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Aliens: Legacy


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Yesterday 10:20 PM
Dec 12, 2009
Just musing about how I'd do an Alien movie.

After "Alien", "Aliens" and all the cash ins I think there's no point trying to hide the Xenomorph in shadows anymore, to make a new movie fresh and interesting we've got to take the concept in a whole new direction. The typical Hollywood way of dealing with this is to update the monster, make it bigger, stronger, more monstrous and have it kill the original, which never works and yet they keep doing it, why are these people paid so much?

The Xenomorph's problem is that it's too familiar, as I said people already know what it looks like so there's no sense of mystery to be gained by hiding it in shadows, so lets not do that, it's the star of the show so lets put it center stage and in the spotlight. In the comics there's already been an android modeled after the Xenomorph, needless to say I fucking love that idea, it talks, it jokes, it smokes cigars and it creeps everyone out, but it's not actually a Xenomorph. I think we should stick to actual Xenomorphs and we all know how the typical "experimenting on Xenomorphs" story goes so lets subvert that, let's say this time the scientists succeeded, the Xenomorph genome has been mapped, genetic modifications have been made, there are now tame Xenomorphs.

What I love about this is that in every mad science movie it always goes wrong so for the entire movie people are going to be absolutely convinced that it's going to happen and the more we flirt with it the more convinced they'll be. So the Xenomorphs are tame but not domesticated and the difference isn't immediately obvious, in fact at some point (I haven't got a plot worked out yet) it turns out that the Xenomorphs themselves weren't modified at all, it was their human handlers that were modified. The handlers tame the Xenomorphs through classical conditioning and bonding exercises, if we're going for a MA rating we can leave it at that.

But an Alien movie should be sensual in ways that challenge people's sensibilities (this creature is H.R. Giger's magnum opus after all) and the handlers having relations with the Xenomorphs opens up the narrative in a few interesting ways. Firstly the handlers look human and act human, mostly, but there's something else going on there. I figure the Xenomorphs are too intelligent to be truly tame and the reason why the queen's pheromonal control of the drones couldn't be performed artificially is that they don't just react to the pheromones instinctively like insects do, rather it's more like how we vocalize, pheromones are how the Xenomorphs speak to each other. The handlers can "hear" and "speak" this pheromone language, they use it to silently communicate with each other without their supervisors knowing, they know the Xenomorphs are as intelligent as any human (if not more so) and this ability to communicate is how they really work with the Xenomorphs, there's nothing instinctual holding the Xenomorphs back from killing everyone if they so choose.

The second interesting thing about the handlers having relations with the Xenomorphs is that it means the Xenomorphs have a sexual reproductive system and if you think about it that makes perfect sense, ant and bee colonies may have a queen but they still send out drones and new queens every mating season. This is interesting because it adds an new dimension to their psychology, they're not just bugs that do what they do because that's the instinctual program nature gave them, they have complex motivations and possibly even psychological needs. We just assumed they were mindless bugs because they are able to cooperate so harmoniously, something we humans with our complex motivations and needs struggle to do, but this can be attributed to their genetic memory, they're all complex individuals but they're individuals with a long shared history (they share the memories of the previous generations).

I'm thinking the plot will have something to do with the handlers turning on the people in charge of them for some reason, maybe the Xenomorphs and their handlers are deployed on some sort of mission and they're betrayed somehow. One of the handlers has a Xenomorph she's particularly close to that's tasked with planting a bomb but as soon as the Xenomorph gets in position to plant it some general dickhead guy detonates it remotely. He figured the Xenomorphs are easy to replace and isn't quite aware of how close they are to their handlers. The Xenomorphs know one of their fellows died but they don't know the full circumstances, how could they, all they know is the mission was successful and they were rewarded with enough resources to increase their numbers. But the handler, she knows, she knows and she is really pissed off, at some point in the movie people are conversing about the differences between humans and Xenomorphs (in the sense that they're animals and humans are not) and one of the handlers says that humans are vindictive, the Xenomorphs are capable of spite but not to the extent humans are.

I'm still thinking about it, I may add more later.


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Today 2:20 AM
Jan 24, 2012
Never got the excitement over the Alien franchise, besides it maybe being an exposé on "the other" because as a sci-fi vehicle, it doesn't deliver. It's more horror with the sci-fi backdrop.

Your idea sounds out the ordinary. I also didn't think Prometheus was that bad. The xenomorphs being made tame is terrible as a concept, they'd be more like a tribe in the wild similar to apes. So they're humanoid and not that different. In fact, they look like they could have evolved on earth somewhere deep underwater. As an entertainment and seeing people mutilated and killed, it's a fun thing like a video game. I don't think real people are harmed during the making of it. It'd basically be like man engaging a gorilla or bear in hand to hand combat, directly. It wouldn't be the only alien out there. As long as this idea stays true to the series' original themes, it should be good.
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