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  1. *Stabbity*

    I suck at math

    UNPOSSIBLE! YOU ARE INTP. Seriously though, some of us are several orders of magnitude better at it than others. I'm an über geek and am not overly fascinated by it either, yet I still retain most of what learned in high school and college.
  2. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Vimperator is sweet. Glad to see that you enjoy it. Next, I'll post my work pc's desktop.
  3. *Stabbity*

    Websites You Check Daily

    The .edu ones were a tip off as to their falsehood and now those suspicions are confirmed.
  4. *Stabbity*

    Websites You Check Daily

    Duh. :p I visit, in no particular order..... Twitter INTPForum Myspace Google Reader(RSS Aggregator for many, many sites) Youtube Wikipedia Gmail Fark Toms Hardware Security Focus Wired.com Cnn Everyone one of these, most everyday.
  5. *Stabbity*

    Black Magic

    Hehehehehehehehehe.........I know all. </Black-Mage>
  6. *Stabbity*

    Vista's connectivity issues

    Havent had issues with the wired, LAN side. Have had quite a bit of issues with the wireless side. Clients seem to deauthenticate for no reason at all. I have thought about other 2.4 GHZ devices in the vicintiy of the laptop, but the same laptop with XP exhibits none of the connectivity...
  7. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Updated: http://www.image4u.org/ryant/2008-10-13-215311_1400x1050_scrot.png
  8. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Wisp? Where's yours?
  9. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Nice. Keybindings for the win. I've been meaning to try out Xmonad, DWN or Awesome due to this exact reason. Keyboard nav. I usually use grays, oranges, and blues for my VIM colorschemes. This is a fresh install since I went with a vanilla kernel. I'll post it once I redo it.
  10. *Stabbity*

    Best Electronica?

    "I only come here, seeking peace." :D Name the song. It's VNV Nation.
  11. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Yep. It's OpenBox. I love it. If I had the patience to do a FVWM config I'd do Ikaro's. It's uber sweet.
  12. *Stabbity*

    What are you playing?

    Re: Stack the Cats - what are you playing? Eve Online MMORPG on the PC and Mass Effect on the 360.
  13. *Stabbity*

    Schema Theory

    Interesting. Investigating now. Thanks for this.
  14. *Stabbity*

    Why did you pick your name?

    Stabbity is an expression that the Black Mage uses from a comic strip called 8 bit Theater. Based on the NES game Final Fantasy 1. http://www.nuklearpower.com/latest.php I use about ten different avatar names on the net. I try to do that to decrease my digital footprint on the net. Funny, I...
  15. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    This is my laptop's desktop: Arch Linux: http://www.image4u.org/ryant/2008-10-11-155916_1400x1050_scrot.png Heh. Well, anyone that was trying to guess my name by the anagram in my "about me/welcome" post just got a hint. :rolleyes:
  16. *Stabbity*

    Just saw "The Island"

    It has elements of Logans Run(names), THX1138, and of course Brave New World.
  17. *Stabbity*

    Vista vs XP

    If not for DX10, I would be doing the same, Wisp. I hate Vista.
  18. *Stabbity*

    Crappy signature?

    Messy handwriting to begin with, I write in print too. I hate cursive. I write my name quickly because I am lazy. My dad, who is left handed, has the best penmanship of anyone I have ever seen. It's surreal!
  19. *Stabbity*


    Ok. I don't agree, but I don't have to. In my family the prune-like skin exists. I don't know if it stems from flabby skin, poor health or what. But it definitely exists. In my family at least. You are one I would consider a Tattoo altruist. I applaud you for that. Most people I have seen do it...
  20. *Stabbity*


    "Long time reminder of a short term feeling." Some(one or two tats) look hot on women, and never adds masculinity to men. I think some of those guys are trying to fake masculinity, in my opinion. Noidi0ts had it right. The future will be rife with old prune'ish people and indecipherable...
  21. *Stabbity*


    interfacelift.com is an excellent resource for wallpapers in any resolution.
  22. *Stabbity*


  23. *Stabbity*

    Best Electronica?

