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Giant Death Robot RTS - Zero K


think again losers
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Today, 23:30
Mar 17, 2011
Come get me

One of my favourite games of all time just got released on steam. The only thing that was holding it back before was the size of its community (and subsequent difficulty finding good matches).

It's completely free, with no hidden costs or intentions to monetise. I've played a long while, and have had direct input on the balance.

It's similar to supcom and total annihilation.

- massive 16 vs 16 sized battles.
- completely flat tech tree, you can build the most advanced unit from moment one, but the balance is such that this is a bad idea.
- there are no races, just factories you build which specialise in traversing different terrain. You first one is free but additional facs are expensive.
- A great balance between micro and macro. Units have good enough AI that they'll take care of themselves, but for optimisation you need micro.
- Lots of physics based interactions. The balance of the game has been broken multiple times by people getting creative with this.

So yeah, it's an awesome game that has a lot to offer, and has very little cost involved with at least trying it out.


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Today, 03:00
Dec 12, 2009
Looks good.

Dibs being on whatever team ProxyAmenRa is on.
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