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  1. marie

    Are you a morning person or a night person?

    I've always been a night person even when I was a kid. Lol
  2. marie

    How often do you masturbate?

    It depends, I could go on a week without it. I just do it more often when I'm ovulating.
  3. marie

    What do you guys score on this test?

    Paranoid |||||||||||||| 51% 50% Schizoid |||||||||||||| 57% 40% Schizotypal |||||||||||||| 56% 56% Antisocial |||||||||||| 48% 46% Borderline |||||||||||||| 54% 45% Histrionic |||||||||||||||||| 73% 52% Narcissistic |||||||||||||||||| 75% 40% Avoidant |||||||||| 40% 48% Dependent ||||||||||||...
  4. marie

    Have you been an INTP all your life?

    I used to type as INTP but now I get INTJ , on other cognitive function test I get ISTJ. Maybe I'm an INTP with high Si or maybe I was an ISTJ all along. Lol
  5. marie

    R-Drive Test

    Your results: Narcissism 88% 60% Unconventionality 77% 64% Empiricism 33% 61% Vitality 66% 59% Othercentricism 50% 58% Independence 72% 54% Integrity 77% 53% Intellect 61% 70% Stoicism 61% 49% Orderliness 27% 48% Dynamism 34% 48% Activity 50% 52% Romanticism 44% 52% Hedonism 100% 50%
  6. marie

    INTP & ENTP focus enhancers

    Helpful thread! Thanks! I'm going to try this. I always have hard time focusing on my studies. And now I wouldn't be able to graduate next semester :ahh04:
  7. marie

    what is the use of money and prestige?

    Well I need money to buy foods, pay my bills, buy books and games. I could care less about prestige.
  8. marie

    INFP using Ti better than 80% of INTPs...is this possible?

    INFPs uses Ti better than us? :confused: I thought they were inferior Te
  9. marie

    Last movie you watched

    Mean Girls.. I kinda enjoyed it.
  10. marie

    Interesting websites?

    http://www.sciencedump.com/ http://bigthink.com/ http://dragcave.net/
  11. marie

    Enneagram Test(with Tritype)

    The Distribution of Your Scores Type One: 21 Type Two: 11 Type Three: 27 Type Four: 39 Type Five: 55 Type Six: 41 Type Seven: 44 Type Eight: 19 Type Nine: 48 Your main type is 5. Considering the wings you should be a 5w6.
  12. marie

    Hello hello :)

    Hello hello :)
  13. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    I just took a cognitive test online. It says my Ti-Ne-Si are well-developed. I therefore conclude I'm an INTP. Hm though other possible types are ENTP and ISTJ. Hm I have to agree that personality is malleable. So I can act like a crazy ENTP or a dutiful ISTJ. But still my mental preference is...
  14. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    ENFP doesn't sound bad. I don't think I'm an ESTP :/ ESTP are action oriented. Nursing is more of hands-on profession. I always got scolded for being too slow. I'm oblivious to my surroundings. I know ESTPs in real life. They're more interested in gyms and sports. I'm bad at sports. I prefer to...
  15. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    Cause it really is intriguing.
  16. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    I also feel this. So I am an INTP going through some phase called adulthood :D
  17. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    Now that I think abou it I get annoyed displaying superficial tact. I am surrounded by Fe-doms and Fe-aux. I am in college taking nursing course. They annoy me , all they say is you never think of me as a human, you don't care about other people, stop being selfish, be considerate of other...
  18. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    Hm you have a point about that. Well I'm only 19. I'm already in senior college. I'm stressed out already. I feel like I have no control of my life. Because I don't even like my major. I don't want to work as a nurse. Being trapped to do something I don't even like. Plus, we have a very strict...
  19. marie

    Am I ENTP or INTP?

    So I considered myself INTP though sometimes I feel like I'm an ENTP. This is where things gets tricky. INTP is Ti-Ne-Si-Fe ENTP is Ne-Ti-Fe-Si Same functions,slightly different order. They almost look the same. I see the world as an interconnect ideas that needs to be explored. I'm...
  20. marie

    I'm suddenly doubting whether I'm INTP or not.

  21. marie

    Have you read Carl Jung's Psychological Types?

    Not yet, too busy at college. Though I plan to read it after graduation maybe.
  22. marie

    Other forums

  23. marie

    What would happen if we merged INTJ and INTP forum?

    A merged INFP-INTP forum sounds interesting. I tend to get along with INFPs both in real life and online.
  24. marie

    Anime suggestions

    Nyan Koi Noragami K Project Koe de Oshigoto
  25. marie

    Interesting websites?

    xkcd.com projecteuler.com edx.org coursera.org iflscience.com theoatmeal.com
  26. marie

    I'm trying to type my parents. Please help me.

