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Fiction High


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Today, 03:09
Dec 12, 2009
Just an amusing idea I had, a school for fictional characters kind of like how Hogwarts is for wizards and Sky High is for superheroes except operating with the same sort of transparent 4th wall as there is in the HISHE Super Cafe and Villain Pub. The characters know they're fictional but they never really navel-gaze about it and these aren't established characters just as the kids going to Hogwarts have yet to become wizards. At first every student is a cliché, they're one dimensional characters, poorly written (done intentionally to lovingly mock the conventions of the tropes they embody) and their parents are caricatures of the kinds of people who would create such characters, i.e. there's a homicidal robot kid (who is hilariously ineffectual because nobody can die in character school, it's one of The Rules) think 8yr old Ultron with none of the pizazz, his mother is a clueless technophobe and his father is the embodiment of laziness, why these two are together and how they've managed to raise a child is just sorta glossed over.

The point of view character could be a "normal person" who just happened to receive an invite and is understandably confused about what is going on since they're the only one who lacks the meta awareness that the school and everyone in it is fictional (and that being fictional is perfectly normal and not alarming at all) and just for fun lets say during the opening ceremony they get singled out as being the "chose one" despite being the objectively least special person in the room.

The students all aspire to be great characters and talk about established characters like they're celebrities, form cliques based on media/genre, go to classes where they learn about things like plot structure, costume design, audience demographics, etc, and as time passes they all become more developed characters or at least a better fit to their chosen niche.


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Jan 24, 2012
Sherlock Holmes said not to trust women, as they’ve the mindset to ruin everything.
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