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Hellboy Reboot


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Yesterday 10:34 PM
Dec 12, 2009
  • It's Hellboy
  • The gross bits are really gross (it's fun to be in a theatre full of people reacting to that)

  • It's an unnecessary reboot
  • The script is a bit meh
  • This Hellboy isn't as hunky (but still charming in his own basement dwelling metallic t-shirt wearing way)
  • Some scenes come off as a bit cheap due to special effects failures
  • The plot meanders a bit

If you just want a Hellboy movie it delivers on that, there's action, there's jokes, it's not a bad film but if you're a Hellboy fan maybe give this one a miss because its a noticeable drop in quality from the previous ones and if you go into the cinema with high expectations you're going to be let down.
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