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  1. ZenRaiden

    The Internet is Biased

    Its not the internet that is biased. It is the information from the internet that is processed by people that is inherently biased. Sometimes you need a node outside of the internet you could call it a supernode that connects things and consequently if someone is so superstitios and dogmatic...
  2. ZenRaiden

    Who is the one?

    Your correct Cognisant. I think the key here in the first place is why Matrix exists? hmmmmmm that indeed is interesting question never asked? Interesting fact Oracle gives Neo the cookies. :D OOOO what is really going to bake your noodle. Would you have still broken the vaze have I not...
  3. ZenRaiden

    Who is the one?

  4. ZenRaiden

    Who is the one?

  5. ZenRaiden


    OK, I am game. First of all I have no clue what you are talking about in terms of Humes whatever. Murder! So called Murder does not exist never will unless of course it exists. Secondly if you do not value the thing that is part of nature that is your problem. I always will and do. Of...
  6. ZenRaiden

    Why do some people lack a sense of humour?

    Yes true, lots of things on TV are dumb. I used to think people would not watch lost of things. Why would you? But then I realized people who complain about computer games do, boring puzzles, or sudoku, or games that are even more retarded than minesweeper. Some people don't like games, but...
  7. ZenRaiden

    Why are ideas considered separate from matter?

    Human brain would be predictable if it were behaving in constraints of a depleted system like say you live in a desert. The decisions in such environment are way too limited and few and each decision takes a lot of energy expenditure. So you really have to know what you want to do each step of...
  8. ZenRaiden

    Taoism is a spook.

    That was not understanding. Or hypothetical. That was a simplistic explanation of a lager notion that is all. A philosophy can explain things, but there is never a single force at play in a life of a person, whether they know or not. Most people do not. When you do, that does not...
  9. ZenRaiden

    Taoism is a spook.

    So.... how does that make anything in previous conversation relevant then? Yes core principal is you need to figure out things for yourself, same way no one can tell you how to keep a balance on bike unless you hop on it yourself. In such sense everything we do has to be done this way.
  10. ZenRaiden

    Taoism is a spook.

    So whats it about?
  11. ZenRaiden

    Taoism is a spook.

    No just go read it your self. Once you finish reading don't forget to think about. Citations for religion is if you want to be a some sort of sociologist, or theologian. I am neither.
  12. ZenRaiden

    -overwhelmed by social anxiety, manages to sqeak out a lame "hi!! >w<;;"-

    I was once sick for 2 weeks and honest to god, I have not spoken to anyone in that time much. Best 2 weeks in my life. All I did was lay in bed and do literally nothing apart from reading a old book from time to time. I have never gotten bored outside of social situations as much as in social...
  13. ZenRaiden

    -overwhelmed by social anxiety, manages to sqeak out a lame "hi!! >w<;;"-

    eat lots of garlic, 6 feet or more, smile and be nice, anything that comes to your mind, put it at the end of the list of things to talk about if at all. Cross out all the crazy shit. Don't question authority, people do not like it. I mean they will beat the shit out of you if you do...
  14. ZenRaiden

    Taoism is a spook.

    Taoism or Buddhism, tells people that we construct boxes. Each box neatly packaged. Grammar, and meaning all perfectly neat and well made. The point of it all is to realize, that we need the boxes. But at the end of the day, we are not subject to the boxes. We can always shift them around or...
  15. ZenRaiden

    It's possible the world will never unite as one entity, to do something like deepspace exploration.

    Flying to space is easy. It takes tremendous effort, but humans already know how. Its not about the how anymore, more about the why? Why? I mean humans have the technology to fly to Mars... ...but why? Even flying to the Moon was more of a competition of who is better, rather than any...
  16. ZenRaiden

    Why MBTI? A rebuttal.

    You do not need MBTI to understand people. MBTI is recent invention. Humans have been around lot longer. You talk as if you use science for everything in life. As if every step of the way you understand ever appliance, every, motor vehicle, every material, every natural law, and understand...
  17. ZenRaiden

    Why MBTI? A rebuttal.

