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ENTPlease kill me
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Default Capote is mighty gay

I read this book by Truman Capote for my class, In Cold Blood, so after we all watched Capote and answered a class question on opinion and everybody thought I was emo or sociopathic, the question was, "How was Capote's relationship with Perry Smith?" I said; "I think its bull cuz Perry wants Capote to write him off as insane but compassionate so he could get plea for Insanity, having no real feelings for Capote, but Capote is sexually attracted to Perry but only uses him info on the killing, cuz he knows people want to read about the blood and excitement of reality. Like the movie shows Perry's hanging, when really, Capote only sat through Dick's."
Everybody just stared at me, and I was like, welp, that's it. Now I'm known as a sociopathic, kinda, maybe, idk.
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Default Re: Capote is mighty gay

What exactly are they teaching in this class?

I remember in high school English class having to do essays about "To Kill a Mockingbird" and the movie, yes the movie, "The Hurricane". In retrospect why was I writing essays on what this book and movie were about when what I was supposed to be learning was reading and writing?

I don't remember a single lesson on narrative structure, characterization, how to do "show don't tell" or anything that might have been useful to me if I wanted to be a book/script writer instead I remember discussing the significance of various scenes and the meaning of them in the overall moral lesson.

If you're still in school don't be afraid to question whether or not what you're being taught is actually relevant to the curriculum, indeed ask to review the curriculum.
Deadlier, Sillier and more Perverted.
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ENTPlease kill me
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Default Re: Capote is mighty gay

Its a class on film, (scene making and significance and characterization of main characters) and books like so. Its an elective.
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Default Re: Capote is mighty gay

Let's suppose that you're among those of us characterized by an INTP -- David Keirsey -- as the most logical of (MBTI) types.
How `logical' SEEMS it to engage in exercises which a pair of emacs packages would help you discover the (il)logicality: e-prime-mode & artbollocks-mode

The `was' of the assignment allows one and all to PROJECT whatever they will upon the metaphorical Ink Blot of the supposed `relationship' between two people thusly framed into a work of art ready for `art bollocks'.
If you find it `logical' or otherwise desirable to blurt out YOUR projections vis-a-vis the Ink Blot presented before GOD & Everyone then you deserve all the `helpful criticism' you receive ... you friggin socioPath.
Haven't you heard of the 5th amendment?
Nowadays the social game is to use The Mob to transform any fool brave enough and individual -- EG not sheepish enough to work and play well with delicate snow-flake sheeple -- enough to express emotional authenticity and honesty INTO a once-a-___-always-a-____ CRIMINAL.
EveryTHING you say in public CAN BE used to `incriminate' you ... transform your IDENTITY into what those in the Court of Public Opinion -- by mob rules and mob processes -- CAN.
A wiser way of responding would be to use yet another `artist' as a cats-paw.

"Kafka -- during his `The Trial' period -- would have beheld/regarded/apperceived/portrayed Capote this, or Perry that ... and while I'm at it, I'm acutely AWARE that I am `on trial' every time I open my mouth in this Kangaroo Court of Public opinion posing as a classroom."

That should help transform your Public Image from sociopath to merely paranoid.
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