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Hello! Looking to meet new people


Still trying to figure it all out
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Today, 06:10
Jun 15, 2019

So I had previously created an account on this site before, mostly just to get an idea of the place, but I never posted anything (pretty much just creepily watched). I recently retook the MBTI and found out I'm an INTP (although this may be debatable). I figured I would come back here, set up an account again, and after much internal debate... actually introduce myself.

So hello, my name is Kat and I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you! Does anyone have any suggestions on what some of the best threads to look at on this site would be? I'm typically drawn to the philosophy and personality test ones but I'm open to more suggestions for interesting and intelligent reads.


pat pat
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Today, 15:10
Jan 1, 2009
Welcome to the forum. Don't have any particular suggestions, the forum is not that active these days, so you might not find what you're looking for. But hope you stick around for other random, leisurely talk. Or just to observe the occasional dust being wiped off the shelves

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Today, 14:10
Jun 7, 2017
I recommend the thread called “Frankfurt school and the origins of the leftist mindset”. It’s one of the finest pieces from a great mind.
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