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Article to read and a Big 5 Test.

Jan 24, 2013
A hut in the woods
This describle the landscape of people who typically take these personality test and tells how even though Big 5 isn't very popular, that it is the most scientifically valid personality dynamic.

This is the Big 5 personality test that is linked in the article.

My results are as follows:

E: 25
A: 56
C: 33
N: 58
O: 90

Ironically, even tho I put up such a stink about Jordan Peterson's Big 5 test, I actually find the results of this test to be a much better depiction of how I should score on a Big 5 test. I think I had more accurate results with this test because of the way the agreement scale was represented ie. Strongly, A Little, Neutral/No Opinion.


Active Member
Jan 7, 2017
E: 21: S6; A19; E39.
A:52: C50; R62; T44.
C:29: O31; P19; R38.
N:81: A94; D88; E62.
O:92: I100; A94; C81.


for the glory of satan
Sep 2, 2009
I like the way it broke down the factors for each category. It helped me understand why my results tend to come out pretty neutral with the OCEAN tests (except O is always high).

Extraversion 44
Sociability 50 - Assertiveness 31 - Energy Level 50

Agreeableness 40
Compassion 25 - Respectfulness 56 - Trust 38

Conscientiousness 42
Organization 12 - Productiveness 44 - Responsibility 69

Negative Emotionality 39
Anxiety 60 - Depression 56 - Emotional Volatility 0

Open-Mindedness 88
Intellectual Curiosity 100 - Aesthetic Sensitivity 62 - Creative Imagination 100


Luftschloss Schöpfer
Sep 26, 2008
Extraversion 40/100
  • Sociability 25
  • Assertiveness 50
  • Energy Level 44
Agreeableness 40/100
  • Compassion 38
  • Respectfulness 62
  • Trust 19
Conscientiousness 23/100
  • Organization 38
  • Productiveness 12
  • Responsibility 19
Negative Emotionality 25/100
  • Anxiety 38
  • Depression 19
  • Emotional Volatility 19
Open-Mindedness 90/100
  • Intellectual Curiosity 88
  • Aesthetic Sensitivity 88
  • Creative Imagination 94
I'm not very sociable, but I'm somewhat assertive.
I'm not very compassionate, but I'm very respectful.
I'm a little organized but not at all productive or responsible.
I'm not very prone to anxiety or negative emotions.
I'm open-minded in intellect, aesthetic and creative imagination.

Sounds about right, but only because it extracted that from direct questions. :P


Uplifted lobster
Jun 7, 2008
the metaverse
Was I the only one who massively cringed at the ending of that article? "We don't like using type categories, but we need to be popular, so we'll use a franchise past its prime and give people totally-not-types based on it!"

I feel the older I get and the more of these tests I do the more to the center I gravitate, and also find these kind of questions just so damn narrow to the point of being ridiculous (which I suppose partly is the reason behind ending up neutral on so many). Whatever these things measure, it feels simply hollow to provide just a measurement of a what rather than the much more interesting (if harder to measure) why/how that makes other perhaps less rigorous/tested systems more intriguing to me.

Anyway here's my results

Extraversion 27
  • Sociability 19
  • Assertiveness 44
  • Energy Level 19
Agreeableness 46
  • Compassion 50
  • Respectfulness 56
  • Trust 31
Conscientiousness 48
  • Organization 56
  • Productiveness 31
  • Responsibility 56
Negative Emotionality 40
  • Anxiety 38
  • Depression 50
  • Emotional Volatility 31
Open-Mindedness 75
  • Intellectual Curiosity 88
  • Aesthetic Sensitivity 62
  • Creative Imagination 75