals and ambitions different from me. It cannot be that my arm has a "free will" to write while my body/me is exerting its "free will" to play games. A sperm and an egg are both parts of...
  31. YOLOisonlyprinciple


    I love being underwater :D Swimming is by far one of the most pleasurable activities to me. swimming underwater feels amazing, it is the only time i can literally move in any direction, underwater swimming is the human equivalent of a bird flying I used to spend 4-5 hours at the pool in...
  32. YOLOisonlyprinciple


    I dont understand the concept of looking back at your life when you are old. Is life just a storybook? What if you get Alzheimers and memory loss so you cant remember anything does that make all your life's achievements null? Doing anything in life for the sake of ticking it off a checklist...
  33. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Learning Investing

    Also just for more on the topic.... Simple statistics, OP is better off not investing in the stock market unless hes a genius like Architect And even if i accept the premise that OP would be able to beat the market by 1% consistently with rigorous study, IT JuST ISNT WORTH IT to keep upto...
  34. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Learning Investing

    Can you tell me one logical reason why you were able to consistently beat the larger players, and how do you tell confidently that you will be able to consistently do so in the future? How much of your success is personal bias? And if they are not biased, what are the possible hurdles a...
  35. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Learning Investing

    No need to be patronizing about it. I know Black Scholes is just a formula for derivatives valuation. I just mentioned it that way cos Turnevies used it. By "investing using Black Scholes" im just using it as an umbrella term for investing using any mathematical models and economic models and...
  36. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    homosexuality is becoming a trend

    Some reasons i think for the trend seem to be; 1. It gives an outlet to be rebellious, modern society imo feels too meek and people get outraged for about anything. Teens earlier used to race and perform on stunts etc now possibly because of a more sedentary lifestyle and general intolerance...
  37. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Learning Investing

    Also, if you ask most "day traders" "investment agents" etc, they always always invest their "personal savings" in fixed income investments. None of the market mutual funds BS. They know what they are doing and dont invest in their own products cos they know their products are garbageand wont...
  38. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Learning Investing

    1. Stock Markets day trading etc Absolute Garbage. There are huge amts os studies to prove markets are efficient. Meaning no one can realistically consistently beat the market. The only possible way is by insider information; but you are fooling yourself if u think u can get more insider...
  39. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Help: Criminal/Legal/Political

    meh, nothing happened Turns out the low level employee involved in the scam was the one who met my father. My dad met a secretary in the ministry, and confirmed it. Cos its just a low level employee and not anything political we dont care, that guy must just have been scared about his job...
  40. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Request: Free Suggestions for IQ test/ creativity test

    So stop believing in conspiracies? Nooouuuuu
  41. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Wifi in schools to create massive health crisis in next generations

    I would give you gold if the forum had it :smoker:
  42. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    ADD and ADHD scam

    Do you mean to say chemical imbalance has no effects on the body? Then why is it difficult to drive when you drank a lot of alcohol? I think youre just afraid of the word illness. Illness is just a generic term, which the general population understand differently. If your lack of focus...
  43. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Request: Free Suggestions for IQ test/ creativity test

    Im on 2 tablets of methylphenidate a day. The doctor says it is only a temporary drug, it only affects you for about 2 hours. I want to test whether my intelligence goes down when i use the drug or not..
  44. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    ADD and ADHD scam

    Im on medication, and i actually feel it helps me focus. The increase in focus outweighs any possible loss in intelligence honestly. I used to be afraid of chemicals affecting my brain, but realistically the brain keeps changing and a number of chemicals alter it; so i dont feel it is rational...
  45. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    The Goals Thread

    You should try Europa 4, given how youre into conspiracies and politics stuff. Fun game. Probably has a hard learning curve for non-gamers tho. But afaik i think it is somewhat historically accurate in terms of the political dynamics between countries
  46. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Rules and Etiquette

    1. The only rule i found from the basic FAQ was, "You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is annoying. " apart from not posting copyrighted content. So, what is the definition of "annoying"? It sounds rather subjective 2. In general, i dont know...
  47. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Funny vids

    Pandas awwww.... https://www.facebook.com/TheGreatPandaConspiracy/videos/1017792888300485/ PS, mb i shudve previewed the post before submitting rip i thought the video would get directly pasted
  48. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    This Generation and Memes

    <rant> Whats up with these new kids and their hate for memes? Like whenever i see any memes or sarcasm or jokes, these kids are like :cringe: or this meme has gone too far etc., Its like the new kids like to think of themselves like they are some stoic Russian guy or sumth But i think the real...
  49. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Inheritances and Wills

    I dont understand why people wanna have a will or give an inheritance to the next generation. Or why donate it philanthropically after death. If youre old and know youre dying in general, why do u have excess wealth. Why dont people just spend all their savings on cruises and the likes if they...
  50. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Best subreddit ever

    https://www.reddit.com/r/totallynotrobots/top/?sort=top&t=all AM I NOT CORRECT FELLOW HUMANS?
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