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Factor of openness in factor five for a factor of grounding.


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Jan 24, 2013
I have been interested in factor five for about a week now, but its a little fuzzy on when the threshold was reached.

Pretty much every damn big 5 test I take gives me at least above 50% openness.

My finding of this relates to a concrete example in my life as a patient of DBT therapy.

There is a skill in DBT called grounding. This is ofc under the umbrella of mindfulness.

Mindfulness as a whole is a tool to know the self, the subject, the object and the context. It always provides a frame of reference that one can depend on to be there when called upon. Grounding is than a method for an anchor of mindfulness. It is the thing that goes into the depths to hold sway the feeling of the present to bring to fruition the present so that one may give some pause to its surroundings and notice quietly. A tangible example of grounding would be to count backwards from 100 by 7s. One could also do this through noticing consciously what information the senses are taking in.

What I have found is that for reasons I cannot fully articulate, openness is a factor of one's ability to ground oneself in the present moment. The best guess I can come up with at this time is that openness is a factor that necessarily is the embodiment of asking a question - to oneself - about the validity of a presumed occurrence in a subject or object or even oneself.

Rather than being a grounding in the way that Si is grounding, it is much more akin to introverted functions as a whole as opposed to a relay system comparing facts. This can be done with Si, but it is not limited to it as such. The manifestation of the introverted cognitive functions is a vehicle in which mindfulness, specifically for this example, grounding, which is the way in which the vehicle moves. It is the intangible force that makes the vehicle transport - it is the driver. You could say the driver is the conscious thought of the vehicle on which all things depend. You could further this analogy and say that it is the driver checking its mirrors of the vehicle or being aware of the traffic around it, which the vehicle itself has no perception of.

To ground is to accept the anchor that is like a rock that does not move. With openness as a representation of grounding, it is in that openness will allow the subject to contemplate and accept what is presented before it.

The embodiment of grounding as a factor of openness as close as I am able to produce would be this:

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