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China's Looming Financial Crisis


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Yesterday 9:16 PM
Dec 12, 2009
Evergrande one of the largest property developers in China is heavily leveraged, has missed two repayments and if they can't make their next repayment on Monday they'll "default" which I think is like a declaration of insolvency.

If they liquidate their assets it could pop China's housing bubble, causing a chain reaction of other developers defaulting, resulting in a financial crisis of unprecedented severity.

At least in China, although the CCP has invested a lot in other nations (Belt & Road Project) and they’re a large trade partner it's debatable how much the rest of the world will be affected by the collapse of the insular Chinese stock market.


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Today 3:16 AM
Sep 1, 2019
Theoretically, I would guess it to have a trickle down effect of higher prices for everyone because the cost of labor would go up in a stale economy.

But...China likes to export as much as possible for as cheap as possible to stranglehold the global trade market, so they would probably try to keep global trade stable and force their people to make sacrifices to do it. (But what is the end-game for that?)

China is a weird country; they seem to care more about benefiting the wealth of foreigners over the health of their own people. And they use so many social controls to keep people from having any control over it. Communism is scary.

So I have no idea what's going to happen.
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