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Today, 16:03
Nov 11, 2019
Hi, I'm Kye, it's not my name obviously, I'm a INTP 16 years old girl. I found out about the Myers-Briggs tanks to a friend of mine (she's an INTJ) and at the start I didn't give it a lot of importance also becouse the test said I was an Infp. I think it's because the Italian test is not really accurate, and in most of cases gives a NF result, and also because I didn't take it seriously (I can be kinda snob on certain things) and so I gave the answers I thought were gonna be right. Well, after a bunch of months I found it on Wikipedia while I was searching for some useless stuff and I tried to figure out how a test which gave me as a result what I thouth were just clichés, so I retook the test and I got INTP as result, and reading the description which that website gave about it I really saw myself trought it and so that's it. Well I'm sorry if I've been prolix. I actually don't have any idea about how a self introduction should be. Well ok. Oh and I also wanted to apologize for my english if I make any mistake (English's not my first language). Ok now that's really over. Hi :).


Blessed are the hearts that can bend
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Today, 15:03
Oct 6, 2019
Greetings! It'll be good to get a head start in the personality cart, you may feel less focused on "understanding yourself" now that you have an indication to your personality type.
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