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Community DF Game: Storytelling Play by Save in Dwarf Fortress


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Today, 02:52
Nov 21, 2013
someplace windswept
What is the purpose of this thread?
The idea of this thread was taken from the original Dwarf Fortress forum thread.

Its purpose is to document a game history of the dwarven fortress shared with every other player from the beginnings to as long we can hope to survive, where each player will be assigned a position of the expedition leader and will manage and document its rule over the course of a single game year. The save of the game state will be given to another player that will continue leading the expedition and so on.
What is Dwarf Fortress?
Dwarf Fortress is a single-player "ASCII" game (uses letters and other symbols to represent creatures and objects) which includes both a roguelike adventure mode, and the more popular Dwarf Fortress Mode, which focuses on the creation and survival of a small dwarven settlement.
Dwarf Fortress is completely free to play(...)
Before you play, you must generate a world to play in, which persists until you create a new one. World generation can be time consuming, even on modern computers(...)
Dwarf Fortress has three major game modes and a fourth non-game mode:

  • Dwarf Fortress Mode: In this mode you manage a number of dwarves whose task is to create a fortress.
  • Reclaim Fortress: Once you have created and abandoned or lost a fortress, you can take a band of military dwarves to fight the monsters that now inhabit it. If you succeed, the fortress is yours to play in once more, just like in the standard dwarf fortress mode.
  • Adventure Mode: In this mode you explore the world in a fashion similar to Rogue, NetHack, or Angband, completing quests and killing monsters. In adventure mode you can uncover details about your world's legends.
  • Legends: In the fourth mode you can read more about the legends of your world, provided you've discovered them through adventuring.
An important part of Dwarf Fortress is that it creates a randomly generated, persistent world for you to play in. (The world is only "on" when you are actually playing in it, however.)
When you die in either the adventure or fortress modes, your next game will be in the same world, albeit a few days later. You can visit your old fortress, or get revenge on the monster that killed your adventurer. If your fortress or your adventurer had done anything of particular note, there's a chance that the game will generate a legend for them, which you can read about in the legends mode (provided you've discovered enough information about the legend or enabled full legends knowledge). Significant events may also inspire artwork created by your dwarves in future fortresses.
How can I participate and comment?
There is another thread intended for discussing and what not about the developments and general feedback.

In that thread any user can decide that he or she wants to take on the responsibilities and priviledges of the fortress's overlord, it is a common effort after all and a mutual desire for fun.

It is imperative that this thread stays clear from off topic, disturbance and posts not related to the story. More in the rules section.

of this thread
No posts other than current players and OP (game master) allowed.
Comments and feedback are redirected here.

As a result:
Any unnecessary commentators here will be urged to delete and remove their posts somewhere else.
Rules of the game
One player at a time for one game year is allowed to play.
While playing that player can describe various events in the fortress, ideas, plans and whatever is deemed relevant from the perspective of a leader.
Afterwards, this player shares the progressed save state with the next player who then takes over.
This process will be controlled from the commentary thread.

Use of dwarf therapist tool is allowed to fix bugs and to control labours within legal constraints.

A game year starts in spring and ends upon the beginning of the next spring, which is indicated by the game message ("Spring has arrived")

Each player will be given two weeks to finish playing through a game year, any delays and resignations/obstacles should be noted in the discussion thread.

I will begin giving the general example and setting the stage for the story.

World Information:
Lost due to release of the new version / eternal chaos?
Generator Settings:
Basic user mode:
World Size: Large
History: ?
Civilisations: Medium
Maximum Sites: High
Number of Beasts: Very High
Savagery: Medium
Mineral Occurence: Frequent
RAW edits:
I decided to edit metal raws to make Platinum and Gold metal craftable
change code:
added a line to both platinum and gold in inorganic metal.txt
Gold, from personal preference
[STATE_NAME_ADJ:GAS:boiling gold]
[COMPRESSIVE_STRAIN_AT_YIELD:97] bulk modulus 180 GPa
[TENSILE_STRAIN_AT_YIELD:64] young's modulus 78 GPa
[SHEAR_STRAIN_AT_YIELD:185] shear modulus 27 GPa
[STATE_NAME_ADJ:LIQUID:molten platinum]
[STATE_NAME_ADJ:GAS:boiling platinum]
Init edits:
No Aquifiers, No entomb pets
Game Settings:
Graphics: Phoebus
Site Selection and Information:
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Today, 02:52
Nov 21, 2013
someplace windswept
Re: The Plane of Dawn, Storytelling Play by Save in Dwarf Fortress

The first year of the fortress briefly:
-Preparing stockpile rooms
-Constructing farms
--Constructing floor to prevent plants appearing underground
-Constructing walls
--Constructing above ground barracks
-Preparing dwarven sleeping quaters
-Constructing traps
--Setting Golden spiked ball traps
--Setting Serrated iron disc traps
-Constructing of a golden trade depot
--Fortifying of the depot
-Trading with the first caravan
--traded for everything they had minus what the fortress already could produce
--sent more than 30k gifts
--Requested luxury items, decorative items
--Received a request for the following in the next year:
-Training of many Legendary professionals
Major failures:
Failed to secure biscuits after cooking, causing them to rot. Many biscuits were wasted that day.
Failed to close off the cavern opening, allowing giant cave swallows to enter the fortress. [unsolved]
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