    I find it easier to type when using functions. Yeah I think ENTJ is possible.. I agree try to see if she is emotional or not. ^Ditto Why not ISTP for her dad? ISTP likes to fix things too.
  27. marie

    What would happen if we merged INTJ and INTP forum?

    Like PmjPmj said, INTJs likes to get to the bottom line and get to the point. And we INTPs likes to explore the idea. For example I had a private convo with an INTJ, We were talking about if intelligence is hereditary or acquired, nature vs nurtue. The INTJ just said you need to read a lot of...
  28. marie

    What is normal?

    Normal is subjective. What might other considered weird might be normal to other. No one is 100% weird and 100% normal. Humans are both weird and normal. And why would you want to turn an introverted female into a cheerleader type? What are you planning to?
  29. marie

    What would happen if we merged INTJ and INTP forum?

    I have account there on INTJ forum, so far I've enjoyed my experience there. Though I did have conflicts with some INTJs.
  30. marie

    I'm trying to type my parents. Please help me.

    Your mom is ENFJ I think. ENJFs functional stack is Fe-Ni-Se-Ti. Fe- ??? Ni- she can read other people Se- Doer Ti- ??? I'm not yet an expert when it comes to function though, I could be wrong on my assessment. Need someone to expand this. Your mom is hard to type. So for now I think she's an...
  31. marie

    INTP Escapism

    I always live inside my imaginary world :D
  32. marie

    INTPs games #2

    RPG, I like video games with good story line.
  33. marie

    Clannad After Earth

    I have watched Clannad After Story but I have never heard of Clannad After Earth. Interesting.
  34. marie

    Are all INTP's smart

    I'm an INTP and I don't think I'm smart
  35. marie

    What is your excuse for not being vegan?

    Even though veggies are good for your health I just dislike eating veggies. I don't like the taste.
  36. marie

    Who do you talk to when no one would understand?

    I rarely open up my feelings to other people, I just keep them inside, I'll keep myself busy. When I'm in school I'm basically a loner, I'll only talk to my classmates when I'm going to ask/say something important. Other than that I'll just sit in at the back of the classroom then play some...
  37. marie

    How NERDY are You?

    7% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 93% scored lower (less nerdy). Supreme Nerd. Apply for a professorship at MIT now!!!.
  38. marie


    I do have a hard time socializing. Some people find me intimidating or weird, aloof and cold. It's hard to get close to me, actually some of my close friends took 6 months or more to get close to me. I rarely talk to most people, I'm just not good at making small talk. I'll only talk to me if...
  39. marie

    Your life goals? Dreams?

    My goals I just want to finish my study, get a degree and find a job .I'm currently in my senior year taking up nursing though I don't really like my course my parents forced me, but I do find some subjects interesting. After finishing college I'm planning to take some online course regarding...
  40. marie

    What do you dislike about your INTP self?

    Procrastination and short attention span (I'm always out of focus in my school).
  41. marie


    1st of two, though we have an 18 years of age gap :D
  42. marie

    INTP Fields of Interest

    Hmm this are my current interest. Psychology Philosophy Programming Astronomy Robotics Alternative energy Gardening ( I want to experiment with flowers) Knitting. History Anime & Manga Video Games Arts and Writing I just like to learn many stuff. As long as I find anything interesting I'll...
  43. marie

    Interesting websites?

    Agree stumbleupon.com is an INTP heaven. Anyway in my opinion I just find the articles on cracked humorous and interesting. Interesting because once there is a subject my that caught my interest I would just google it for hours. :D
  44. marie

    Shamelessly Average

    I love to eat sweets. :)
  45. marie

    Interesting websites?

    stumbleupon.com (good website for an INTP) cracked.com (interesting articles)
  46. marie

    The Ideal / Real You -Test

    Actualised type: INTP Ideal type: INTJ Attraction type: INTJ INTJ's are so mysterious
  47. marie

    Asexuality tests

    Asexual 40% Sapiosexual 88% Demisexual 56%
  48. marie

    defense mechanisms test

    Regression: 70 Displacement: 80 Denial: 0 Repression: 60 Intellectualization: 60 Reaction formation: 50 Projection: 80 Compensation: 40 Hm it seems that I use a lot of defense mechanism :/
  49. marie

    Why did you pick your name?

    I just like the name Marie that's why :p
  50. marie

    Hello :)

    Hello :)
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