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Default just another view of the web

good day everyone.

i just registered to the forums to give all you amazing people something back.
when i found my fellow intps in this forum it was a feeling like finally having found a place where i feel more at home as ever before.
you gave my mind some peace, but mostly you gave me great music, great information(sources), great ideas and thoughts.

so over the course of the last year my best friend ( an intj) and i decided to make a small gallerie, to show what we see, what we find and what we want to share.
starting with a some simple video-linking, planning to conquer the w.... ahhh, sorry, still got some of those authoritarian thoughts in me

the construct in me, for social norms and behaviours, yells at me right now.
it says it's impolite to register at some forum and the first thing you do is to promote something you did yourself.
the intp in me knows most of you will just see it as information, something you take or leave.

to shorten this unnecessary babbling, i will leave the link and be quiet.

have fun, i hope i can give some of the enjoyment back, you gave me.

- love is the law, love under will.
- communication occurs only between equals.
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