    One way to approach MBTI is once know what it is and how it works.... you define clear objectives that is the way you want to use it. I do not think MBTI is that useful with people you interact with very little. Many people try to use MBTI like horoscope. Oh you are a capricorn, so this...
  18. ZenRaiden

    Why MBTI? A rebuttal.

    After many years of consider MBTI bull .... I kind of decided to look at it seriously. I just thought its odd that after some 6 years I have not once gave it serious consideration. So I thought it would be wrong of me to make fun of a theory until I gave it good look. So I did. Turns out its...
  19. ZenRaiden

    Why MBTI? A rebuttal.

    Jung used to say its a map not the territory. This idea applies to MBTI as well. You see a map is not actually the world and the way it works. The size of the mountain on the map is not equal to the size of the mountain in real life. Walking up the mountain is not the same as looking at...
  20. ZenRaiden

    H o m e o p a t h y.

    I think it was some german doctor who invented it. I am not sure homeopathy is interesting, but its worth looking into. Its one of those nice thing you can look at and wonder... why would anyone believe it. SO I think scientist should actually look into homeopathy to figure out why people...
  21. ZenRaiden

    Social Justice is the basis of Racism and Sexism

    Everything in politics, even democratic ones, is war of wills. There would be no racism or sexism, if people were not competing. You could argue that competition no longer exists once people have enough. Unfortunately exact opposite is true. The more you have the more you stand to lose...
  22. ZenRaiden

    When nobody knows what you're talking about...

    It does not matter. What matters is the conversations that do work. The ones that do not are the ones that inform you what you have different. Keep that in back of your mind, but don't repeat the mistake or else you get the same result. I can think of 100 ways that I am identical to everyone...
  23. ZenRaiden

    I feel like one of the prerequisites for a good society is "military"

    People often want to do things. Long term planning gives space for people to organize around certain projects and ideas and work them out with effective effort. If you give people too little work they end up getting in the way of other people. You can have one person annul all the work of...
  24. ZenRaiden

    The resurgence of collectivism

    Functional collective Strong help the weak, the weak do the jobs the strong don't need to do. Smart help the stupid, and the stupid do the things smart don't have to do. Efficiency is important. If there is lack of efficiency the whole collective loses meaning. It may exist, but without the...
  25. ZenRaiden

    is space and matter the same

    Matter is made of atoms. Atoms are made of sub atomic particles These particles are essentially a type of energy. A particle is a collapsed wave function A particle is a quantum excitation of a field A particle is an irreducible representation of the Poincaré group A particle might be a...
  26. ZenRaiden

    The resurgence of collectivism

    Brain storming for example, is considered good. Internet arguments are inconsequencial, but can be fun provided that you arent talking to someone not too emotional. Anonymity on internet in real life are the same. How much do people actually know the real you in real life? Do they actually know...
  27. ZenRaiden

    Your excuses for smoking?

    I think the difference between SP and INTP is simply INTPs do it for the experience SPs do it for the experience, but socially. INTP make a conscious and rational choice to experiment with drugs.... SPs.... just do it and don't think about it much or anaylse it much. You would not find many...
  28. ZenRaiden

    The right to be selfish

    Can a person be a little shelf fish?
  29. ZenRaiden

    How are you living with your mental illnesses?

    1} Nothing unusual, I can sort it out eventually 2} In a way yes, but not beyond what it can do... so as expected 3} Being born 4} Its hard to tell, but its not something you can measure.
  30. ZenRaiden

    Confidence doesn't lead to better outcomes

    Easy to build confidence. Just do the things you are best at. However if you are suddenly confident in something new thats false confidence.
  31. ZenRaiden

    A theory on the origins of deities.

    One way you can look at deities as exactly what they are empirically which is imagination. But they are conceptual not necessarily something we connect automatically with nature, though deities in many ways transcend nature and control it. I believe this was Foucault point. Jesus even though...
  32. ZenRaiden

    When nobody knows what you're talking about...

    Most people do not need to know much about technology and so they do not know much about technology. You can only talk about technology to people who know about technology and mostly those who care. However even so that does not mean they necessarily care to talk to about technology. You can...
  33. ZenRaiden

    When nobody knows what you're talking about...

