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Harrmony: Extraverted Intuition from socionics perspective etc

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Nov 20, 2013
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Nice to too many rrrs in that word. It kind of fits. My mistake.

I started to question Simon Baron-Cohen (INFP) views on empathy, extremely logical brain, evilness etc. He is so immersed in Fi that it clouds his view on peace. He likes to create peace but thinks it is all about empathy. However I'm very peaceful person, love external harmony etc but empathy is not very accessible. I'm a very bad candidate for psychopath. Extravrted intuition is the external harmony loving function. It hates destruction if it means loosing potential. It likes to create more very much where it can live fully. Si-Ne axis itself needs peace because it needs comfort/safety and it needs discoveries of hidden potential.

The bad part is that t does not have huge ambition and it is not very driven where the Ni-Se fills that gap. I know an INFJ who does not have very great ability to relate on peoples physical discomfort etc while he hangs pleasantly with people.

Do you relate to this kind of Ne?
Black (extroverted) intuition Ne

Perceives information about objects' potential energy — for example, information about the physical and mental abilities and potential of a person. This perception grants the ability to understand the structure of objects and phenomena and grasp their inner content. This element determines a person's ability or inability to see the real potential energy of one's surroundings.

When this element is in the leading position, the individual has pronounced cognitive interests. This individual is constantly studying underlying phenomena, which he/she is able to communicate to others quite successfully by making complicated things simple. Such a person enjoys explaining his understanding of things to others. Under favorable conditions, he/she becomes a scientist or writer. He/she can find optimal ways of increasing the potential energy of objects. "Energizes" other people around him with his understanding of the possibilities and potential of the surrounding objects.
This is me to a core.

Ne as a base (1st) function (ILE and IEE)
The individual is skilled at generating intellectual interest and curiosity in others and using others' curiosity to get them to do things.

He easily sees parallels between different situations, areas of knowledge or skill, and people, and likes to establish contacts across different fields of knowledge and social groups, which allows him to be part of many things at once. He enjoys considering differing viewpoints and perspectives and seeing if they can be reconciled.

He enjoys the beginning stages of just about anything - new projects, acquiring new skills, experiencing new people and relationships. Preparing for and launching something new is seen as having greater value than the process of experiencing what one already has and finishing what one has begun. The concept of "finishing" seems foreign to him. Instead of taking care to finish things and tie up all loose ends, he tends to drop things when he can't handle them any longer or realize that he has neglected them for too long (this might be equally related to suggestive introverted sensing).

Such person lives in the flow of potentialities of the external world, by the wholeness of the entire external reality: "everything is great in this world that is best of all worlds." Violation of this harmony evokes an aggressive response from him, for example, home maintenance and repairs become a cause of dissatisfaction and frustration. It can be difficult to debate or negotiate with him because he is, as if, constantly maneuvering while moving through life: "this can be that way, but also another way." Trying to clarify with him the exact terms, for example exact time and place for a meeting, can be an exercise in futility: "First I'll be at so-and-so place, then I will be elsewhere, and likely, if everything will work out in time, I'll be in the area around such-and-such hour." He does not perceive time and place as something that is permanent, as something which can not be moved. All things to him seem very approximate, vague, for the sake of the meeting he feels no need to specify his timing and whereabouts, since this will destroy the harmony and wholeness of his external worldview. If he's already running late for work and you ask him to take the trash since he is already late, this destroys this "wholeness", since it all was "already taken into account" that sometimes he may run late for work, but this "wholeness" of the worldview did not encompass a full bag of trash. These types of people live through original views and ideas on workings of external world and are conservative in that knowledge. They make an impression of being unique - no one knows what will originate in their mind in the next moment. And this love of impermanence they make a standard - it's a typical behavior for them, a constant point of attention. Those who criticize their random flow of idea, they find annoying as they can not defend their arguments, so often they surround themselves with those who agree with them and take a liking to it. They are irritated by people who initiate conflicts and scandals, even when there was a good reason for it. After all, external conflict brings the destruction of the outer harmony and "wholeness" and detracts them from their thoughts. Often like to finish something for others, but do not like to initiate, since this also upsets their sense of external harmony.

Ne as a creative (2nd) function (LII and EII)
The individual likes to apply his insight to specific situations, relating them to the bigger picture. He also enjoys discussing idealized circumstances or what could be rather than what is. Consequently, he usually has high standards, even unreasonably so, for those around him.

He does not pursue ideas or new opportunities merely for their own sake, but for their application to specific questions and issues that he feels are important.

The purpose of life of such a man is to improve and harmonize the external world, to contribute to and build the "wholeness" of the external situation. So sometimes they are quite unforgiving to those who destroy it. Skillful maneuvering in a stream of opportunities is their ace card - they approach this activity very creatively. They see the possibilities of how anything can be improved, changed or rearranged, anywhere. They are able to take the situation apart and then re-assemble it into a more harmonious, upgraded version. They are often the generators of bold ideas on how to make humanity happier. They look for places where chaos reigns, so that they can mend it. They know how to help people understand complex external issues in an original way, how to "take apart" external conflicts between people, how to finish something for others, they have the talent of the innovator. But sometimes, however, they may unconsciously not finish things because then they become useless. Therefore, for them a perfect world - is a very conflicted world that would be in constant need of improvements. Often they can look towards art as a way of creating this external harmony and wholeness - they are capable of creating a harmonious atmosphere anywhere. They are the "storytellers" whose goal is to create an ideal world filled with ideal people. Only the real people don't always fit into this. The solution to this problem they often see in taking "drastic measures" with respect to others. They love to teach and better people, say, if someone tossed a bottle but not into the trash bin, this can provoke them to reprimand such a person even if it is not safe to do so in such a situation, since this is their "creative product".


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Mar 31, 2015
Not sure what you're asking here exactly. INTP uses Ne differently from ENTP so...
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