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Today, 01:46
Apr 16, 2018
Hi I am New to the site. I wonder why it wouldn't let me add my gmail account. I love gmail! I had to create an AOL account to log on. Any ways, I hope that I can find some like minded people that I can talk to and hopefully build a meaningful relationship with. I am super picky about who I consider a friend or whatnot and sometimes it would be nice to have someone I could speak to. I don't have any friends at the moment and I am in no rush. Just yeah.... okay see you out there!


guud languager
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Today, 01:46
Sep 25, 2008
welcome to the asylum.

Wow, so AOL still exists? I remember when AOL CDs would proliferate like bunnies in my workplace lunchroom, and when Times-Warner made that rather disastrous merger.... Fond memories of the various topic rooms, but its time kind of came and went as far as I knew...

I think the gmail ban is reedic because most of us use gmail, it just creates a huge inconvenience for a ton of legitimate members. Block the ten-minute e-mails because they're specifically trying to buy anonymity without any way to contact the user -- they're more the spammer's choice nowadays, I think.
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