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Default Working memory model an my Brain

I think the reason I do not see anything in my mind's eye is that the temporal lobe deals with things and the parietal lobe deals with space. I can solve spatial problems but the temporal lobe has a broken link to give colors to the shapes. When I dream I think a pressure is released for me to see the dream world but it is dark and not like the world I am in while awake. I barely have conscious awareness and things just seem to happen. My mind is black in the dream world, no higher thought.

I know what Donald Duck looks like but it is unconscious. I have memories of childhood but I cannot see them, but I still have them. My episodic memories are not stored semantically. They are spatial memories. I was just at the local groceries store. I know the spatial layout and some colors, I do not see them, they are just there in my head. That is not semantic because I can draw you what is in the store. Semantics does not create spatial and color layouts of places. (semantics is verbal, not special) I store my memories is space not sounds. Sounds do not give you the details of a spatial layout. The only way they are connected is because sounds translate spatial perception into directions of the Signified and signifier.

Baddeley's model of working memory

brain is highly encrypted and compressed

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