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  1. Nick

    The first soft-shutdown of the world

    What if this event that just took over our lives for the last year happened only to set the precedent for future ones, which may last longer than normal during the squeeze (shorter period of time where everything shut down, no travel, shelter-in-place_). Letting the public know what...
  2. Nick

    Is there a job which requires you to summarize a great amount of information?

    Give me a room, a ton of documents and a couple of days, and I'll take all the key points and lay them out so it's easy for the layman to understand. Sounds like my perfect career, someone put me in it!
  3. Nick

    strong intuitive feelings about shifts in the worlds dichotomy

    Taking in so much information on a daily basis, as we intps love the internet and all things shiny and new, our subconscious seems to be running faster and faster. The way people interact after the way the world spins in a certain way. Maybe its just my feelings being projected upon the...
  4. Nick

    How often do you catch yourself staring into a mirror wondering

    who you are.. what this is... I usually catch myself when I'm alone, working out, just staring into my pupils. I usually just smirk and continue on.
  5. Nick

    Chlorovirus ATCV-1

    http://www.techtimes.com/articles/19951/20141111/meet-chlorovirus-atcv-1-a-virus-that-can-make-humans-more-stupid.htm A virus found in ~1/2 the population, easily infects hosts, decreases cognitive abilities.
  6. Nick

    Do you actively try to be the worse person?

    Simply to let everyone else outshine you, seeing how everyone else works and how relationships evolve over-time.
  7. Nick

    RAP: One liners you find catchy.

    Hezekiah - Put Your Toys Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiHVmFohhTs
  8. Nick

    found a bug

    Hey so if I want to quote someone.
  9. Nick

    TP v. TJ

    Would you agree with this: TP: Combs information for the top best sources of verification to make sure truth is true(A,B,C), but also spends an indefinite amount of time more analyzing each topic (A,B,C) into (A,123;B,123;C,123) and if we need to go further then (A,1,(XYZ,XYX,XYY… you get the...
  10. Nick

    School: I could do anything in that amount of time.

    I think this might be why we're all so horrible with choosing which direction we want to go in with our lives. fuck I don't even know what I want to do at this moment (eat a hotdog or work on sheet metal or play PC games), let alone the rest of my life except we have to plan out 6+ years of...
  11. Nick

    We come up with ideas on the fly all the time.

    Too generalized of a statement for us? We love shit everywhere in organized messes. Thats why our living area is usually packed with things everywhere. We come up with ideas so fast on the fly that we can instantly grab something we know is near by to work with your idea. The thing...
  12. Nick

    How much different would your life be if you never discovered your MBTI type.

    I know INTPs usually like to play devils advocate with every single question asked, so I expect most of the answers to be: None at all. With that said, those of you that think their life would be different, do you think having a strong/complete understanding of the INTP type reinforces the...
  13. Nick

    do you address your professors by their first or last name?

    which direction do we split? and why is your room and example of your mind?
  14. Nick

    little party game I created on the fly

    So I was at a friends place (loft in Brooklyn) for a birthday party a year ago, now what I did to pass the time, along with drinking, was this... Taking the slate cheese plate a piece of chalk I had in my pocket (not sure how this aligned but it did)... I sectioned the slate off into 16...
  15. Nick

    When you move, and how you move your body...

    Do you ever feel super-coordinated? Maximizing your movements with constant fluidness and momentum,.. you're thinking almost ahead of where you have to go and when you do tasks you complete them extremely fast and efficiently.
  16. Nick

    One of our bigger threats,...

    Would you say one of the bigger threats to us is actively thinking about the future (especially in completing a task), visualizing what is needed to be done and mentally completing the task in your head to perfection.... then never actually physically doing the required work... ...resulting in...
  17. Nick


    conversations* I could explain to you to the extreme depths about something I'm interested in and I've been playing with for the last couple of months or years, and to me [and if I do, you nod along and then here I am thinking you're following me at the same speed I'm explaining it to you, then...
  18. Nick

    Col. Chris Hadfield, what type?

    Couldn't find anything anywhere.
  19. Nick

    INTP: weak memory

    Just a thought, this might relate to how we are shitty at remembering peoples names or such.... From this article: Such that our Fi/Fe is lacking most of the time, and we're devoid of emotion, the synapses are 'weak' joins?
  20. Nick

    The day the introverts silence the extroverts

    Is the day when we have the technology to communicate via thoughts. I can imagine some extroverts don't have a continual thought process or any background noise going on in the back of their head. otoh, our heads, never shut up.
  21. Nick

    Always seeing finality

    I've seen here and there that INTPs tend to always draw out the final conclusion in things. The logical argument of, Why do X when Y is going to happen. This type of thinking turns our thoughts into more of a gaming reality. This quote from Graham Hancock: From...
  22. Nick

    Ever wonder what it would be like...

