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Class Ideas


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Yesterday, 14:24
Dec 12, 2009
Plague Doctor
This class would exist to bring the heal skill out of irrelevance, the plague doctor obviously excels at identifying and treating diseases but is also resistant to them, this eventually reaches a point where upon the plague doctor can intention expose themselves to diseases to both facilitate the creation of vaccines from their own blood and/or coat their weapon with their own diseased blood to add potency to their attacks.

Arcane Surgeon
Again same idea about using the heal skill, an arcane surgeon is a kind of arcane magic using healer who instead of using magic to heal people directly uses it to facilitate feats of mundane medical procedures. Arcane surgeons don't make their patients feel better they put them back together, stitching wounds closed, setting broken bones, reattaching limbs, even restoring life to the recently deceased. It's not resurrection, you lose experience for every round you spent dead as brain damage occurs and an arcane surgeon still needs your bits to put you back together, there's no coming back from falling in lava or being eaten. In terms of dealing damage the arcane surgeon is ideal for a dex based crit focused build as they get to add their heal check to their crit damage BEFORE the multiplication, however the class has a caster's BAB progression so crits are about the only time this class does damage in melee.

I've got this mental image of an arcane surgeon fighting with a dinky little scalpel which does fuck all damage but has a huge crit multiplier so although it's unlikely he'll do much if any damage this round everybody's scared of getting hit by him because there's always that chance...

Although obviously this class will have to be balanced against the use of Arcane Strike, indeed that's exactly the sort of spell this class should have and use to make the most of its abilities.
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