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  1. mikrokosmos

    Another introduction post

    Evening, all! I was initially apprehensive about joining an INTP forum given my previous, not so positive experiences with some immature, younger INTPs on sites like Reddit (I suppose we all go through an "edgy" phase... though I'm still not keen on hanging around those places). But after...
  2. Polymath 444


    Hey how's it going. I'm new to this forum I'm involved with other forums of mbti. I came here to discover new people and conversation. I have been going through the different mbti forums checking them out as of late..I do like to observe and better understand types./ explore of all the minds...
  3. Miro


    INFJ here. Hope to get along with you folks
  4. Forensic1999

    Ehm, hi.

    My first thought about writing an introduction was... How vicious are you guys on this website? Am I going to get torn apart for saying hi? Lol. I just found this forum and I wanted to see if I could meet some like-minded people. Hopefully I'll get a response from one of you, :)
  5. TheExplorer

    Introduction(creative I know)

    So Hi, I'm an Intp in Germany, just trying to get through school. I am currently learning the violin and I am interested in all stuff science and weird. I am also bad at introductions as I don't know what to write. And that's kinda it.
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