    They don't care to listen, they might not be that interested to think about what you have to say, they may even understand you, but just don't care... and of course they might have misunderstood what you were talking about. Most people don't realize that most people have several things on...
  34. ZenRaiden

    Can human compatibility/relationship be calculated and measured

    What is wrong with divorce? Is it really wrong or unnatural? Are people dying single unnatural? Is being lonely really that wrong and is not finding friends really that bad? Obviously this does not work for many people. Question is why do they make decisions that make them end up in those...
  35. ZenRaiden

    Have we screwed ourselves over with mass vaccinations?

    Covid may? more like Covid will. Vaccines will not stop Covid ever. It spreads too easy much like the flu we cannot shake of this planet. Vaccines are merely damage control for time being. They were only hopeful solution if the virus did not spread that much and had not muted that much...
  36. ZenRaiden

    Have we screwed ourselves over with mass vaccinations?

    It would be nice if people look up what a virus is. Every discussion about COVID would make more sense with people who know what an actual virus is. Here is a hint. Its not a freaking 5 letter word. Viruses will always exist. Viruses don't care about emotions, politics, medicine, or...
  37. ZenRaiden

    The right to be selfish

    People need to realize that no one will ever stop you from being selfish. There is however difference between being selfish and being asshole about it. Don't be an asshole and leave people alone and you can be as selfish as you like.
  38. ZenRaiden

    Can human compatibility/relationship be calculated and measured

    What is the difference to being confused? ---------------------------------------------------- Facebook does not care about matching people. Its not even their business model. Yes matching people is possible and easy. People have been doing it since Adam and Eve. Look where it got us. There...
  39. ZenRaiden

    Your excuses for smoking?

    Why would I need an excuse? However if I do get lung cancer Ill just jump of some bridge or something.
  40. ZenRaiden

    I called someone a stupid whore

    This is one of those red flags that would incite a revolution in some parts of the world. I personally think this is a good station to get of the crazy train. No I am not expert, just think this where I would probably block here. I deal with bullshit all my life, and have dished out...
  41. ZenRaiden

    Dealing with therapy cessation

    Exporting problems onto therapist is not helpful and healing. Therapy only works if the so called relationship leaves you with real life solutions and tools that you can use to overcome obstacles.
  42. ZenRaiden

    what the hell is human nature

    Adaptation Ability to defy instincts Expansion Fragility Endurance Territoriality Efficiency and efficacy
  43. ZenRaiden

    matter and spirit

    Yeah not a linguist expert, but there is a lot of controversy about the way this word was used in the past or what it meant. Phy for example can understood as IS ta physis basically could also be understood in caveman talk as that which is - is. Obviously this is speculation. In other words...
  44. ZenRaiden

    Toxic Femininity

    Feminism was framed as liberation from mans oppression. I believe feminism aim should be to liberate females to fulfill their natural potential. Part reason why feminism exists is that females have role to play in the way men oppress females. There are 1 000 s of problems people can invent...
  45. ZenRaiden

    alternatives to MBTI

    Creativity absolutely follows rules, BUT... what are rules. Language we use is based on rules. Already established rules. Then what makes language creative? Creativity is something you have not done before. Something you or no one has done before. Something that was never established. That...
  46. ZenRaiden

    alternatives to MBTI

    How would anyone not working for FBI know. Socionics is used in Russian astronaut progams. Psychology overall has multitude of applications, personality typology can help in various ways. If for example you have 4 people in a tiny compartment fired into space where most of the time they do...
  47. ZenRaiden

    The philosophers of the past era have failed our generation

    Besides Nietzsche, Marx, or Sartre there are 1 000 s of other philosophers many of which would arguably be more important. People ought to remember these guys were growing up back when the world was different. They did not even have dishwashers.
  48. ZenRaiden

    can we make decisions completely divorced from emotions

    I still marvel at the idea that people somehow decided that emotions and thinking are not the same category. Emotions of course are not the same thing as a though or idea, but they are literally the thing that makes our minds work in some capacity. The idea we can compose our selves and be...
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