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Hey everyone,type a random on the internet


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Today, 01:36
Sep 5, 2017
Hello. I have been doing this for some time reading and taking tests.
I have taken numerous tests that have typed me entp,entj,intp and intj.
Here are some things about me.
-I can be very outgoing and I'm very talkative. I can hold my own in a group,the thing is I'm usually this way only around those I'm comfortable with. I am drained being around people I deem ignorant or just annoying.
When I'm around my istp or intp fiance I love talking to her. She gets me and I can go on and on. But I can drain her because she is naturally quiet and in her head. Being with me has brought her out of her shell and is more talkative now according to her.
-I am naturally rebellious and question everything that I think needs to be questioned. I don't like rules for rules sake. They need to make sense and I'll follow or enforce.
-I normally when it comes to work want to just do my own thing or be the one in charge wether it's in charge of myself or others. Preferably be my own boss for my own business or do my own thing.
I don't like being micro managed.
-I stand up for myself,I don't like unfairness. I usually speak up for myself and I have for others.
-I'm active in the sense I like to work out,hike and swim. Go camping.
-I'm direct and upfront. I expect others to be the same way to me.
-I can bore very easily. If I'm bored during a conversation I tend to try and change the subject and steer it into something that keeps my attention.
-im loud when needed and around those im comfortable with.
-I consider myself decisive and confident. I prefer things to be decided and not dwelled on for hours. Which leads me to the next thing.
-i like writing.
-i quote movies all the time through out my day.
-i love doing puzzles and anything that's considerd challenging.
-I'm impatient a lot of the time. Always have been. I like for things to be efficient.
-around those I'm comfortable with i like to joke and goof off. I'm goofy guy who likes to make people laugh that are close to me.
-As a parent to 2 children I'm very loving and goofy to them. I teach them to be independent and encourage them to explore and question. I give them freedom but I do set boundaries as they are just kids. I want them to be smart so reading is very important.
-As someone who's in a relationship I tend to be caring as much as I can be and loving as much as I can to my lady. I can be very touchy and I like quality time with her. I used to not be this way though,as I've gotten older I've become more of what I described.
-I am a big movie nerd. I watch and dissect movies. I have a vast knowledge of trivia and facts. Done movie trivia contests for fun and won.
-I'm a avid gamer. RPGs,table top and fps. When playing rpgs I tend to gravitate toward summoners who wear heavy armor. Like a death knight.
-I like to debate,I like talking politics. I can get very heated though in discussions. But if I feel I'm right in something I don't budge. There must be facts behind something for me to believe it.
-I'm stubborn.
-I play magic the gathering and every card is placed under color. When playing for those who know what it's like to play,all my cards are placed neatly on the table. Same with tapping the cards I don't like the board state looking messy.
-I read a lot of fantasy and horror novels. For non fiction I read a lot of biographies on bands.
-Not sure if it matters but I listen to a lot of metal. I listen to all types but my main is metal. Black and power metal mainly. The lyrical content of fantasy and anti religion appeals to me. But I also listen to instrumental and some old rap. I also
When Around those I'm close with will sing loud
-I don't like repeating myself. When I'm in charge of people I tell them I don't want to have to tell u twice. I don't mind people talking and working. As long as work gets done i don't care if people have fun and talk but the job needs to be done.
-I analyze everything. Im in my head a lot just thinking. I try and have a answer for everything so I think out scenarios and what answer is best for each scenario.
-I can be absent minded and forget things I tend to think aren't important but to others it is important.
- If something needs to be decided people come to me at work or friends for a answer
-i like to be on time to places.

Extraversion 48%
emotional stability-62%

Extroversion results were medium which suggests you average somewhere in between being assertive and social and being withdrawn and solitary.
Orderliness results were moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.
Emotional Stability results were moderately high which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Accommodation results were low which suggests you are overly selfish, uncooperative, and difficult at the expense too often of the well being of others.
Inquisitiveness results were high which suggests you are very intellectual, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.
Your Global5/SLOAN type is RCOEI
Your Primary type is egocentric


Spiritual "Woo"
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Yesterday, 19:36
Jan 24, 2013
It's not cut and dry, but I would say ENTJ.

On average, you exhibit more J tendencies than P. It's pretty clear you are a mild extrovert, if for nothing else than the dichotomy that you use (otherwise known as tone).

Clearly you are high in openness, and clearly you are a thinker.


Omg wow imo
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Today, 01:36
Apr 3, 2012
You sound a lot like the entp I know. J and P don’t make much sense to me apart from denoting the order of the functions that compose the type. You’ve got that playful optimistic Ne thing going.

If you’re interested in your type look at cognitive functions and introspect. ENTP has a function order of Ne Ti Fe Si
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