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Flying Ships


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Yesterday, 12:20
Dec 12, 2009
What variety of flying ships appeals to you?

Because Magic
It dosen't actually fly, it sails and sinks just like a normal ship would except the ocean it's sailing on is a magical phantasmal thing which means sailing ship tactics involving the weather gauge and such are totally applicable, the captian just happens to have the ability to raise or lower the sea level of his ship's virtual ocean which makes heeling leeward and windward important in a whole new way.

What I like about this is that it preserves the sailing ship aesthetic perfectly and I can literally download tomes of tactical information and recreate historical battles in a game I host, these are all big pros, but what I don't like is that it's too magical and just making a ghostly virtual ocean in the sky seems like a cop-out.

Gravity Glider
This is less of a ship and more of a plane, basically there's some kind of antigravity enchantment on the ship's internal structure that's variably powerful, by varying the effect of gravity in the ship and controlling airfoil like rudders around the ship it can be flown by gliding like those small personal submarines and long distance underwater drones.

What I like about this is it produces really cool looking ships that make some rational sense, the problem is that it's a little too straightforward for my tastes, unless lighter ships can fly higher than bigger ones there's little to consider on a tactical level and something like this seems like it would be either too fast or totally at the mercy of bad weather.

Blimps and Gasbags
Sort of cool, sort of ship like, I could see this working for a freight ship or a carrier for other combatants like the flying lancers I mentioned in the other thread, but it's just so damn vulnerable unless there's some kind of persistent mending spell on the balloon and flight was based on heated air rather than hydrogen or helium.

Actually now it's starting to appeal to me, especially if it's pulled along like a sleigh by trained/dominated flying creatures... like dire bats, okay now that is cool, I'm imagining some sort of flying Transylvanian luxury carriage.

I'll post more if I think of any.


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Yesterday, 16:20
Jan 24, 2012
Because Skies of Arcadia



Magos Biologis
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Today, 07:20
Feb 3, 2012
Depends on the work but I'm more of a Blimps and Gasbags guy since at least these ships are inspired by real life airships.

Of course, there's the glorious Kirov airship.
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Yesterday, 16:20
Apr 10, 2014
I'm intrinsically luminous, mortals. I'm 4ever
I'd like an open air ship, but not clunky, more like a motorbike. Also the capability to stop and hover besides greased lightninging through the sky.

I'd also like a living space in the clouds, so id have a couple acres of floating real estate that I could remotely move/ set destination etc. It would probably collect and store whatever energy the personal craft ran on.

Pretty much nimbus and kami's watchtower.


of the swarm
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Today, 02:20
Jan 15, 2014
How about gravity glider that have to be quite heavy (15+ tons), because of the anti-gravity drive design? I like anti-gravity idea, since it could provide grounds for new tactics (guess what happens when one ship is in a 35 degree cylindrical cone below another ship?).
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