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Today, 07:25
Jun 24, 2012
In a cosmic landscape primarily made up of fermions and bosons, where the fermion has a negative force of attraction (meaning it contracts) and the boson has a positive force of attraction (meaning it repels) perhaps this implication has a major impact on how we think of gravity. What if large densities of fermion interaction, such as planets, provide this sort of attractive force since the fermion numbers heavily outweigh that of empty space, while the cosmological constant is a repulsive force primarily governed by an excess of boson forces ?


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Mar 20, 2016
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According to the geometric view of gravitational attractions, given a three dimensional state, Gravity is a contraction in time space lines, and therefor a sort of cooling effect of time space. If we could manipulate this we could make some sort of time space 'heat exchanger.' Time space almost perfectly acts as an extremely light fluid, only building gravinometric resistance with extreme speed, and being grappled by large moving object like and air cushion. Why can't we build a gian fermion heat exchanger and control gravity by direct manipulation of time space? Am I missing something?:confused::kodama1::o
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