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Blessed are the hearts that can bend
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Oct 6, 2019
My alias is Rebis, this image spoke to me it has a lot of deeper meaning:


Firstly the egg which Rebis stands on is the world egg or seed.
This egg has the numbers 4 and 3 representing the sides of a rhombus and a triangle, adding them together is 7, the days in which god created the world.
The concept of Rebis, a dual state: For one to reach ascension (become the best person they can) they must adopt the opposite to their nature. This is displayed with the androgynous being in the middle.
This being is standing above what you could consider Ouroboros a being that eat it's own tail. A popular idea in greek mythology that fits in with principles in alchemy like transmutation: converting one material to another, transmutation itself being a proto-scientific view of the law of conservation.
The compass and ruler in both hands were used to draw the sphere, rhombus and triangle below.
You have the Gender symbols to the right for obvious reasons.
Venus and the sun are again polarities represented in the greek god Hermaphroditus (another reference to greek mythos!)
Mercury is inside Venus, designated by the aspect that is in the sphere and isn't the crescent shape. Mercury was used in alchemy to designate the soul/immaterial form and quiksilver.
And lastly the fusion of the gender symbols sitting on the top.

In a descending order:
-The idea of Transcendence, prior to materialising in a form, is represented at the top of the image. Alike to the great chain of being, from top to bottom.
-A little bit down to the left and right represent the atomic principles: the sun and venus and the line designates that they are constituents of the highest order to the form of Rebis.
  • Then you have the tools in each hand which designate that Rebis, the transcendant one can create both the spiritual dimensions represented by the circle, and the material world represented by the square.
  • The gender symbols below, as they are a subset of Rebis but they do not precedent over other components, yet unique to be symbolized.
-Then Rebis standing on top of Ouroboros which lies between the realm of transendence (Rebis) and the material, world seed.
-And lastly the material world.

Basically the image represents what I need to do in order to be the best possble person I can be: I have to adopt the opposite qualities of my innate personality. I have to walk through the unchartered abyss rather than staying a king of my own, small walled kingdom. There's so much of the world to understand through many perspectives, and if I am to try to understand the world for what it is, not through an objective lens but a complete one, I must try to see everything from as much perspectives as possible. That's what this image represents to me, embracing duality to transcend boundaries.

I'm not spiritual or religious, but this an abstraction of how I view the self-attributable meaning in my life.
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