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Default Sex Freely Without Corporate

Sexuality is, despite its omnipresence, prevented from being expressed openly and honestly in everyday interactions. In these situations, it is forbidden to look at certain parts of another's body, show 'too much' of one's own, openly express sexual desire in company, or even just have sex without buying into a complex contextual framework of meanings and ideological obligations.

Yet sexuality is expressed, in a restrictive hieroglyphic language, everywhere. A gesture. A certain nuance of speech. An image. In order to have sex with the type of person desired, it is usually necessary to act and live in a certain way. Certain products must be bought, certain clothes worn, and certain attitudes and beliefs held.

I hold that much of the motivation for buying into common conceptual frameworks is sexual. The corporate/governmental social hierarchy has a monopoly on sex, in that not buying into the belief systems necessary for interacting with them as they require results in social rejection and, thus, an absence of sex.

It is the repression of sexuality which facilitates this. Sex isn't ''easy'' and ''fast'' in modern society, and all of the steps of a complex human equivalent of the (non-human) animal mating dance must be fulfilled in order for it to be obtained. A certain type of clothing and make-up must be worn, and a certain worldview shared with the other.

This may not apply to exceptionally physically attractive people, but human individuals are generally socially defined. All that is needed for almost everybody to buy into the conceptual framework is for enough people to be subconsciously sexually motivated to do so. Our modern mating dance is also much more flexible than that of other animals. Abstract signifies, defined my individual cultures, are involved. If these abstract indicators, such as complicity in a single conceptual scheme, are not present, then sex does not happen.

As long as sexuality is repressed, as long as the human body is taboo, and as long as sex is a hugely ''meaningful'' act, the vast majority of people will be bound. People will be forced, subconsciously, to but into conceptual systems necessary for the fulfillment of the complex steps of human mating rituals.

This is used in advertisements, maintenance of hierarchical social structures, and the encouragement of conformity. The threat of unfulfilled sexuality is a gun held to the common man and woman's head. Sex is distant and abstract, so we buy and buy and work and work and do this and that in a disparate attempt to seem desirable according to the ever changing complex set of conceptual considerations that a potential mate will judge us by.

The highly intelligent individual can learn to ''pretend'' to buy into such conceptual frameworks, without actually doing so. Intelligence can bring increased freedom, but only in a restricted society. This option is not available to the common man and woman, who will inevitably-- emotionally-- buy into the rituals which they must adopt in order to have the sexual relationships that their instincts require.

Only when the human body is no longer taboo, when sex is no longer abstract and conceptually meaningful, and only when people are fucking in the streets and expressing their sexuality openly may we be free from conceptual homogony.

I do not argue that the set-up was consciously constructed by people who wanted power-- the world is too chaotic for that, and I am no conspiracy theorist. I *do* argue that the ultimate effect is the same, and that sexual restriction is one of the foundations of social and imaginative subjugation.

When (assuming it could or might happen) there is no underlying sexual motivation to buy into the conceptual schemes which were previously necessary for sex, people will be freer and more diverse.

Let the revolution start here. Let all sexuality be openly expressed on this forum! Let a simple physical act no longer be taboo! Let humans live, eat, and fuck freely, without the necessity of buying into complex and abstract systems which ensnare them and determine the course of their lives.

(last paragraph is why this is posted in ''INTP'').
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