    Needy girl is an excellent song.
  24. *Stabbity*


    Being married only so much of my entropic nature can be accepted before so long until INFJ comes by and either yells or stammers on and cleans while I debate the reason it needed cleaning in the first place. I can hardly blame her. She comes from a family that is predominantly Virgo and has a...
  25. *Stabbity*

    confidence, courage, risk, identity

    Apparently I have an overwhelming sense of self today. Also apparently a thread hijacker too. In a small way anyway.
  26. *Stabbity*

    confidence, courage, risk, identity

    I'm very similiar to a bunch of you. My accomplishments are usually rooted in a have-to-be-done fashion. For example: My mind constantly comes up with ideas for this. How to improve that. Unless I have accountability my motivations are never achieved. Only in my mind are they realized. If I have...
  27. *Stabbity*


    Never smoked anything. Ever. Not once. Tried ecstacy MDMA twice. Got very sick both times. The second time almost killed me. If it weren't for my ex-gf, I'd probably be dead. She got me help when everyone else was content on leaving me there to flop like a fish and pass out. I have sciatica...
  28. *Stabbity*

    Vomitus, detritus and purposeless prattling

    Welcome orgaqualia. I have to rant about your number 13. Let me begin with the sensory overload that is the entertainment industry. Specifically all those carbon copy magazines that cater to the young adult. Particularly of the female variety. These people want us to believe that the...
  29. *Stabbity*

    About you?

    My sons isn't that hard. Mine? I will give you a hint. The first name starts with "R" and the last starts with "T". Good luck! :D
  30. *Stabbity*

    "Im a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype"

    Ah Black Belt. In FF1 with fast(haste) cast upon him, I once got 999dmg. Ah memories.
  31. *Stabbity*

    Best Electronica?

    Cabaret Voltaire, Lustmord, Skadi, Blood Box, Maeror Tri, Sleep Chamber, Terra Sancta, Pete Namlook, Northaunt, Aghast, Kerovnian, Raison D'etere, Senthil, Sui Generis Umbra, Ayla, BT, Babble, Boards Of Canada, Bluetech, Chicane, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Gus Gus, Lamb, Tortoise, Tangerine Dream...
  32. *Stabbity*


    I am. http://lastfm/kalaine I listen to mostly electronic music.
  33. *Stabbity*

    Symphonic Metal

    I listen to In Flames, Soilwork and Deathstars.
  34. *Stabbity*

    What songs are you listening to?

    Boards of Canada - Dawn Chorus, An Eagle in Your Mind. DJ Krush(Hip Hoppy) - Duality, The Dawn Bluetech - Shimmer, Prayer for Rain Donnie Darko Soundtrack and Score In the last 2 hours anyway.
  35. *Stabbity*

    Debricked a router...

    Some WRT54g model right? If not, they rule. Also, you said that you have a P3 that you are going to turn into a firewall. I suggest smoothwall or a clarkconnect server. Both are free. One is Linux and the other is FreeBSD. Smoothwall is awesome. /opensource advocation of the day.
  36. *Stabbity*

    How computer literate are YOU?

    Say hi to ENIAC for me. :p
  37. *Stabbity*

    About you?

    What is your name? A Nerdy Twill. That's an anagram for my real name. Where are you from? Mars, Bible belt USA, Texas How old are you? 9x3+4 What's your gender? Can be derived from a planet above. How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? Saw it on a friends myspace and did...
  38. *Stabbity*

    "Im a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype"

    Heh. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to stab you. :D Fighter, is that you???
  39. *Stabbity*

    Vista vs XP

    Vista 64 = FAIL. Epically. Srsly. It errors out so damn much you'd think you were using Windows ME. YEs, it is THAT BAD. Next to no issues with 32bit though. The next Windows version will be 64-bit only.
  40. *Stabbity*

    Vista vs XP

    Not exactly true. It does operate more efficiently with 4, yes. It uses the more RAM it see's to effectively cache certain tasks. It prefetches much more efficiently with 4GB for sure. overall the system reacts faster too. To run effectively though, for a normal user 2Gb is fine. Turn off all...
  41. *Stabbity*

    How computer literate are YOU?

    Very? :D I've been using computers on a daily basis since Windows 3.11 w/networking. Hello there TCP/IP. :p Yea Yea, I know some of you are going to say "Well, i had a TRS(Trash)80, or I had a C64/128. Yea, and I had a XT or AT, 8080....." Blah, Blah. Hehe.:D I have only experience as a...
  42. *Stabbity*

    Are any of you like me?

    I get along with most anyone, on the surface at least. I don't have any "best" friends, and I actually prefer it that way. I don't like to have a set of friends that I am bound by that friendship to maintan. I.E: going out to the movies or to grab a beer at the pub, etc. I'm selfish I guess. :D...
  43. *Stabbity*


    I did a PS1, 5 Xbox gen 1's, a V3C, and now a iPhone. Two of the Xbox's were hardware mod, the rest softmods.
  44. *Stabbity*

    "Im a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype"

    Thanks. ;) The video was really sweet too.
  45. *Stabbity*

    "Im a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype"

    I actually like it. Pc's don't depend on Windows as an operating system, as people would lead you to believe. Take the case of the many whom have posted here that use Linux, as I do. I use Arch btw. :) That being said, as much as I dislike Windows, it does serve its purpose. For me it's...
  46. *Stabbity*

    1N7P5 l337!!11

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