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Better with visual explanations than verbal.


og root beer
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Today, 14:16
Jan 13, 2012
In school, work, or wherever else, I tend to be confused when something is verbally explained to me. Also, when I need to explain anything to someone, I often pull out a pen and paper and start drawing a diagram, web, graph- something along those lines, just as long as it's not verbal. I'm not saying I have a terrible vocabulary, yet there seem to be roadblocks in my communication of explanations.

How to complete a task, putting objects together, giving examples of how a certain machine or system works; if I'm unable to to give a physical demonstration because the subject isn't present, I love to draw the imagery that's in my mind on a piece of paper rather than talk about it. I have a hard time verbally forming sentences and paragraphs to explain the imagery of the workings of the subject as seen in my mind. Does anyone else have this in common with me?


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Today, 23:16
Dec 26, 2011
In my own world
Definitely. The problem in my case is that I do not have good fine motor skills so sometimes people have difficulties see what I see:). I find it hard to explain my imaginations verbally. It feels so much more natural to me explain things visually so yeah. I am like that.

I would say I am one of those people who think that one picture is more than 1000 words.
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Disturber of the Peace
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Today, 17:16
Oct 21, 2012
I am the complete opposite. I think and manage things in words almost exclusively, but diagrams are still pretty useful for me.

I prefer to use analogies and metaphors a lot when explaining something. I normally try to attach what I am explaining to something they already know and say how it is similar and explain what is a little bit different.

I like to think a lot of people understand me, but I am not too sure sometimes. I try to ask, "do you know what I mean?" a lot.


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Tomorrow, 05:16
Jul 19, 2012
While my thoughts tend to be, for the most part, expressed in images, I've grown more accustomed to explaining myself verbally. Mostly this is out of a necessity to learn a new language, so forcing myself to explain concepts well in said language is my preferred method of learning, rather than go through with the bland subject material that is presented in class. Descriptions and analogies have become my best friends ;).

However, I am also starting to resort to hand signals fairly often when a word eludes me, or I simply lack the proper vocabulary.
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