    ...to remember every single persons name that you meet. I know a couple people that like, they see a face and remember their name instantly. I'm pretty envious of that ability. Once we have some sort of google glass built into our optic nerve with facial recognition and little...
  23. Nick

    Happy Mothers Day

    With that said, I wonder how many INTP mothers we have here.
  24. Nick

    Happy Easter!

    To all that celebrate it or not. I'm in it for the home cooked meals, delicious deserts and feeling of general well-being that is accompanied with family and food. I look past any religious undertows and enjoy it for face value. :kodama2::kodama2::kodama2:
  25. Nick


    A kodama is a spirit from Japanese folklore, which is believed to live in certain trees. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodama_(spirit) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMV7_8sa7gE Saw the new guy, figured he needed a proper introduction. :kodama1::ahh04:
  26. Nick

    Two separate minds/personalities

    – hungover piecing together thoughts from a little shower-thinktank episode. Okay, observing myself. When with friends I’ve grown with (teenagers to now, 27) I see myself as outgoing, social, fun, an as some INTP descripts say, a childlike naivety, which, if I’m correct, is my Fe shining...
  27. Nick

    Don't lose the now!

    Short from here: From here: http://www.reelyredd.com/hisp-arg-borges-instantes.htm I enjoy the thought of: Don't lose the now! We, or should I say, I, get caught in the what-ifs of anything and everything. I wish to stay in the now, it makes life easier, simpler, more involved, less...
  28. Nick

    Was math invented or discovered?

    I know it's an age old question, but I'd love to hear some personal viewpoints on this.
  29. Nick

    Spy Game - Nathan Muir

    I suck at typing people. Hopefully I can get better watching Aurbons videos as they roll out, but what would you type Muir as in the movie, if you've seen it.
  30. Nick

    Overcoming the language barrier

    Sitting here in a house listening to a bunch of migrant workers got me thinking how in the future will we bypass our current language restrictions. Problem: No effective way for interpersonal communication between the human race. Possible solutions: Everyone effectively learns a universal...
  31. Nick

    So I've come to the conclusion...

    That we'd be much better off in society if we were half-drunk wherever we went. 1. We'd talk more. 2. We would have an exposed, opened Fe. 3. We'd act more, think less. Not saying this is good, but we'd have increased confidence, faster reaction time to wit, slower intuitive Ti (like...
  32. Nick

    Something that has been bugging me with marijuana

    I remember reading a quote somewhere here from a fellow INTP, I cannot find it, but it goes along the lines of: Now this has been running though my head for the last month or so, only to surface now since I can't figure it out... Questions: Important: How do we know how other peoples...
  33. Nick

    Out of all the MBTIs why are INTx's the only dominate force online

    From that, I mean, I've only really seen INTP/J active communities. Furthermore, when giving other people different MBTI tests, no one really seems that interested in their type much after an initial conversation. I'll get, yeah that describes me, very accurate, ect... but then that's it...
  34. Nick

    The answer is right in front of your face, it's everywhere...

    Does anyone else feel if we were to meet with our makers/ unimaginable intelligence race/ creators of the universe... the questions we might have... the biggest questions,. they'd tell us, "we made it so painstakingly easy, so any evolved intelligent sentient species, at any time period, would...
  35. Nick

    INTPs - Better at recognizing patterns?

    I for one feel like a little human computer matching machine sometimes. The ability to connect the dots between so many abstracts. No wonder why I'm always looking out into space. :storks:
  36. Nick

    INTPs and Genotyping

    Do you think this idea is a bit too forward? I've submitted my DNA to 23andme.com (Co-founder Sergey Brin of Google invested early in 2007, in this company). I've also got it for my immediate family. The details are fascinating and updated as their sample size increases. I would wish...
  37. Nick

    For the INTPs

  38. Nick

    Physics Wave Pendulum

    Looking at old saved videos, what's your thoughts on this: :matrix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M8ciWSgc_k
  39. Nick

    If you could have a permanent stipend...

    ...what amount would it? The Kicker: Don't be too greedy. The stipend comes from intpforum.com and there is only a finite amount to go around, so all members would get paid, some more than others. aka, how much could you like to live off of, weekly, without asking for more then you need.
  40. Nick

    Does anyone ever read from the the bottom up?

    Most of the time I find myself trying to understand things from starting at the end and ending at the beginning. Something about seeing the finished product first then mentally reverse engineering until I arrive at step 1. It can also be applied to substeps/chapters. Almost how I like to...
  41. Nick

    Just another one of those Flash Thoughts

    Imagine if (funny how many times I start conversations with this line)… you and all your possessions in the room your computer is in, is transported back in time to the location of the great pyramids. Your electricity is supplemented by solar panels and batteries that never lose their charging...
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