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Default Enneagram 5w4

The type seems rather enigmatic, if you ask me. At least, in theory; I've never experienced another one in my albeit short life except for myself.

Does anyone have thoughts on them? Being both an INTP and 5w4 proves to make my nature somewhat... fickle, so to speak.
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Default Re: Enneagram 5w4

I read somewhere that the most common MBTI type along 5w4s is INTP, though. Myself included - but I'm not really convicted.
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Default Re: Enneagram 5w4

I've been reading about it a bit. I actually tested as a 5w4 the first time I took the test (I think), but after reading about the Enneagram types, I'm quite convinced that I'm actually a 9. Maybe 9w1? It's apparently really common for an intellectual 9 to type as a 5, but extremely rare that a 5 acts much like a 9.

I think the huge difference between 5s and me is the fear/anxiety-core, which motivates them to acquire knowledge. They're also (supposedly) driven by gaining competency, while the 9s tend to see and portray things in a positive light (even if that just means repressing/denying when they're angry, ignoring unpleasant feelings, etc--essentially how INTPs can be, when covering up for a weak Fe function).

5s also seem bitingly critical, constantly... which is definitely a part of me, but not all the time. It sorta depends on what's the problem. If I think something's important to be right about, I can turn really critical of other positions... and if something's horrendously inefficient, administratively and affects me someow, then I can turn kinda nasty towards it, too. I'm really fighting to suppress criticism of people, though, for bunches of reasons... which I don't think 5s ever really do? Not sure. I get the impression they wouldn't distinguish between people and any other system, though. If I had any advice to them on that front, it'd be "when someone tells you how they're feeling, or that their feelings are a problem--believe them. Factor their feelings into your system, as solid, real things, even though you can't sense them in any way and don't see them as important, and engage in conversation with them from that point." Then you can treat them as any other system, like you would normally, but they'll also start to make sense to you, lol.

But yeah... I think the 5-ish "competency through knowledge" thing is the most major thing that pisses me off about them. I know an INTJ who I bet would be a 5, and so I've always seem them as just a hair more INTJ-like than INTP-like (though there's a huge overlap with the INTPs, too, of course). He's usually really cool, but the fear/competency thing can make him a jerk, sometimes, because it comes out like overwhelming arrogance and refusal to admit that he's wrong (even if it's not an "objective" thing at all, but a matter of preference, like "let's leave on our trip late tonight, rather than early tomorrow morning")
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